Sam'S Beauty T Part Virgin Hair Wig Review | Start To Finish Install

Hey guys! Happy New Year! So I made my very first hair video! I customized the unit to try make it look a little more natural. This is some good quality hair and I recommend this unit for beginners. I think I got pretty much every product that I used from lol! Leave ya girl a comment and hit that like button! Xoxo

00:22 Displaying wig before customizing

01:35 Bleaching the knots

04:19 Elastic band, lace tint, and tweezing

07:22 Applying the unit onto my head

09:55 Cutting the lace and melting down

14:41 End result

Products Mentioned:

I'm wearing 24"

Elastic wig band

Lace tint spray

Lace grids and knots eraser

Lace adhesive spray

Rat tail comb

Hair clips

Hair wax stick


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Camera: Canon EOS M200

Lighting: Neewer Ring Light 18"

Hey y'all welcome back to my channel. I just want to show y'all my little unit right here, real quick but yeah, it's supposed to be hd, lace or whatnot and then it's transparent. So it's supposed to blend in and melt down very seamlessly. You can just pop it on your head just like this and cut the lace and lay it down, but i think i am going to um bleach the knots right here. That'S the the knots, the hair that they put in onto the lace or whatnot. So i think i do want to bring that color up a little bit, make it lighter and then um. Let me show you guys the inside construction. This is the inside construction of the wig. So this is what like a deep part or a side. Part wig construction looks like it's just lace, only down the middle, where the part is and then like on the edges of the wig, it's lace, but everywhere else it's just like the regular wig, so yeah. I just want to show you guys what the wig looks like before i customize it. I'M just gon na um, like i said, just bleach the knots a little bit and i may um tweeze the hairline a little bit to make it look a little bit more natural. So now i'm about to bleach the knot. So i just want to show you guys that process really quick and then these are the two products i'm going to be using this bw2 bleach and then the um clairol 20 standard lift developer right here. So i'm going to be using these two products and i got my mask on if i sound kind of muffled - and i got my little kitchen gloves - you know that's all i could get my hands on at the moment or like a full little cup full of This bleach, until like my little mixing cup right here, i'm going to do like one part of developer, i'm just going to mix that together and then you'll want like a um. Then you'll want just like a kind of um thick consistency, kind of similar to toothpaste, kind of like how it's looking and now i'm about to go ahead and apply it now, i'm about to just let this sit for maybe like 15 20 minutes and then i'm Just gon na go ahead and rinse it off and then i'll show you guys what it looks like so i rinsed it out, but i feel like the deep part i have it inside out, so you guys can't really see, but i felt like the deep part, Didn'T get light enough, so i'm just about to just um mix a little bit of that bleach and develop her just one more time and then um, i'm going to um bleach. Just this deep part, one more time - and i'm probably only gon na leave it on for like five minutes, so i rinsed out the bleach on that second bleach and then i went ahead and put some conditioner on the hair. So i'm probably just going to let the conditioner sit for like an hour after i um rinse out the bleach. I use this neutralizing shampoo. It just basically stops the bleaching process. It stops the hair from bleaching and getting lighter, and then i use a little bit of this shimmer lights. Conditioner then do they make this in a shampoo as well. Vanish is basically a purple conditioner, and it takes away like that. Orangey color after you bleach your hair. This is the conditioner that i had um just put on the hair right now. I really love this conditioner. I love using it on my bundles and all my wigs and everything let this conditioner sit on for like an hour. Rinse it out and you guys will probably see it again when it's dry and everything hey y'all, so i'm going to be doing some of the video voiceover style. So i just wanted to show you all the wig. This is the next day after i had let it air dry, and then i just showed y'all what the box looks like and now i'm about to sew on an elastic band. I like doing this with all of my wigs because um it gives me more security and you can wear your unit um glueless, so you won't have to use any adhesive, so i'm just sewing it on really quick. You know my sewing skills, they aren't the best, but nobody's gon na see it. So it really doesn't even matter so now. It'S time to attempt the lace um, that's my eben tinted lace and then i got the color light warm brown, and then i just put it up against my arm. So you guys can see that it's a pretty good match for me. Now i'm just putting my um hairdryer to it on like a cool setting, because i do find that it does transfer it's kind of like makeup. You could also use makeup instead, if you wish, and then i think i also have went in with a second layer - and i also blow dry - that layer as well. This product right here is supposed to conceal the grids on the lace, and i picked it up in the shade natural and i had only used it down the middle part, and i really really liked it right now. I'M just wetting the hair, because i'm just going to do just a little bit of tweezing