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Hey, ladies hope, we are well okay, so today's video is about this indian wholesale vendor and they are based they're called idm, exim, indian hair and look. I have my notes down here because i just finished filming a video anyway caught all that bullcrap and let's get on these people are based in chennai, india, and they are on instagram. They also seem to sell on amazon. The best way to contact them is their instagram, because from there you can easily connect them on what's up okay, so where is the hair? Where is the hair? This is the hair. I got three bundles there's another one. I got three bundles of indian curly, hair and one four by four closure, but along the line sometime after say two two or three weeks later, i felt that i wanted um a frontal. I i feel like i have enough closure, but i do not have a frontal, so i thought to be order. This frontal right right here now, i'm going to be divulging my entire experience with getting this hair, how much it cost the shaping the delivery i'll be breaking it down as i'll be giving you figures, yes, figures, so um these people are very good in case you Are who seller or you um intend to use them for business? They are good. At least i sat when i bought mine, so this is what the hair looks like, though i've not done anything to it. It'S just been lying and sitting in the bag, so this is the um clear. This is the closure and no yeah the closure, the 4x4 closure - and this is the frontal so more details about this one as we carry on. But let's look at the bundles first now. What do you think about this beauty? It is a beaut, so this um, if you, if you already know about indian hair, we know the history behind indian people and how they get to donate their hair every um. I think every year once in a year to at their temple, so when they get to donate these hairs, the those who use them for business take them process them wash them. You know take it through every you know everything it's supposed to go through in order to you know be sellable. What i mean exactly is these hair are not processed they're, not like the the ones from certain countries that i feel the fibers and stuff. These ones are natural hair. They only just get to wash them and you know, put them in good condition. Take off the shutter strands and make all of them align uh. You know based on the various inches they intend to make out of this hair. So this one, for example, is a 26 inch hair. This is a 26 inch as well, and this is a 24. So i got 226 and 124, so this hair hasn't nothing has been done to it. Yet this is just eating the way it came. I don't know if um, oh, if i have good lighting, oh wait, you know what let me. Let me give you a better view: okay, so um for these. These other two bundles are 26 inches. Yeah 26 inch indian curly, and this one is a 24 inch indian curly and i have the um. I have the um closure. I said i eventually changed my mind and i have um frontal and then the closure, so i ordered these three, these three bundles with this one as one package, and eventually i did order this one separately, so i'm gon na be running us through how much it Cost me even with separate others. You know this and and this one and how long it took okay, so the cost of the hair. The 16 inch closure. That'S this one here this one here i haven't done anything to the hair. By doing i haven't washed it. I haven't combed it. I just run my run my hand through it, so the um the 16 inch closure. That'S this one, the 4x4 cost 95. So i wrote it all down here, so i don't make mistakes so um the this one cost 95 and then the 24 inch the 24 inch um curly. That'S this one here cost 132 dollars and if you look at the colors you see they. I don't know it seems they have do they look the same. Do they look like same color pattern? Look at this one and do you think they are all same sizes, but what i i learned is the longer the bundle, the smaller the amount of hair. You get so, i think, with the shorter one, like the 24 inch one. This seemed to look fuller from what i can see here compared to this one, for example. By all, to be honest, if you don't, if you don't check that deep, you might not really notice the difference. The 26 inch cost 282 dollars and shipping for all of them like this is thirty dollars and um the paper they have, what they call paypal fee. The paypal fee is 24.35, so all together, the price of the 24 inch and the two 26 inch alongside um the 4x4 um, the 4x4 16 inch closure amounted to 509, but they said they offered. You know their offering a discount. So i bought this head this january 2022 um that's last month, the they discounted 20, so the total amounted to 461.25 after the 20 discount. So that was what um it costs to get these three here and then for this frontier. This, as i said, i ordered eventually on its own alone, 14 inch frontal and it cost 143 dollars. So they said they offered a discount of 48, leaving me with a total of 95 dollars to pay. So the shipping for this one is thirty. Thirty dollars, like the first set i bought and um their paypal fee for this one is six dollars: 88 cents, then in total that amounted to 131. So this one alone cost 131.88, that shipping inclusive paypal fee and all that their shipping is very difficult and both sets of shipping came within five working days. So within one week so less than one week i got my order. That was very, very impressive. To be honest and they're, very, very communicative, they discuss with you like they show you when, when you get to contact them, they show you the hair, you they usually offer you video calls which at some point, i feel um. Okay, what up? What? If i'm? Not in the mood for a video call what, if i'm not ready, you know but yeah, that's what they do. I think they're just trying to prove how authentic they are so when they, when they, when they make this video called they show you what the hair looks like you know. They show it to you. You know in video call, and you can see for yourself and then their payment method is actually very easy as well. I live here in the uk and they stay in india, so my men, how i paid them was their paypal, so they get to offer you um the paypal option. When the lady told me about the paper, i told her um, i do not have um, i don't have a paypal account, she said not to worry. I did not even need to have a paypal account. All they did was send me the invoice, and then i made my payment in pounds so, whichever currency um, you intend to make payments with when they've showed you the when you when they told you or calculated the amount is in dollars during payments, you get to Select the currency you intend to pay with so the um. The paypal will automatically calculate how much it's going to amount to in the currency you're making the payment with. So this is the indian hair and it's so nice. It looks really really nice natural curly. Nothing done to it, nothing extra, nothing, nothing, no fibers, no red anything, no threads! Nothing like i mean it's. It'S just came in like that and this kind of hair i'm going to um. If you ask me, i mean i'm really very, i'm really very impressed with how fast you know the ship, the fact that i wasn't frustrated you know compared to the other, the vietnamese people i lent that's how long it is besides, if you've not seen the vietnam Um hair review check it out too. They also do wholesale and stuff they sell to individuals as well. So, no matter the amount you want to buy, they will sell to you so these people in india. I really really love. You know their services, it's so good. The hair looks really really really really really really nice and yeah. You can imagine it yeah, yeah, okay, okay, at this point, i'm not exactly sure what to do with the closure, but yeah yeah - i don't know, but because what i intend to use is the frontal. Also about shaping, they shaped their dhl, so the um dhl persons just come to my house press the bell and i open the door and collect my package, it's as easy, as that, no stress whatsoever, and about their prices for every kind of hair you want, according To you know my transaction and experience with them, they have this catalog um of various prices, so they get to send it to you their whatsapp. That was how i you know how i communicated with them. So they send you this um catalogue of hair type and um the prices attached to them. So this one is an indian curly for the price for the curly. I think the curly that's this one is the most expensive um on their list because they have the straight one. They have the wavy, so the most expensive one is the curly. That'S this one and, as you would expect for various inches comes various price. The longer the inch the longer the the more expensive it is and then also how, in that same catalog, they have um the price list for the for the um closure and the frontal. So whatever length of closure or frontal you want, the price is there on the list and the shipping fee is calculated based on the amount of hair bundle. I guess, based on the number of the amount of kg you know, you've ordered even for the single frontal. The shipping was 30 dollars as well. The only part that had a price difference when the price was a little less than the first time is the paypal fee. So the first time i paid 24.35 for the pay, as as the paypal fee for the initial um. Three bundles and one closure, but for the um frontal single frontal, i bought the six, the 14 inch frontal. It was six dollar 88 cents yeah, and so that's it i'm going to leave their link in the description in case you intend to contact them. From my experience, i do not have any complaint they're really really good, indian hair vendors. So thank you for watching. If you did find the review helpful do well to like and share the video, especially if you know somebody who needs to know someone who's frantically and desperately looking for an indian vendor share to them and i'll see you in the next video check out the vietnamese One, if you haven't bye, bye,

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