Aliexpress Liwieke 6A Peruvian Straight Hair Review



Hey guys, it's Darla to be here and I'm coming to you guys with a hair review from Vincent Lee looky here from Aliexpress com um, i have my ph scale bag, so we have another means, but all the hair was individually packaged in these bags. They all came in their own separate bag, including the closure i purchased, three bundles of hair and a surprise closure. The closure was 16 inch and then i purchased a 14-inch 16 inch and 18-inch bundle of hair, and then they were all like. I said packaged in these little plastic bags and then um they were all put in this pho. It'S perspect the hair. I want to be here on a Friday and I got it a Monday afternoon, so there came extremely fast um. So that's always a plus, and i guess i will go ahead and show you the hair um. Oh there is peruvian, i purchased 16-inch closure, 14-inch bundle, 16-inch bundle, an 18-inch bundle approving and straight here's the hair. This is the 18 inch, so i will just start with 18 inch and work my way up, but on this the H & H, hair, it is extremely soft, it's so soft! It'S! I can't even explain how soft it is it just it makes you not even want to like iron up iron it out or anything it's just so soft. It does not have a chemical smell, it just smells like shampoo or whatever shampoo they use to wash the hair, but it's nothing chemical. It smells like a shampoo. The wefts are extremely neat, not sure if you guys can see that, but the web SAR extremely neat. Um normally like sometimes when you order here, um the wefts, even if not even just i express light from any place. Sometimes the wefts can be like this, instead of like this, if that makes sense like the West, it's kind of like they so to like really skinny tracks together to make one weft one thick left and if they're like this, instead of like exactly matched up with Each other, that's when you start to get shouting like what this hair I have. I haven't taken out of the bundle, yet I do not cut my tracks. I do not sell through my tracks, so I should not experience any shedding. I will also do a like two-week review month review once i actually put this hair in my head and i will be putting this on a wig cap. So i will do a tutorial on how to make a way with your silk vest closure and your bundles. But anyways back on track. Um those are sake, but i don't know, but we'll just be back up anyways it doesn't have a smell. The hair is extremely soft and the ends are um. The ends are so pretty like normally um, normally aliexpress vendors, or, I feel, like a lot of vendors, have been trying to send you like. If you order a 16-inch, though, give you like an extra inch or half an inch just in case, you need to like cut any of the hair, because the ends can sometimes be um. What can come split, but this hair, like I, have not seen any split ends on any of the bundles and I've been like coming through them for the past two days and there's still no shedding or anything. So that's always a good sign ike. I said this is the 18 inch and then this is the 16 inch, oh and they all came in this box, so i were put in their individual packages in this box and then in the DHL back so yeah. Here'S the 16 inch. The 16 inch is just as beautiful as the 18 UM Wes. Just the same. I also check my hair for like lice or anything because since this is virgin hair, sometimes people have experienced likes, not the actual likes but they're like the likes eggs and the like eggshells. I'Ve never experienced that, but just to make sure I do inspect my hair. Just so I won't ever experienced that, and if I do I will know before I put the hair in my head, especially please make sure you co, wash your hair but anyways um. It'S had a large long journey to you, so yeah wash your hair before you put it in your head regard, any where you get it from washing your pre put in your head, and so your webs. That was a side note anyways back to the 16 inch. It'S just as pretty as the 18 inch you can come through it in no hair, no hair is coming out. Yeah, there's no hair in my hands. The ends are just as beautiful. I have yet to see any split ends and, like I said, the webs are extremely thick: they're really durable um and when you have really strong wefts you'll have a really strong. It'S less likely that your hair will it just like with your scalp when you have a really healthy, scalp you'll have your more than likely have really healthy hair so and then here's the 14-inch once again like the 16 in the 18, is so pretty um. It'S it's like. It has a high-shine not like a synthetic shine, but when someone's here is extremely healthy and it just naturally has like the healthy shine to it. If that makes sense, this hair has that shine. So it's it's just beautiful. It'S a natural. It'S like a deep brown, almost black, it's not black, but it's extremely close to life like it's like best friends, look black, but it's a very, very deep brown, it's a natural brown. So it's a very dark brown color once again, thick laughs, no bugs um, no shedding no split ends. So that's always a plus and okay. Before I even show you this closure, I'm going to put a picture somewhere in here, or at least try to, because I don't think this camera is going to do this sub base closure any justice. This sub base closure is absolutely gorgeous, like just gorgeous the only thing that I will say before. I show you um, there's like these triangles on the bottom, like they so like how they sewed it. There'S like triangles on the bottom of it, and so some of the hair was like kind of like so through it. I guess, but it's really simple to just go in and pull it out. It'S not a big deal. The hair is gorgeous it's just as pretty as the rest of the hair. It has the same shine same smell, same non split ends, and it's just absolutely beautiful, like I said, I'm going to try to post a picture