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Peruvian Natural Wave 12,14,16 - Free Shipping


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Liu Kevin [email protected]

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FTC: Hair was provided for my full review and consideration.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today I want to go through a updated review on this hair that I got from Guangzhou hair company. So if you want to see just a quick, really quick update on this hair, stay tuned, I'm gon na wearing this hair for about 4 weeks now it's been about a month, and this is the hair. So far, I've had a lot of people. Ask me questions about this hair and I wanted to know what's going on with it, where is it and they wanted a full review on the hair? So here we are, I again I have been wearing it for a full month. It started off as a 14. 16 12, I use every inch of 14 16 12 and it is a natural way of Peruvian hair, and so these are the natural waves that are in the hair. The hair has been freshly washed and all I did was put some John Frieda Frizz Ease and scrunch it up like that, and this is how its ride. So here are the natural curls in the hair. I'Ve had someone at teach she's asked me is the hair brassy I mean not really III, don't I don't really feel like. No, it's not brassy to me. Then again, I have not colored the hair. I haven't done anything to the hair as far as coloring or to test that. So you know here here it is again someone asked about tangling. No, I do have a little tangling right here in the nape of the neck, but that's normally when I wake up and from rubbing on my neck other than that daily. No, no tangling, none of this going on in the hair, or nothing like that. As far as shading, this concern phenomenal, I mean when you get shedding as normal, but from where I came from to where I am right now, this shedding is literally minimal, really minimal. Shedding again now I only cut the top like this. Parts of this part is only what is cut up. The rest of the tracks are laid, it wasn't cut up, so you know that might have something to do with it. I'Ve had someone asked me to show them how I put the hair. How did I close it up, so I'm going to come a little bit closer, so you can see this is for Tiffany. She wanted to know how I close up the hair. So, as you can see here, I'm just going to show you. This is where the hair stops. This is where I sewed it closed. Okay, so I'm just going to show you. This is the top. This is where I stopped, and this is what's cut up, so what I did was I laid each track and I'm just gon na show you here, I'm just gon na pull it apart. I took each track my friend since there's a track and I laid it going across. So here's the first track is going down and around and I sewed it as you can see right here. I sewed it on this on the beginning track, so there it is. So then, the very next one that I did it's gon na open it right here you can see I sewed it down covering this track and around covering the back track. Okay and then the track up front in front of that one again, the same exact thing, cutting it here and sewing it to cover here, and so I did that all the way up to here and then right here, I just created a circle. This is a circle piece and I just sewed it down and then once I sewed it down, I just spread it down and spread the circle around and it covers alright. So I hope that explained how I got it to close. Let'S see what other questions I have gotten so far. I mean, like I said so far so good now I have had two people that have purchased this hair and well. One person has purchased this hand. One person has purchased another hair and the one person she did. She didn't have a good experience with the hair, but but she said there's no shedding and stuff like that, but one of the bundles she got didn't come out so well. So I don't know she's working on resolving that with the company another person that didn't buy some body way from the same company, the hair, what she watched it. The waves went away and she said the hair is not shedding again no shedding on the hair. But the waves when she soon as she watched it, they had no waves so and she didn't feel like bother sending it back. She just cuz. She was fun. She really wanted straight hair anyway. I have not tried to straighten this hair. Someone did ask me: did I try to string this hair yet I have not tried to straighten his hair for a step back. I mean why I don't really have a reason to straightening. I like you like this. I don't want to have to be worried about it straightening, but I think, though, that if I do straighten it in the curls might drop. This is an example. This is an example. I haven't really straightened this piece, but I made a show that the curls do have a can-can drop, so there you have it just a really quick update on it. I'Ll come back with a final review on the hair. If you have any questions, feel free to, let me know, but from my experience I haven't had any problems with the hair. I don't want to go out and say that you know they only send people who review the hair the best, bundles and stuff, like that. I mean, I don't know my feet case who knows, but I'm just going over the experiences I have with the company with the hair itself and I've had people who come back and say yeah the head: it's great, the hair works for them. They'Ve got a really really good deal, so there you have it. I hope you guys enjoy this quick view of the day.

diamondsandlipgloss: I've washed the hair. The waves immediately went almost flat. I'm also getting a lot of shedding, even if the hair is dry (or wet). Finally, I tried to dye it black and it wouldn't dye the first time, so I had to dye it again. Usually, human hair will take to color right away, especially the color black.

gwen27405: Thank u!!!! Others explain how to close without a closure, but u actually showed it track by track. Thank u. I am part of the "not so invisible part savvy" nation. Lol

Jayla Nelson: you should do a makeup tutorial on this look, its really pretty!

diamondsandlipgloss: I just purchased this exact hair tonight; I hope my hair comes out as expected :/

Aharp0215: THANK YOU!!!!! LOL I've been wanting to know how you closed the top ever since you had your dupe curls from Kevin...

Food is my LUV language: I'm so scared to by hair from Chinese vendor. I'm always feeling like I'm gonna get a bad batch....

diamondsandlipgloss: the shipping was very fast though.,,,I'm VERY unhappy because this is basically BSS hair :(

Ess Murray: I think it should, but I have provided the vendors email information in the bottom bar. email him and find out for sure

Ess Murray: Thank you my lady

Georgia Redd: I have some questions..what kind of braiding pattern you used?..what kind of weaving cap or did u use a weaving net?..

Ess Murray: Thank you soooo much!

Larraya Fowler: how do you keep it moist and wrap it at night

poohray12: @lolalavish their brazilian loose wave is good

Ess Murray: you are sooo welcome.. to you as well

poohray12: @nbrown487 their brazilian loose wave is good

MsNY2TX: thanks for showing how you closed the top...

Ess Murray: Thanks Eb!!!

Ess Murray: I do not use any product on the hair, and i just put a bonnet on it at night. no wrapping

Ess Murray: Georgia if you check back to the video prior to this one, I did the Install

Ess Murray: no prob

Dominicalovely: very very pretty and I luv your bang

kelsi speight: Thank you

Ess Murray: LEt me know how it goes

Georgia Redd: Ok..thanks...checking now

Ess Murray: your welcome

Ess Murray: I would not install that hair. and I would send that hair right BACk. Also leave a negative review on the users page. that will get his attention

ebonysbeauty1224: lol HaHa i have been watching your vids for a while.

Ess Murray: Did you do a video?

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