How To Make Your Wig Bone Straight Ft Ashimary Hair

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In this video I am going to be showing you how to make your units bone straight. I hope you enjoy this video.

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How To Make Your Wig Bone Straight ft Ashimary Hair #hairstyle #straighthair #sleekhair

I know what I got know what I want boy, don't get me wrong, I'm sure we're having fun, but it don't mean that I'm in love, hey fishy, babes, welcome or welcome back. If you don't know who I am, my name is risi. This is my beauty. Channel where we come to slay, especially on a budget and if you're new, don't forget to hit that red button down below and turning on your post notifications, as you can tell I'm rocking this super cute Sleek straight wig. This hair is brought to you by Asha, Mary hair company. So of course, I'm gon na show you how I create this nice Sleek straight. Look and this super cute deep part, so stay tuned Nathan. Do you think you overdid it with our hair, um nope? So don't because we going to Beverly Hills now, if I'm gon na do good at that audition, we got to look like stars so in this bag. I received, of course, the silk wig bag and a cute sparkly purse, a wig cap, as well as an elastic band, edge, control, brush and so forth, and then I also received some eyelashes. This unit is a 28 inch, 13x6 HD, transparent lace unit. She is in the color natural black, but in my opinion this is jet black to me, which is amazing and gorgeous. She came straight. She also has adjustable straps and combs. I absolutely love the quality of this Wig by the way, so we are going to bleach the unit so um or I'll bleach. The knots we're not bleaching the whole unit, I'm going to take my 50 volume developer, quick blue Powder and a drop of that adore, Rich eggplant color to help tone the knots it makes it look like scalp. That'S why you guys have been asking like how does your wigs look like it's scalp? It'S that's the secret. You guys, you have to tone your knots. I tone it two times, one in the bleach and one when I am shampooing and conditioning this unit with purple. Conditioner, okay, that is how I get these knots to look like it's scalpsy. Look at how it looks I let that sit for about um 30 minutes. I think I kind of over bleach it a little bit, but it still came out perfect, so yeah just make sure you keep that um eyes out on your units. This is the unit the next day, the natural texture which is gorgeous it's giving Raw. It'S giving raw Indian hair because the the texture of this hair is so gorgeous, and then I'm here I am partying and plugging behind the baby, hairs that I parted out and then, of course, thinning out the baby hairs. But don't do it too much? You still want it to look a little thick, so you get to pluck it on your head just so, you can see how it looks. It was super easy to pluck this unit. It took me about like 30 minutes to plug and then we're gon na go ahead and use our sheath silk infusion. I part the hair in sections and each section gets a drop of that sheet: silk infusion and I'm taking my flat iron. It'S two inches I'll. Have it linked down below for you, I love using this flat iron. When I want my units to be bone straight, okay and the secret is make sure you get very, very small chunks to straighten it and then cut the ends. I didn't really show you on screen how I'm cutting the ends, but here I am cutting these ends when you do that, it makes your unit look so silky straight and just like you know, when you see the girls on Instagram when they flow in their hair And the wind blows it makes it like that, and I found the secret is to cut the ends. So now we are ready to install this unit, I'm going to take um, some blue magic grease and some oil oil up our scalp just so we can prepare our hair under this unit. I love using these products. It just really helps soak in all that product. In my scalp and just so it won't be itchy, especially during the winter spring months. My scalp gets a real real dry, so make sure you know your moisturizer scalp before applying your wigs and then I found another song for you guys, so I'm gon na play this song. While you watch me install this unit, it's just you know an everyday install. So it's nothing different, so enjoy know what I got know. What I want boy, don't get me wrong, I'm sure we're having fun, but it don't mean that I'm in love. I, like you, a lot, got ta Step Up, trying to tell you what to do how to make me fall for you. You should learn that on your own. I play cool cause. I hope you'll pick it up soon and you know just what to do. Don'T you boy just be honest, I'm not being mean I'm just being me, but don't make it easy, but I'm worth the world. All that I ask is for you to please don't you boy, just be honest: oh you know trying to tell you what to do. How to make me fall for you. You should learn that on your own, I play cool cause. I hope you pick it up soon. You know just what to do. Don'T you boy just be honest, but you know. I hope you like that song as much as I did. I do get all my music from epidemic Sound by the way live, you guys ask. So we are on our baby hairs, we're taking some foaming lotion, our mousse. I don't know why I say lotion. I think it's the same difference um my secret to achieving these super gorgeous baby hairs. In my opinion, I think they're gorgeous some people, you know, are iffy about baby hairs me. I love a good baby hair but anyways. I love to add the mousse on the hairline, as well as the baby hair, so be very generous, especially if it's a nice sleep black look, I put the moves all over the top of my head and combed it down. This is going to make sure that wig is laying as flat as possible, and you know how you get those flyaways that mousse is going to help. So if you have a lot of flyaways in your wigs, definitely add moves all over the hair um, especially on the top of your hair, and then here I waited like an hour removing the wrapper comb through the um baby hairs, and then I took some of That Amazon, yummy edge control and just you know, sleeked it down, and this is the final result, nice and Sleek. I love it. Thank you so much hair company for letting me travel this unit, don't forget to like comment, subscribe and share down below and I'll see. You in my next video bye, trying

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Ashimary Hair: wig info : 13x6 Full Frontal Wig, 26inch, 180% density . Thanks for sharing Ashimary hair

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