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Afsisterwig’s *NEW* Delicate Hairline Skin Melt Lace Wig

♥ All hand tied hairline, clean, delicate and natural, giving real SCALP vibe!

♥ No extra plucking needed, totally beginner friendly!

♥ Upgraded real skin melt swiss lace well blended with different skin tone!

The Skin Melt Wig is totally beginner-friendly, in the past three months, we have been making our best efforts to adding more density options, perfecting the plucking the hairline, adding the removable elastic band and optimizing the bleach technique to provide the perfect products.

INVISIBLE SWISS LACE: We upgrade our lace into Raschel net and bobbinet made of polyamide.The reason why we choose high-end swiss lace is that even with much higher price, it can be more invisible and undetectable especially when melting with glue. No matter what skin color you have, this skin melt lace will definitely match.

Wig SKU: AF0352

Hair density: 150%

Cap size: Medium 22.5

Cap construction: 13x6 front

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Product used:

Ebin Tint spray - MEDIUM DARK BROWN

Got2B Glue Gel

Got2B Glue Flex Insta Hold Spray

Ebin New York 24 Hour Ebin Sleek Wax Stick

Simply Silk Spray

ORS Olive Oil FIX-IT Super Hold Spray


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Foreign, I'm back at it with another review, so today's unit is brought to you by AF, sister, wig and I'd like to say thank you guys for sending off this unit. If you guys are new to my channel, welcome hey how you doing and do hair being a fashion, mostly hair, so I added go ahead and click the Subscribe button that notification Bell. So you guys don't miss any more of my uploads in the future. Okay guys! So today I'm reviewing af's sister wig. It is called the Lewis highlight blonde pixie cut pre-plucked virgin human hair wig, it is a 13x4 and it is a medium um cap size which is considered a 22 and a half inch. This unit comes with two combs in a front one in the middle and one in the back with an adjustable strap and an elastic band. This unit is 150 density. This unit is also a virgin human hair and it does have a natural blonde highlights. It is pre-plucked around the perimeter of the wig um, some pros about this unit um. I do like the color of this unit. Um the color fits well, and I just love how it Blends um, but the con about this unit. The unit is too too soft. So it's kind of hard to take any heat um to really try to like fix the wick to your liking, so that's kind of like a con um. I know that can be fixed with like Hairspray. So that's why I did spray the unit a lot with hairspray, so it can stay and also being the fact that it is a mixture of a blonde unit. It does kind of shed, unfortunately, but that's always to be expected, because you guys know blonde unit do shed, but other than that the unit is actually gorgeous. It is um a 13 by four. I just love the that you can part it um different ways. You can put it in the middle, you can put it on the side. You know depending up to your liking, and you can always use like Hairspray to make your hair stay in place. Um. If it doesn't stay in place. Um the hairline looks really well um. It has a nice soft lace, so it took um. You know it melted to my skin uh. The way it should have - and I kind of do like that - um I haven't - did a pixie cut on my page, probably or on my channel and probably like a couple of months now. So you know this was new to try a human hair. Wig pixie look um, but hopefully you guys do enjoy this review. You um, don't forget to comment like And subscribe and share and click that notification Bell. While you guys are at it and be sure, you're checking the description box down below because everything will be down below, so you guys can purchase this unit again. She'S super gorgeous and very, very affordable and okay guys. Thank you guys for watching and see you guys in the next one foreign foreign foreign. I don't know foreign foreign foreign, foreign

SweetBrownSuga504: This may be cute for this Texas heat.

Sammy Da Goat: Second Comment Cuteee Blonde Pixie Cut Pretty Face Lovely Eyebrows

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