and the way that the unit is made. It'S not much room in the front. It'S just maybe like enough hair for like your edges and then the tracks start so um. I wasn't able to do that much plucking and lastly, i had went ahead and flat armed the unit because after i had rinsed out that conditioner it had reverted back to like a wavy state. So i went ahead with my um flat iron, with a little bit of argan oil to straighten the hair back out and yes, the unit is giving body she's given luster like yes, it's looking really really good, hey guys. So i got all my wig cap, as you guys can see, i'm all braided up underneath, so i'm not going to do the ball cap method, i'm going to do like a fake ball cap method that i think lovely brianna on youtube was talking about. She was just talking about like putting like your foundation powder along, like your hairline, to kind of fake it. That way, you don't have to worry about like losing any edges or anything. This is my fenty powder in shade 290. I'M just about to apply some of this to like my hairline or whatnot. I think this is like my first time doing it like this or doing this hack, so hopefully it works. I haven't never even done the um ball cap method like i got ta practice that, like ahead of time, i don't want to mess that up, but um, i'm just doing this and maybe i'll just add a little bit more down the middle or, like my middle Part is going to be, i actually have somewhere to go, so i need to hurry up and it's actually christmas eve, so merry christmas, everybody about to put this wig on and it is kind of smug. Okay, let me just brush it out. I didn't over plunk. It but then again i don't think okay, i don't think it was quite in the middle, so she looking cute okay. Now i am going to grab some of these clips and clip like the hair back. While i cut the lace, i don't know who started this hack, where you like, cut the lace into sections, i'm not even going to wear the hair, pull back so yeah. I know that the hairline is still pretty thick, but that's how like the wig was made. It'S not like a full frontal wig, so i am going to mainly have it like falling towards like my face, so it does still like look a little dense or whatnot okay. So when it came time to apply the unit, your girl had to focus like and i'm actually using the even wonderlace bond adhesive spray, and this stuff was pretty good um. I had went ahead and applied one layer and then i had got my blow dryer out again and got it dry or got it to like a tacky state um, and then i had my blow dryer on a cool setting and i believe i had done two Layers now i'm pulling down the lace and i'm trying to melt it down. I got my rat tail comb out just using my rat tail comb to press the unit down onto the spray. Oh, i didn't drop the comb and everything so at this point i had used some other hair tape to hold down the lace and then, while that was holding, i went up and changed my clothes. So now i am cutting off that tape got stuck up in my hair and then now i'm finally cutting the lace. So this is an eyebrow razor that you can just get from like the beauty, supply or amazon and then all of the girls on youtube. They like use this because it's supposed to give like a rigid into the lace so that it doesn't look, is straight across and not as noticeable but um. It worked for the most part, but i think that i did - or i know that i definitely did go in with some scissors because um you know that little razor doesn't get everything but um again. This was very tedious. Definitely take your time and um. I didn't want to speed up some of these clips so that you guys can you know, really see like what i'm doing um. I'M definitely not a pro, definitely not a pro whatsoever, but i just want y'all to see you know what i was doing so i didn't speed up a lot of these clips and yeah don't be afraid to go back in with your lace, adhesive spray. I definitely needed to use it again to reinforce some areas and then right here, i'm just taking out just like a few baby hairs. You know to kind of conceal the lace or whatnot, because you know lace is laced like it's never really going to disappear. So you need to create like a little distraction. So that's what i'm doing right here and then i'm just cutting off even more lace like, i think that it came out pretty good thing that i did a decent job. I'M still a beginner. This stuff right here is really really good. It feels really secure and it feels like it's down very well. I have somewhere to go wish. I had more time to curl it. I might come back um and show you guys like how it looks. Curl did add a little bit of my um fenty. I got hair all over it. I did add a little bit of my fenty concealer and i just used like a liner brush to kind of go down the part and i just kind of blended it out with my finger but um yup. And what else did i use oh yeah, and i did use a little bit of my um mousse to um smooth out the top. I didn't put any heat on it. I just brushed it out just like this. I just did like a little swoop in the front. This is like a nice beginner deep part wig like i said it's not like a full frontal, so um, you are limited to just like down the middle, but i was thinking about like moving it to like the side or whatnot. I was gon na. Do that and um yeah, i think that it looks cute um, i'm gon na try to curl come back, maybe like another day and show you guys like how it looks. Curled, oh hey me, but until next time take care y'all you

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