It Took Some Work But I Bodied Klaiyi Kinky Straight Realistic ( Kinky Edges ) Lace Frontal Wig

Hello beautiful family todays wig was sent to me from Klaiyi Hair to review and show & tell.


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Time Stamps:

0:00 | Intro

0:15 | Who the wig is from?

1:01 | Wig straight out of the package

1:46 | Bleaching the knots

2:23 | Plucking and styling the wig

6:31 | Cutting off the extra lace

7:45 | Installing the wig on me

10:23 | End Results / final thoughts

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Foreign, hey there hey there! Thank you so much for clicking my video and in today's video I am doing a wig show and tell on a wig that was sent to me from Kawaii hair if you're interested in this wig during the video about the end of the video. The website linked to this wig and other website links that you might be interested in will be in the description box. When ordering this wig, they send you some free gifts. They sent this green cute Kawaii, hair, silk robe. I also send a green silk. Kawaii, hair storage bag. I got four HD wig caps, a makeup brush some eyelashes and a edge headband foreign comes straight out of the package. It is a 24 inch kinky straight blown out wig with kinky edges. The hair color is a natural black. This is how the hairline comes. It comes very, very lightly pre-plucked and the knots do not come bleached. As soon as I saw this hairline. I was like oh boy. I am going to have to go in and reconstruct this whole thing, because ain't no way, I could just put this on my head just like that, but as for the lace, I do believe it is transparent lace. Here'S a inside close-up of the cat construction. It comes with a 13 by 4 frontal parting space behind the front, so you get two Combs another comb in the nape air with adjustable straps. They even inserted a removable adjustable elastic band off camera. I went in and bleached the knots I left the bleach on the knots for about 45 minutes and then I washed the knots out with purple shampoo. Then I went in with some regular shampoo on the hair and conditioner the items that I use to bleach. The knots was bw2 bleaching, powder, 40 volume developer and two drops of a door 186 Rich eggplant, and then I washed the wig out, like I said, and let the wig air dry just to let you guys know as well. I went in with some wiggurus lace tint and I tinted the lace. The shade that I had was caramel frappe next up is the hair line like where do I even start so? Hmm. First, I'm gon na go in with my Andis hot comb on the temperature. 20, which is the highest temperature setting. I got this hot come off of Amazon. I would like to do a middle part with this wig. So before I go in and start plucking, I'm going to make sure my part is set. I also go in and press down a little bit of the hairline as well, but I go behind the kinky edges instead of going in with the anise hot comb and pressing out the kinky edges. If you press out the kinky edges, I'm not sure if the texture will come back to the kinky edges, because the heat already changed it. If you are a plucker, if you're a person that know how to pluck, but you want to keep the kinky edges, then I recommend bringing all of the kinky edges to the front and then going behind the hairline and plucking the hairline. I'M sorry that I didn't show you guys how I plucked the hairline on camera, fully, I'm going to show you guys how I pluck it a little, but the angles that I had to go in and pluck this wig I just I couldn't get it on camera. So I didn't want to try to get on camera and to make a accident on camera. But anyway, after that, after I go in and pluck the hairline, I bring back the kinky edges and then I start like plucking directly on the hairline to get rid of that straight line of demarcation, that's showing where the hairline began um. So I'm just plucking all the dense parts, that's on the hairline. Until I get a nice Jagged, hairline foreign don't play with it, don't play with it, don't play with it. I did that hairline okay, the before and after is real. That took some work, but I love how it came out. So now I'm gon na go in with my BaByliss Prima flat iron and the temperature I have it on is 410 degrees, and I'm just gon na go in and do like. I was trying to say sections I'm gon na go in and do some thick sections not too thick like medium thick and just press out the hair with the flat iron. Okay, I'm not going to show you guys how I fully flat ironed the whole wig on camera. I just wanted to show you guys what I did so you guys know how I got my end results, and this is how it came out in the end, love it so now that I'm all done styling the wig, I'm gon na go in and cut off The extra lace and to cut off the extra lace I'm going to go in with eyebrow razors, I'm just cutting right along the hairline carefully in little zigzag motions. If you don't have eyebrow razors, then you can always use eyebrow scissors or regular scissors. Just take your time and cut right along the hairline. Thank you. This was the amount of hair that I plucked from the hairline of the wig. Now it is time for the wig