Prep W/Me For Spring Break Deep Wave Wig + Nails/Toes + Hygiene Shopping + Ft. Ali Grace

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Foreign, it's 9 13 in the morning y'all, first of all good morning, y'all first of all, where's, my intro. What'S up y'all and welcome back to my channel welcome to my channel if you're new here my name is thank you welcome back if you're, not new I'll, be trying to say my intro as fast as I can, but anyways, what's up y'all, So currently it's 9 13 in the morning - and I'm about to - I don't know what I'm about to do as y'all see by the title of this video. It'S going to be like a maintenance type of video preparing for spring break, because the spring break and your girl looking mess right. Now and it's just not gon na cut it, and I need to get myself together, so we finna be getting myself together. That'S what we finna do. I got errands to earn things to do and yeah, so I woke up early this morning to start my day. Early because I'm ready to get going - and I got stuff to do like I said a million times already - so we just got ta get it done, but right now I'm gon na go ahead and do my hair. So I'm gon na install this wig. Let me show y'all the wig: it's a deep wave wig it's in here it looks a mess because I took it out the bag and then tried to stuff it back in there. This is what the wig looks like it's deep White is 24 inches um. It'S a 13 by 4. I think - and we finished inside this deep wave just gives it gives spring break it gives vacation. It gives it's hot as outside, even though in Atlanta it's not hot right. Now it's been cold, but it's supposed to get hot, not really sure what type of style I'm gon na do. I mean could do something simple basic, no parts. I probably could do like a half up. Half that I don't know, but you got to see once we get it on so after I do my hair, I'm gon na. Let y'all know what we got ta do today and yeah I'm gon na see y'all. While I'm doing my hair yeah, it's gon na get in my way, hey y'all, so I just got out of the shower and I installed my hair um. It'S kind of wet right now, I'm waiting on it to dry, but I'm gon na get ready so that I can go so I need to go to the nail salon to go. Get my nails done, get my toes done! Um! I ain't making no appointment with nobody to go. You know like get no Nails set or nothing so we're just gon na go to the nail salon but yeah. I need my nails done that look, a mess need my toes done. They look a mess too um. I'M the baby, if I'm gon na get my eyebrows threaded, because the last time I went the lady she didn't do them right. She took off way too much and I was looking crazy. So I don't really know I'm kind of skeptical on that. I don't want to be walking around here with no eyebrows, so that's still up in the air. I don't know I want to go to Target. I want to do hygiene shopping because I ain't been in a minute. I used to go to Target all the time. I ain't been there in a minute, so I don't do hygiene shopping and what else do I need to do? I miss some of this some other stuff. I just can't think of it at the top of my head. Oh, I need to come back homemade to clean up wash clothes um. I don't know - maybe maybe I need to maybe go get my car washed too, see it's a lot of before I do anything. I'Ma probably go get food first because I am hungry. I am hungry, I don't know what I want to eat, though I kind of want to get a smoothie and then get food, but I feel like that's doing too much like I thought that's doing too much. I don't even know what nail slime I'm going to, because I could go to the one I always go to, but I feel like they're going to be busy like they always like, be like really really busy. So I'm not sure if I want to go there, I want to get a smoothie and the Smoothie is not coasted in their slime. It'S on the other other way. It'S going, the opposite! Oh, I know what I might get y'all, I'm gon na go, get an outside bowl and I'm just gon na get food after I finish running on my errands yeah, because it's only 11 o'clock right now - and I know I'm gon na - be way more hungry later. So but this how the hair turned out it turned out cute. I did a no part side, part and yeah, I'm just waiting on the curl to dry, so I'm gon na get ready, really really quick and then I'm probably gon na see y'all. When I get in the car and everything and yeah she look like 90s R & B her friends, I guess um, hey y'all, so I'm in the car okay. This is like a better look at my hair. Now that it's fully dry, it's real cute but yeah. I love the way my hair came out. Um, I didn't know if I was gon na like it actually, because I don't really like curly hair like that for real, but not it came out really really cute. It'S really really soft. Even after I washed it. It'S still soft as hell, but right now it is 337.. How is it three o'clock? I don't know I was literally. I don't even know how it got to be three o'clock. I was been supposed to leave y'all. That was the whole point of me. Waking up early this morning was because I was trying to start my day early and get things knocked off my to-do list early, but as y'all see it's 337 and the girls, just not even a house. Okay, we finna go. I got ta get me something to eat. First, before I go get my nails done toes done before I go to Target before I go, do whatever else I got ta, do I got ta go get me something to eat first, so we're about to head to um. I don't know I think earlier. I had said I was going to get a acai Bowl then eat after I finish everything else, because I think that that made most sense. So I think I'm still gon na stick to that. I'M gon na go get a acai bowl