Sweet Temptations Hair And Lash Review

Hi Dolls I received my hair today and would like to give an initial review. I will follow up once the hair is installed. Purchased (2) 16inch (1) 18inc.

Hi guys, i'm just doing a review. I just received my hair from a new company called sweet temptations, hair and lash company. I got the package i ordered it on the 13th. Today is the 25th, so it took anywhere between 7 to 10 business days. It looks like they sent the hair through priority mail two-day shipping, so i guess once the payment was received and i'm pretty sure they have a lot of orders. They sent it within two days so of 7 to 10 business days. The hair came in packaging like this out of out of um. It came from ups, i did receive a tracking number, so that was great because you know when you spend a lot of money on here, you do want to have a tracking device. You know to locate your your product that you paid for so i really did appreciate that from the company and on top of that, their customer service skills are really great um. She was able to tell me what type of hair that i should order. The texture and also um the type of hair that it was the thickness and fullness of it. So i'm just excited because this is my first day receiving it so um. I just wanted to do a quick review. I it came in the net. You know the net packaging, it also came with um a little bit of their information on there. Sorry about my phone guys but uh. It'S a sweet temptation. State sweet temptation is the honduran um hair and i ordered 118 and 216. So here it goes right here. I took one of them off the packaging already just to check the quality of the hair so um. This is, let me move in a brighter area, so you guys can see a little bit better. So i don't know if this helps or not but um. This is the way it looks. This is the uh. This is what it came in to let you know a little bit about the company um, where they're located, stating that it's 100 virgin, hair and uh the website in the instagram information which is sweet, face, underscore brit, face brit and then the other one is right. Underscore ceo, if you guys, could see that so a little bit about the hair, so i i took one of them out of the net packaging and uh the hair seems really good quality. I did burn a small strand of it to check the um to check to make sure that it was 100 virgin hair. It did burn like regular, hair and smell like regular hair when it burns your. You know your own hair, the quality as far as the quality of it is very thick. I'M all the way down to the ends very thick. You already see it has that um shine to it on the smell of it. It doesn't smell, so it has no um process smell to it. It uh it actually. Um is very quality. I don't smell any type of products being used on it. I did test and pull it and make sure there was no chemicals. It looks like the wefts. Are very good and intact also, i did see a couple of gray strands in there which helps to uh to let you know that the hair is real, also the length it is true to its length. Also, i checked that and then that's great too so i'll give you guys a better update. Once i install the hair, i will wash it and start to do a wig on it, so it should be done hopefully by tomorrow sometime but uh i'll. Let you guys know how how these three bundles go when i'll have more of a show when i have it in and i'm able to curl it and check more of the texture, but right now i am pleased with the customer service. I am pleased with the packaging of it the information that they left on their only thing is they don't give you instructional instructions on it, but they do have a a telephone number where you can call and speak with them personally and i'm pretty sure they'll give You the information which is far as probably cult, doing, co-washing and you know tying it up at night using a silk scarf things of that nature, but uh other than that. I'M very pleased with the way the hair looks the way it smell the quality of it. Um, the the packaging everything so i'll, give you guys a better update thanks for listening, bye,

Monica R. Gray: What wave pattern is that? I was thinking about ordering her hair

misz. Jalisa: How long was the shipping

Lowryelle Love: How was it?

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