My Favorite V-Part Wig! Super Natural And Easy Install For Beginners Ft.Wiggins Hair

Hair details: 24inch body wave v part wig 180 density

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Okay, it's bad there right we take turns alone. Is so crazy, hey guys welcome to my channel. So today I will be showing you all a new wig from Wiggins hair. Now, before we get into the actual unit, I would like to show you all everything that came in the packaging. So, of course we have things to actually prep your hair, a bag to hold our unit and now, let's get into the actual wig. So this is a the part wig. Now this is the wig straight out of the packaging, as you all can see, and it is super duper quality. I love Wiggins hair and this unit is top tier, so we have combs along the side and then we have the little clamp down Clips along the actual V part. Now for my hair, I went ahead and did braids for this install just so it could lay super flat, and then I did use a wig cap just on the back portion to make it easier to cook the actual unit on so here we are my leave Out is in the shape of a v so that I could have pores put my V part on nice and easy, and this wig was super easy. It was a little tight on my head, but I do have a larger head. It did still fit, but um it was a little bit snug, which was okay, but you know if you have a larger head, then I do definitely keep that in mind, but um. All in all, this wig is very. Very nice. Super duper quality um. It'S not going anywhere, it lays very flat the way the wig is constructed. It'S definitely constructed for you to be able to wear this hair very flat, so it lays flat all the way from the top. I know like sometimes V part wigs, don't do that, but this one definitely does so after I finally got it on in a comfortable manner, see how flat that is in the back. We'Re gon na go ahead and do some curls, but of course hot combing. It down first just to get that wig. You know flat flat, but I will be using my curling iron today and my hot comb, and that was pretty much it so I'm gon na, let you all just go ahead and watch the um styling. All in all. This wig is definitely worth it 10 out of 10, so I do have the links in the description box below if you all are interested. Thank you so much for watching and please be sure to subscribe, like this video, and I cannot wait to see you all in the next one foreign toxicity and I might hit your phone somehow, I'm always things I see. Okay, we take turns alone. Is so crazy. All of this love is

Dewana Johnson: This brand V-Part is nice. I like that it's not to thick or thin. I think I'm talking about the density. Not sure if I spelled that right. So natural looking.

Megan L: Very pretty! I was just eyeing a few U Parts!

Rose Squ: Can you do a makeup tutorial video?

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