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Hello everyone hope you all enjoy this lovely video!

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What is up you all, as you can tell your girl, got a new look check me out. I absolutely love this hair. I love this style. This is one of my favorite favorite looks and favorite style um. But if you are interested in this week, then keep watching this video because honey this wig is gorgeous okay, it really is gorgeous um. If you also how to do these beautiful curls keep watching the video. I want a more different like curl than usual, more Messier. Look which I absolutely love these ladies, very long full luscious have so much of volume and everything yeah, I'm just checking myself out in the mirror. I went with the side part because you Grant had a side part. I don't know how long and baby it was time. It was time for a side four. I was really really absolutely love this hair, it's a very long and thick to the ends, as you all could tell this bomb this bomb all over, but anyways keep watching this video all the details and everything will be in the description box. So this lovely wig comes in a rose gold or some color gold packaging. Look at it. This is the straight out of the packet. Has the standard three to four Combs, the adjustable straps and the laces bomb y'all like when I say bomb - and this was pretty thick like this - is it straight out of the box thinking everything now this is the wig after I um cut the lace and I Um washed, the wig, you know I wanted that fluffy, like fluffy fluffy natural, look that that is giving okay, because I wanted the messy curls as y'all can see. It'S um thick all the way down. 30 inches baby. It goes a little under my butt or I think it stops sitting at the tube. I don't know, but it's pretty pretty long and it's thick all the way down, which I absolutely love, I'm gon na use. This wax still stick to. You know getting baby hairs intact and just hot comb it back a little just you know to tame it and you know have it some so wet looking decent, not so fluffy um, while I'm trying to you, know prep it prep it for the sleigh. Okay, you know how come wasn't that hot right here y'all I had just plugged it up. That'S why I'm just going right behind me. You know one of my swings, so I took something: um: Silk Oil and I'm just putting it through his hair. You know not too much. I am just rubbing it all over. I put a decent amount. I probably put too much on my hands but baby. We ain't letting this good old, expensive product go to waste, so we're just gon na rub it all the way down to the ends and The Roots, not the roots, I'm so sorry, it's just giving everything. Okay! So right here I was about to start um curling. It I believe so and I'm just pulling up by the way I'm going for the big old loose curls. I don't want nothing like me. I wanted like a messy look, but then I was like. Let me check on these. Ladies, let me see what this ladies got going on so um the lace. It was laid a little bit. I didn't use um any actual glue. I actually used it got to be glue in the yellow jar and then I'm just going in with my baby hairs with that gorilla, um snot gel that I showed y'all. It always leaves my edges, so freaking shiny and I absolutely love it and I did not plug this wig um. It came like this plugged a little bit or whatever, but yeah um. Getting the baby hairs together. Y'All don't mind asking this from the from the um got to be glue around the perimeter of my hair and I'm gon na do a side part as y'all can tell um. I wanted one to be deep, but this is where it where the um. You know the last track was laid, but overall it turned out really pretty really cute, as y'all seen at the beginning of the video and I'm just gon na brush it over and take my wax stick: yeah y'all my baby clapping in the back. He is super. Happy such a happy baby, anyways um, taking that wax thick and just putting it on there. Okay, all this is self-explanatory. Okay, I feel like I do this in all the videos um. I might do something one or two things differently, but for the most part I do um basically the same thing in each video. I might go backwards on a few things, but that's: okay! That'S! Okay! That'S okay! Um! Just trying to get this baby hair together! It was giving me a hard time. I decided I wanted this baby hair to be a little more thicker, so I put out some more hair plugged a little tiny bit. You know Critter with the flat iron as y'all can see, and then I'm going to um. Oh, I didn't get the apartment acrylic, okay, this one to be more so dramatic and heavy over here baby. Now I didn't do the other one that way because ain't nobody gon na, see on that side and that's my business. Oh yeah, I went dramatic or something with dramatic um yeah. I know I love me a thick age. I think age line. I feel like our age lines are more so thicker than thin, which I got going on, but it's okay not too thick, though not too thick, but I really like that. Look at it put that band around in hot comb is down we're gon na get everything together about to start um curling this bad boy up. Okay, so I took this meltdown mousse, um tints. I don't think it's a 10.. I just think it's a moose. I don't know it may be a team yeah. I think it's a 10, I don't know, but I had for a while. I barely use it but um. I did use it on this part just because I didn't have my makeup on on hand at this point. In time of the video yeah, okay, it's at least 10. I just seen it and I just put it there to um. You know tint, my little lace or whatever it matches me perfectly. It'S the medium brown and I'm just I'm doing that's the Deep top, not deep side, part but the side part - and I am you open a hot comb on there in that wet stick. We want this to be smooth over here, smooth and laid back, and now we're gon na go in with this wine curl. I do not know the exact measurements of this one, because I think it's like a a one inch to like a, I believe, like a two or three or three. I don't know y'all but anyways. I I did the little one curls and I did them in big sessions, big bulk, because your girl wanted, like a big old, beats messy wave y'all. You know what I'm trying to get y'all swimming I've seen that dick in it but um and I did the front corner. I just wanted to be going all different type of ways like a messy look like. I can't explain what I'm going for it, but I am explaining what I'm going for a messy messy look. Look y'all don't try this at home, who tried this at home and then I just pinned up some of the curls um with some clips, and then I pinned up someone with a flexi rods. Okay, because I want to be more tighter so in the front tight and messy in the front, but yeah um. I just think this is really cute y'all, but yeah look at the finished product. Everything came out perfect. I really absolutely love it. Everything about this wig will be in the description box below okay, 30 inches 13 by six twig baby go get you one and go get you one all right!

Valine Tucker: What ever look you rock Zandria you can’t go wrong you’re absolutely beautiful queen

Sir Besente: This hair fits you perfectly

Delisa Cadoree: Beautiful! You know how to bring it❤

Rose valley: Looking gorgeous xoxo

MaggieBrooks: you looking beautiful, Zandria! usual! ❤ Don't you just love self care Saturdays? I sure do baby, I just finished my nails and now I'm going to go to work on the rest of me. ❤❤❤

Carolyn Jones: I love that look on you better than the blond.!

Deidra Winfrey: Goodmorning

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