Queens Hair Product (Collen Tan) Update!!!!!!!!!!

ALIEXPRESS QUEEN HAIR PRODUCT (COLLEN TAN) 2 WEEK UPDATE....PERUVIAN........http://www.aliexpress.com/item/6A-High... 28,26,26,24,20,18,16 12' CLOSURE

Hi, ladies i'm back um, to give you my thoughts and my opinions about the peruvian here this proving here that i order from queen here, products from aliexpress um from vendor named colin tan. I do have a video already posted on youtube about my initial thoughts. Um and review of the here so um, please, if you haven't, took taking a look at that you can go over and look at my initially my initial um packaging of the here again. This is from queen here product. This is peruvian lengths, 28. 226. 24. 20. 18, 16 and a 12 inch closure every bundle which is seven bundles, including this closure. It'S in my head. This here is very, very thick um, i'm just coming back from a christmas party, so uh, i said. Let me go ahead and do my review now, since i have my makeup on since i have my makeup on and my hair is curled and looking really good. Now, let me start by letting you know that i did excuse me. Ladies. Let me start by letting you know that i did sew this on to a three-fourth wig and i had the darndest time. Okay, i stayed up until three o'clock in the morning, tuesday, the tuesday before thanksgiving um and when i finished, sewing all the bundles plus the closure onto my hair onto my to my wig cap. It was too small, okay and, ladies for those that have done the three-fourths wigs, i'm sure that you have ran into this problem, because i've heard uh. Ladies having this problem on youtube, so i did run into the problem. So what i did the next day, which was wednesday, go back out to the beauty, supply store, get another wig cap and start it over again. Um and again, i ran into the same problem, i'm just like what am i doing wrong. I'M not sewing on the stitches, but what i think it is is just that every stitch i was pulling it talked like i would do if i was braiding if i was sewing here onto braids, so maybe the next time i try to do the three fourth Wig, i would not pull the threading so we'll see, but what i had to do was sew on another cap onto that, because i wasn't going to take it back down. It was three o'clock in the morning now. Excuse me five o'clock in the morning now wednesday thursday morning thanksgiving and i had to do something with my hair, because i took out my braids. If you saw my first um youtube about the hair, i had braids long braids. So i took that out sewn the wig cap, so do the three fourth wig messed that up did the three fourth wig again, so i was just listen. Ladies. You know i went through a whole lot, i'm not even gon na speak about anymore. I went through a whole lot, so, okay, i don't wear the hair every day because on a three-fourth wig - and i do put it on my mannequin head and as you see, she has tape on there, because i saw that when the ladies did that to try To not make the cap make the cat fit um. I don't think i have enough tape one here but again, when i try to attempt to do this again, i'm going to take the measurements of my head and then do the measurements of the head with the tape and then see how that works out. But i didn't have time to do it, so i got it done it's on top of my head. Okay, it's on top of my head, okay! So all right now, the hair i co-washed, the hair and the hair dried completely straight. I didn't have a problem with that, but for you ladies that's wanting some type of pattern. I suggest that you not get the peruvian but get the brazilian here from this vendor. I can't say for any other vendor from this vendor, i will say: get the brazilian from this vendor if you're wanting some type of curl pattern after the hair is wet. The reason why i say brazilian my closure is a brazilian closure. I thought initially that this was a proven closure, but this is a brazilian closure and when i co-washed the hair, this closure i mean had so much more volume. I'M talking about so much more. The curls were so thick and pretty oh, my gosh. It was gorgeous to the point that i i had to flat iron it i had if it was just so big on my hair and i love big hair. So if i'm telling you it was like, the curls was just ringlets, it was beautiful beautiful. So if the closure says anything for the brazilian hair that he carries, ladies, if that's what you're looking for a nice, thick, curl, beautiful, curl pattern, then i will say by the brazilian here from this vendor and i'm going to try and hopefully the same curl pattern. The lace closure has is the same curl pattern that the whiffs will have but we'll see. But, however, okay getting back to the peruvian, i bought 28 inches to 26 inches uh 124 inch one. I think i believe it may have been a 22 inch, no 24 inch, a 20 inch, 18 16 and a 12 inch closure um, i'm not sure, but i will put the information below um down below so. But if not, you can go to my original video, but i will put the information down below exactly what i have my hair, but all bundles and closure is in my hair. So it's pretty thick. Let me turn around it's pretty thick um. I don't know if you can see that okay, i think i should do this video standing up. Let you see how excuse my dogs mess my shitsu chanel, but you can see it 28 inches is like the middle of my butt. I curled the hair. I re-curled it again this morning, but the hair holds curls um, i'm not having any problem with shedding a lot of shedding. Ladies, don't ever believe that there is no shedding for any here. Okay, there's either a lot of shedding that's unbearable or just shedding up here. Every year's every year is gon na shed every year is gon na shed. Okay. Now