and then after I finish all my errands, I'm gon na go get me some real food from somewhere. I think me my mama gon na get Korean barbecue later so yeah, but I'ma still get me some food after I do my errands, because I already know that's gon na take forever doing my nails and toes because they always be taking forever y'all. I got ta update my playlist on them Apple music. I just be forgetting to add stuff, because I got like separate playlists. That'S not like visible to everybody I feel like. I have not drove my car in so long. It'S literally only been like a couple days since I drove my car, but it feel like I ain't drove it in freaking forever. My car need gas, but as we getting gas today hell no, not today, not today, hey, I'm tired of putting gas in my car, like you need to chill out for real I'd, be driving too much, probably but okay, I just put up to the smoothie place. I get my um, I say bowls from today. Hi. Can I get a acai Bowl? Okay. What else can I get for you um? That'S it! Okay! Thank you. I always say a difference. Sometimes I'll be like a size, sometimes I'll be like acai. I don't know why I say it different, so I guess I'm gon na go to the um nail salon right here that I usually go to hopefully they're, not too busy um. Usually they just take a long time with the nails like they don't be. Having like a whole bunch of people who do nails like they be having more people who do toes, but I think it'd be like that at most um nail salons anyway go. I I close here go my bow little acai Bowl acai Bowl, whatever y'all already know, because I've been getting these all the time but yeah they look good we're gon na eat. It always be forgetting to tell them or ask them: can they add extra honey? But it still be tasting good anyway. Okay, wait. I got, I got ta give y'all The View. Yes, it looks so good. You got ta get the granola, the strawberry, the banana, the blueberry all in one taste. Everything at the same time, y'all be asking me where I'd be getting my um outside bowls from I get them from this place. It'S called Jamba Juice. They got them everywhere, so you probably got one near you, but you might not, but yeah. That'S where I get them from they got good bowls, but they smoothies not that good to me, like I rather get a smoothie from Smoothie King to get one from there. I'Ve been on Tick Tock and I've been seeing so many like new hygiene products that I want to get so hopefully, when I go to Target if they have them, because I don't want to keep on buying the same stuff. You know I've been trying to try new stuff, so hopefully they'll have some of the stuff that I've been seeing because I've been screenshotting everything. So I know what I'm looking for. I know what it look like. Hopefully they have it and y'all. I love the blue. Um Thoroughbred mouthwash y'all know I was always using the pink ones and I tried the sparkle one. It was disgusting and then y'all like try, the blue one. So I tried a blue one. I love the blue one, the blue and the pink one. My favorites, like I love them both so I'm about to finish eating my bowl and then we're gon na head to the nail salon. So I'm gon na see you guys when I get there and yeah see y'all when we get there. I know y'all wish. I had one right now: it's okay, if I could share it with y'all. I would I just told it. I say you both up okay. It was so good now we're to the nail salon. If I can get it out of here. Can I please get out my car will not let you reverse. If somebody is behind you, it's gon na break and it won't let you move until they move we're just good and it's annoying sometimes because sometimes I can still reverse I'm not gon na hit them. So it's like, let me go, you know, y'all see. I got this pimple on my forehead. Pissing me off going bad, a big old man, I'm talking to me, Reds hold on okay. I just put up to the nail salon. I'M not sure how I want my nails. You know it's the nail salon, so they really can't do a lot when it comes to designs, or at least this one. I know a couple next ones who do good when it comes to designs and stuff like that, but not this one. So I'm just going to get something really basic and simple. Probably gon na do just do white squares, short nails, they're gon na be short regardless, but probably white, they're, plain white and then I'm either gon na get french tips on my toes or white. I don't know yet. I'Ve never got French tip on my toes, but it'd be looking cute on everybody else. So it's just like I don't know this nail. Salon is going to be able to do them. How I'm going to want to do them and I don't want to do them and they look ugly, you know. So I'm scared, I don't know - and I don't want to have - to get acrylic on my toes either but anyways we're gon na go in here. I'M probably gon na look on Pinterest and see if I can find any other nail design that I think that they can do. If not, then we just don't go White gasoline. Thank you, hey y'all, so I just let the nail salon. I got my nails square and white and basic and simple, but a cute, and I got my toes white too. So yeah, that's what they look like they're just basic, but they cute. I love short nails, can't go wrong with short nails. So right now, literally 6. 