because sorry guys, i'm a little sick. So if you hear me sniffling, but i'm going to try to post a picture so that you guys can like see the closure like actually close up, it is so beautiful. Like i said, i don't believe that my camera well, my laptop will do this any justice, because this hair is just absolutely gorgeous, and i also like a lot of people. Don'T wait baby hairs, but i like to play around with the baby hairs most of time. I don't keep them, but I like the fact that I get the option to keep them or not, and I also like that there's this extra lace, because sometimes you can get your weep or sorry, your closure and it is um folded like this and it doesn't Lay flat on the scalp, so I like it when it's just one layer of lace. This has like a little bit of lace, just run outside and then the silk starts just so it'll blend with your scalp um, but yeah. I really like it when it's like that, because it makes it a lot easier for it to lay flat to your scalp instead of having like that minor mini gap in between your scalp and the hair. But, like i said this closure is so beautiful. I cannot wait to put this on the wig cap and make a beautiful wig out of it. It'S just so freaking pretty, and this is my first time using a sub base closure. Normally I've done lace closures, but I'm really excited too yeah. I'M really excited about this week that I'm going to make this is going to be so pretty, and this is a 16 inch sub base closure. Um, Lewicki, ostwal Vincent also says a pair of rosu eyelashes. It'S a hundred percent human hair. I touch these yet they seem pretty soft. I actually like the well. When I go out, I like the feathered lashes. A lot like I love the feather lashes for when I go out. I don't know why that is my obsession right now, but you know what let me live. That'S my session right now so yeah they sent um these lashes along with the hair, and this is your free gift that you get. They always did something really cute. Like last year's or it might send a little brush or a little comb or something just really cute, also the hair came wrapped with these cute little bows around them. I just got excited when I got the hair, so it was, it wasn't gon na make it to this video. I'M sorry guys like I just had to take it out of the box and see it like. I don't always order from him, but I get excited when I see here so that's kind of a problem. It'S a heavy but anyways like I said it came with these cute little lashes and I believe, all the time right. I believe every single time you order from them you'll receive like a little gift like like this like lashes or something, and if nothing else fails, you can always use them for a costume or something. But i really like these so yeah when i go out i'll probably will have them on, but um yeah. Like i said i got, i purchased the 14 16 and 18 inch bundles approving straight with a 16 inch sub base closure and the total was 248. It took three days to get here. I ordered their own friday and then i perked and i received it on and monday, also keep in mind. If you are in the US. The hair is when it's nighttime here, it's daytime there. So, if you're getting a little irritated with your the person, like the supplier not contacting you like during the day, keep in mind that it's a different time frame there so yeah. Well, I'm one that I might as well give like a few tips on of this. Video is getting kind of long. I'M sorry, guys! There'S one of my shark cover everything for you guys, but just a couple tips for looking for and Alex press supplier um. There was I've seen some people who are, they will contact the supplier first, just to see how the communication is with that supplier. That'S always a good idea, because you want to make sure make sure that there is a good communication reach a great communication between the supplier and you um yeah. Just so. If you have an issue, you can make sure that they will take care of it immediately and I will be handled. Um also make sure that you always read the comments of people who have purchased from the hair and if you have ever purchased hair from my supplier, please make sure that you um, like you, leave comments on how your experience was whether it was good or bad. I know sometimes we'll see good hair like we'll get a good product and then we'll just like. Oh my god like this product is amazing and we will forget to leave a comment but make sure that you always leave a comment. A picture if possible, but yeah, make sure you always check the comments always check the reviews. If they have crappy reviews, I wouldn't trust them personally, but especially not with hair with clothes. It might be closed or anything like that. It might be like a little bit different, but as far as hair know like you have to like seriously be on some expect or gadget type stuff, like comments, reviews get on youtube and look at people what people have said about them like just anything. You also want to make sure that if it's like one bad comment that you kind of like weigh it out on how many good comments that they've received, because not everybody is going to have a great experience with every single supplier. So you want to keep that in mind as well, but um, I think that's all I have for you guys. I hope this video was informative to you all. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I was not paid by anyone to do this. This is just simply me lovingly wiki, hair and sharing it with you all, because I haven't really seen too many videos on YouTube about Luigi here. I'Ve seen clean here and things like that, but not Louie key so yeah. Then I get my vendor a shout out but, like I said it smells like shampoo hair is freaking gorgeous and yeah. That'S about all. I have for you guys so hope to see you later.

yuzujuicy: Love love love this vendor!

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