you see me combing my hair. Now i have a couple of snags back here, but it comes right out and i don't know if you see it, but i have one strand of hair that came out, and you saw me calm this here again, i'm going to comb it and i have one Other strand that came out so the shedding is not unbearable. I have one or two strands i don't have any here like on my floors. Follow me around or anything like that. Overall, ladies, i am happy with this here. It was 400 well spent okay um. So i have it on the three fourth wig and then i glued my closure down. The closure is just so thick and pretty. I was even thinking about thinning this closure out a little bit, but i don't want to do that because i think i'm going to get this here sewn in onto my hair and not deal with the cap situation. I don't know i mean i like the cap because i can take it off and on and i can bring my own hair back to health. I can take care of my hair. I love that, but i'm really not the type of person that okay i take it off, take it on take it off, take it on it's too much maintenance like once i have a hairstyle. I want to wear the hairstyle, put it up in flexi rods. Put my silk bonnet on, go to bed, wake up, take them off and just keep it moving. I don't want to have to every morning put my cap on glue down my my lace. Closure. Do my makeup. Oh my face about makeup. I used my bh a hundred and most upside down for you guys, um 120 color palette from vh from my eyes. I used my mac, lipstick and that is color. I think it's angel yes angel. I don't know if you can see my makeup and i have some gold on my lids, and this is mac as well, but the bottom of it, the color, the name. The word the name is rubbed off, so this is the color um anyway, so yeah. Ladies, i'm just i'm really happy with this here. I'M really happy detangling, no problem um. I might get a couple of snags, but it's not a big issue. Remember this is 28 inches of hair, and this is seven bundles of hair. I have in my head plus a closure, so snags is not anything that i would not expect to be going on, but just the handling of the hair, the hair is perfect. I i love the vendor. Again, it was um queen's hair product colin tan is the vendor. It'S the owner, the name of the own own, the vendor's name. Oh i'm! Sorry, ladies again, like i said, i went to a christmas party and you already know how that is, but that's the vendor's name, colin tan and queen here product is the name of his store. I will have the information down below um, but please take a look at my initial review, so you can see how the hair came. I wish i had pictures of how the hair was was straight, but the hair when wet dried straight, but once i applied it, which was a funny thing once i applied it to the 3 4 wig and it was dry completely. It didn't have a wave sort of thing, but it did have some type of body, a head body. Didn'T it did it wasn't just straight like straight it had some sort of bend. I don't want to say it was occur. I don't want to give you an impression that had like an s, type curl or a deep wave type curl it. It just had like a wave, a nice big wave, a natural, big wave and also what i want to add. Ladies, this here is really really light. Um i said in my first video: it is darker than a 2b but lighter than a four, but as i was wearing it out in the sun, it looks like it almost got. Even lighter it's almost at a just a tad a bit darker than what you would call a four, but this is very light here. You can't see it on camera, but the hair is really light. I'M gon na also highlight bleach this hair and do some highlights to it. Eventually, i want to wear it as natural as i can for as long as i can stand it and then put some highlights in it. But again you see how nice and thick this i mean. This is wonderful. This is wonderful, ladies and the more you play with it. Just the thicker it gets, it holds curls, you don't have to um hold the curling iron, it curls instantly and it holds curls. I don't have any hairspray in my hair um and these curls was just recur. I curled it here like i said this morning, but i curled it a couple days ago and it still had some bend to it. Really nice beachy waves, i'm going to say that beachy ways and i just wanted more divine to find because i was going you know to a part of this evening. Oh and ladies, i hope you like my dress. This is a bcbg dress, i'm pregnant guys. So i see my little bum um, the dress is gorgeous. I was getting reviews about it. Excuse me, i was being asked about this dress all night um. Maybe this isn't better. So, okay, ladies, thank you for tuning in um, subscribe and ask any questions. I would definitely answer it. You have a great day or a great evening, depending when you're watching this video again my name is duchess, so you know, like my video subscribe and answer, ask any questions and i'll be right back with you. Okay, i'll be doing a tutorial again about this here, um also, i will be doing a tutorial on my elf haul, cyber monday sale. Okay, so, ladies, you have a good night. Bye, god bless

Onicia Prince: love your hair both your reviews are so detailed thks a million i'll be ordering!!!!!!

Khadijah Castello: You and the hair look amazing by the way

mzmakala: Hi I was wondering if you think four bundles would be enough? And how are you liking thale hair so far?

Khadijah Castello: I ordered I hope I love it I took your advice got 2-30 1-28 1 26 1-22

Dutchess Delight: Yes 4 bundles will b enough .....plz let me know how u like

Khadijah Castello: I'm gettin a sew in Will those 5 bundles be enough. For my hair to be full ?

Dutchess Delight: thank u laura

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