Reviewing The Girlfriend Gf-L22 100% Human Hair Wig/Shake N Go

Coloring and styling the GIRLFRIEND 22inch wig.

Hello kiss and tell fam by the title you can tell that is something a little different today i am doing a review on the girlfriend 100 virgin human hair. Wig just want to take you guys to the whole process of me: coloring, the hair, shampooing, the hair and then styling the hair and telling you guys what i think about it after wearing it for a few days. So here you can see i'm just separating the hair making into a smaller section so that it's easier for me to color it. I believe, i'm going to part into this six separate sections as i go along, but let's see okay. So now i'm about to grab some foil sheets that i already pre-cut and i'm just going to stick it under the hair, so that when i place the bleach on top, i can just fold it and continue to do as such and also to the side. I already have my bleach in two different bows. I have a bow with 40, i believe developer, and then i have one with 30 developer. I was trying to get it as light as i could on the first application. I did some wrapped around okay, so here you can see that i applied the bleach to the hair and then i'm just folding the foil over it so that it can process. While i continue to bleach the rest of the hair, okay yeah, also by the way, this was that's agent, as you can hear, but it was also kind of difficult for me to color the hair, because the way i do it, i don't know, i just did The best i could - and actually i think i ran out of foil doing this - the hair was pretty long, it's 22 inches by the way. So here you can see, i took the fall out and the hair is still processing it's flipped over now. So i can bleach the frontal. I just wanted to get the knots a little bit lighter. So now i've already shampooed and conditioned the hair, and i'm just showing you how it looks. Sorry it's kind of dark, but i did try to turn the light on. Just so, you can see the color that it turned out. This is how it looks when it's wet and i'm just going to blow dry that out and separate that into two ponytails, and i'm going to show you guys that right here, so here, i'm just putting in some crinkles inside the hair excuse my outfit. This is, i believe, it's the same day that same night, i just wanted to put a few crinkles and show you guys how that look. Now, that's actually not the hairstyle. I ended up going with because it just took too long and i did not like the way it came out good morning, everybody um about two to three weeks or so, but here i am just combing it up, showing you guys it's still bouncy. Everything is still soft, and so i don't know, but it has a little here. It goes. The mountain is also it holds curls very well. I curled this last night before i went to sleep, i didn't wear it to sleep, i just put it back on and it holds the curl pretty good and that's 22 inches. That'S how well they get curled. I am five and eight. So it's pretty long. I didn't really do too much to the lace. I didn't really. It was natural. What is this black natural brown at first and i bleached? It only did one bleach treatment. I think i'm gon na bleach it again in about a month or so because i just want it lighter. It was natural and it's 22 inches. I honestly don't know what i was babbling on about um the company is shaking girl. I'M pretty sure just wanted to finish this off a little bit worried about how much okay. So this is how much i got once i come before. Wig and i'll just leave. It alone. I don't want to comment too much because so this is how much hair came out when i come the whole wig. It'S not that bad um. So yes, everyone. I hope you enjoyed the video, don't forget to like comment and subscribe and i will see you guys next time.

Zaria tho: Is the hair good ? And how long did it last ?

TheRealMJ: Pretty!

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