in style. I didn't hook the adjustable straps too tight in the nape area, since I already had that adjustable elastic band and underneath the wig. This time, I'm going in with a black stocking cap, oh to help hold down my lace, for this wig show and tell I'm going in with the wig dealer melting spray and I'm going to spray one layer of this. On top of the lace, then go in with the blow dryer on the warm setting and blow dry it until it's completely dry foreign. Thank you. Next up, I'm taking my Maybelline Fit Me powder in the shade, 360 and lightly applying some of this powder. On top of the lace to The Parting space, this just helps The Parting space look a little bit more like scalp. It also help hide the grids on the lace and the knots that didn't get to be bleached. Thank you, foreign transition. This wig a lot like it really helped made the wig. You know how to be like something can make or break you me plucking. This hairline make the wig look at it. Look at that. So I must say I totally love the wig. The only issue I have with this wig is the hairline, like a lot of people will love to have the end results I have, but because I went in and plucked the hairline, it makes it not beginner friendly, but if you're a person that likes to go In and do that construction work, then I totally recommend. Otherwise, the quality of the hair is fantastic. I love love, love the texture, it's super soft, nice and flowy. I don't have any product on the hair. It has a really nice natural shine when I comb the hair the comb is going right on through. I don't have to start from the ends and work my way up to the roots. I can start from the roots and work my way down to the ends. Love it, the hair done City, I would say, is no more than between 150 percent to 180. It'S not too thick, not too thin. Really nice. For every day, The Parting space you get at least four inches of parting space. I, like The Parting space, is nice. It goes with the style of the wig, but you can go in and part this swing in the right middle or left. When I'm styling this wig, I got zero tingling. I didn't get any tingling at all as for shedding. I did get some shedding, but the shedding was on the low side. The length of this wig is 24 inches. My height is five six. So right there is where the wig fall on me. As for the wig size, I do believe this wig only come in one size. Only my head circumference is 22 inches, but if you have a 23 head circumference you are in for the clear. I have a lot of stretch cap room left in there and if, if you have a smaller head you're in for the clear as well, because that adjustable elastic band that they inserted on the inside, it really comes in clutch like it comes in handy. It helps keep the wig in its spot and feel nice and secure and snug. Another thing I really love about this wig is even though the hair density is thick. I love how the side profile there's no hump action going on at the top. In my crown area of the wig, there's no hill going up or nothing it's pretty flat, looking normal, it could pass for a you know, realistic hair without people knowing as a wig, and when I split the hair on the back. My attraction is showing - and you can't see my wig cap, so that's good, for you know the people that, like splitting their hair and then everything to the back whoo man, look at look at that. Look at it. Look how gorgeous the hair is Flowing. Look how the hair moves when I move love that part, so I pretty much love the wig a lot like. I really really love it. The only two cons like I said I have about this wig is the hairline how it comes, and I wish the lace was HD, but this transparent lace ain't that bad, especially once you get it to match your skin tone. So that's pretty much it please hit the like button, if you're feeling the before and after and to support your girl, if you guys have any questions, feel free to comment below and I'll get back to them as soon as possible. Thank you. So much for watching and I'll see you guys later good

lneal2800: Hey sis! This unit is bomb love the texture and density of this hair! Super cute❤

Blackbird : You look fantastic. My experience with Klaiyi kinky straight was a wig that gets matted super easy and doesnt hold a curl without loads of product. IDK I see good reviews, but I didnt like mine :(

Shanna Brown: You slayed this wig. ❤

Klaiyi Hair: Thanks for your professional job with the hair and the video, dear! so natural and beautiful, thanks for sharing❤

Thea Woody: Hey Keira, girl you worked the hairline on tht wig, she is so pretty , full & flowy. I can do her in a nice 20 inch for sure ❤ it. Oh how good is tht wig dealer wig spray because I wanted to try it cause I'm. Product junkie but I wasn't sure about tht website so I didn't get it

loveable Aries: I don't like their wigs, but u hooked it up


Ashimary Hair: Wow!

MS JEANETTE SUZETTE HOPKIN (NEE MORRISON): You are looking gorgeous and the wig is beautiful and very natural looking. Do Klaiyi have a YouTube channel, please?

deborah anderson: hi sweetheart it's good to see you.

StarriSkye: Cute

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