Wig Review_Girlfriend Gf-D14


Color natural

Wig link below:


Disclaimer: This wig was purchased with my own money. Therefore, I’am not being paid by the company for this review.

So this is the wig in the box, hello, all and thanks for tuning in i am life coach cece. Today, i'm doing a wig review on this wig. Here it is called girlfriend it's um in the color natural. It'S the lace front wig. It is fully customizable. So i have the wig on on my head. This is it right now here is um the hairline. It looks really good. The wig fits snug. It comes with the standard um three combs, two in the front and one in the back, so i'm gon na cut the lace off and style it and i'll be back hello. I am back so i cut the lace off and this is what the hairline looks. Like it looks really good and note that it is not glued down yet so let me know what you guys think i will leave the wig details in the description box below and hey, don't forget to hit that subscribe. Button have a great day guys you

Dkfashionstore: Hi how I can buy it please

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