20, I was in there forever. Half the day is over with, like the day is gone, but I'm fixing to go to Target like I said I needed to go to and then I was gon na get food, but my mama said we're gon na go um out to eat and get some Food real quick. I had told y'all that earlier we was going to get on Korean food, but then she changed it up and she said she want to get Thai food from this Thai restaurant. So that's where we're going but yeah. So I guess after we come back home like after we go out to eat and stuff, I'm gon na start cleaning up and stuff, because that was on my to-do list also and I'm damn sure not getting. My eyebrows started because that lady is not going to take off on my eyebrows today, not today, maybe tomorrow, not today. Okay, I just got to Target. It was literally right across the street. It took me no time to get here. I'M gon na hurry up and park and go in her real quick. It looks like it's not that busy, which is good, because you know Target every busy, I'm in Target right now, I'm over here by the lotion foreign. I think the last time I seen y'all. I was at the restaurant eating, so we opened to this restaurant. They had like a whole bunch of different Asian food. They had Vietnamese food, which is what I got. They had Chinese food, they had a whole bunch of different stuff, but I just got out of the shower and I don't even know what time it is. It'S late. It'S like okay, it's late, but I'm gon na show y'all what I got from Target because I forgot to show y'all earlier so got my little Target bag and I was going to show y'all what I got. Okay. The first thing I got is this EOS lotion, because I've been seeing people say that they like it and I used it after I got out the shower and it smelled really good. So it might be a new lotion that I like. The next thing I got is this body wash right here: um, I don't know how to say the name of the brand, but it's called the brightener vitamin C body wash um. I seen this on Tick Tock too, and I never heard of it before and never seen it before. So I was like okay. This is something new I wanted to try. I use this in the shower today. Also because say our body imma use it as soon as I get it. Okay, why not? But it just says gently cleanses, exfoliation brightens for radiant looking skin. So this is something I wanted to try. They had a lot of different um ones like this. One was the brightener, but they had other ones that had like, or did like other things I don't know but yeah. This is just the one I picked up, because this was the one I had seen and yeah. The next thing I got was just some toothbrushes just because then I got this small thing of Vaseline to keep in my car. I got two face masks, so this one I've used before and I liked it it's just a cooling avocado clay mask and then this one I've never used before. So it's a pink clay mask and it's a mud mask. So I've never used this one. But I've used this one before I'm definitely gon na be using one of these this week. Not tonight, though, but yeah both by the same brand y'all be seeing these at Target. They only be like two dollars, so I love getting these and then the last thing that I got was just some Aquaphor just because but yeah that was everything that I got from Target. I just wanted to show y'all really quick right now, I'm about to go. What am I gon na go? Do oh yeah, I'm gon na go light up a candle in my room and I'm gon na start cleaning up and stuff and then that's gon na. Be it because your girl is tired, okay, their girl's, tired ready to go to sleep and yeah. So that's what we're gon na go do and I have this real cute candle holder, I'm gon na put the Strawberry Pound Cake in here cute. I love riding candles because y'all know I can't have candles at College. Am I doing so? I love being able to light a candle when I come on and just have my room smelling so good. So now I'm gon na go ahead and start cleaning up and I'll probably be into this video. I don't know we'll see tonight, hey guys, so I'm in the bed, as I could see, your girl, tired. It'S like gon na be one o'clock in the morning. Right now, um, I just got done cleaning up my room um. My camera was gon na die, so I ain't really recording nothing. I let them candles yeah, my room's feeling so good, but anyway, nothing to get ready to go to bed like I'm sleepy, tired, like I feel, like I've been doing stuff all day, like it's been a very eventful day, clap it up for me, I did a Lot, I didn't do everything I didn't do everything, but I did a lot. I'M gon na be uploading. Another video this week, two videos in one week. Yeah, usually I just do one video in a week, but I got a lot of time and I got a lot of content coming for y'all, so we're doing two videos in this week her. I can't believe I still have work to do on spring break like they got me up um, I got a side. I got like an essay to do. I got a real response to do. Oh, let me tell y'all so if y'all watch my last college Vlog, I told you I had exams back to back, so I had that biology exam. Your girl got a a and then um. I had a math exam and statistics and I got 100 on that. Uh, honey, okay, I'm gon na show y'all hold up cause. I don't think y'all believe me and I got ta show y'all. What did John say? You need three exam uh honey. What I can't lie. I thought I failed. The of that test. That was like the most confusing test I've ever took like but anyways. I hope y'all enjoyed this video. It wasn't as long as like my usual video. I know, hey hey. I just gave y'all a 30 minute video last week. Let me make sure yeah. I just gave you a 32 minute and 43 second video last week, so I think I can get away with this little video. I don't know how long it's gon na be, but, however long yeah I fight, I can get away with it. Okay, but yeah. I just want to say I hope, y'all enjoyed this and I love y'all so much and make sure you like comment subscribe to my channel you're not subscribed, and I'm gon na see y'all in my next video and bye. You guys

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