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Hi guys welcome back to my channel how you guys doing. I hope you guys are doing fabulous this week, and I know you guys are because I gave you guys a long ass Vlog on Monday, so I'm gon na be like full right button. I'Ll come for like a dessert right now, so this week, I'm back again with another hair review video and this week's video is sponsored by Ali Grace. Here one of my sim is baby yeah. We know this. This is nothing new right, so Ali Grace sent me over another package to do another review this week, so when I itch will jump right into it, I'm gon na be showing you guys what I got in my package this week. First thing that I have here is this information pamphlet that just hosts Hair Care information as well as their socials. I then have this Edge tie branded with Ali Grace it's giving black and gold it's giving a little elegant moment. I don't know why, but I associate black angle with Elegance. I don't know so yeah. I also got a bonnet branded with other Grace and, of course, it's a reversible light and it's our address no time soon, because you can adjust the elastic right right. So, that's all that's how I got for the goodies and now we're going to get into the wig it's itself all right guys. So this is the wig that we're working with this week. It'S a 26 inch body wave moment: 180 percent density 13 by 4, Less fronts. This is how the lace area is looking. As you can see, it is pre-plucked and ready to be installed, so we're not going to even each we're just going to jump right into the installation process, so stay tuned until the end to see how this wig is looking. Also, it has four corners on the inside right and two adjustable straps, so you know Vibes. So let's get right into the installation, foreign foreign enough, foreign college, girls all right guys. So this is the finished look. I went ahead and I refreshed some of the curls with my flat iron. You guys saw me doing that before this clip so yeah. This is how it's looking minutes and like this hair is so soft, like it feels like butter, okay, butter. It'S such a pretty hair. I really love it so much and you know I said all the information will be at the very top of my description box. If you guys are interested in purchasing this unit and as I always say, check for a discount code because more than likely one is there. So this is the install featuring Ali Grace today, I'm feeling it I'm really feeling it so nice little moments really feeling it really into it yeah. So if you guys liked this video, don't forget to go ahead and give me a thumbs up and go ahead and read this here in the comment section: let's get up once it's sent down, be low and I'll see you guys in my next video bye,

Tina anna pink: Wig is slaying

Tameika McGregor: Look at u doing your thing. I'm so proud of your growth ✨️

Teilly: Girl a put in the work enuh Yes !!!!!

Bess Beans Lifestyle: Hair looks great

GabbiTash TV: Ouuu love this wig

CZL_ Family: You and your sister is my favorite youtuber ❤

kalisia miller: Gorgeous

Nicola Coke: Beautiful Shammy ❤

Nyoki Najasake: Beautiful Shammy✨❤

Destined for Greatness: Love it. Do wig sale

Mickeysosweet: 0:12 yessss❤❤❤

Karimah Lawrence:

Serika Clarke: So nice 10/10 Shammy ❤❤

Adonica Marriott: Shammy yu a gwan enuh man. Loving it hun❤❤❤

Rachael kal kal&Ebony walcott: ❤

Geraldine Brown:

CZL_ Family: It’s ok to play music in ur videos ?

DND: Slllllaaaayyyy

Kenyetta: 10

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