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Hi, everyone is Miss acacia back at you with a new video, and this video is a review that I'm going to do and it's the miss Lula, hair review from Aliexpress. And so I just got my package right now and it's packaged and I have not opened it so um. This is should be very exciting because I'm opening it front of you guys and just guys can kind of see my first reaction and everything about the hair and everything so yeah, but first things. First, i was on a budget again and i wanted to get some virgin hair, so i want to express cuz. I saw a lot, but before I want to aliexpress, I did a lot of my homework. I'D went on YouTube, checked out reviews and they there were so many reviews on Miss Lula's hair and there was good feedback for her hair. So I was so excited, I'm like okay. Well, you know what I'm just gon na order. Two bundles of the Malaysian um. They had the 3-pack sale, the three bundle sale, but I just wanted two bundles, just see where the hair um. If there is you, know good whatever, maybe three bundles is way too much. I don't know so yeah I ordered two bundles and it I cost me one hundred and eight dollars and I believe 61 cents. I'M not sure I can't remember but um yeah, so i'm going to show you it so it does miss lula right here. I ordered the hair sunday, 12 january 1212 and um um it was. It took a little while for it to process i processed in two days, which was on um. It was processing and then tuesday is said. It was shipping, and so I continuously got an email from paypal, because I did order my hair from throughout through paypal and um, so yeah they were just emailing me. Let me know that was shipping already, and so I just got the hair today, which is the 15th in Griffith sink, and this is a package of handle. You see us of course, and yeah, so that's open data, I'm excited, may need to get some scissors or not, maybe so, starting like rambling. How excited, i hope - and i ordered the deep, the deep wave curl malaysia and i ordered the 21 21 bottle 20 inch and one but nose up 18. I'M sure i should have ordered a bundle of 16 instead, but oh well, okay, so, okay! So my open! It okay. So this is what the package looks like there's going to be bold, but there's no gold, so there's no bows, but they got me for flexi rods, which is amazing. So, let's open it so as far as you guys, okay, so in a plastic bag, become happy. As in a plastic, i got four flexi rods, uh, who cannot go wrong with a flexi rod, but I come on that's exciting. Okay, now I got a bundle of a thin to set 18 and this says 20, so I'm gon na open this money. First, okay, 20 has a rubberband guys, never done this before opening my package in front of camera, this exciting, okay, okay, all right! There'S no net all right. This is what the 20-inch looks like, and this is how long the fear is, which is really long wow. This is what the bundle is. I should have ordered me. A third bundle. Okay and the hair feels super soft. The hair has no scent, oh my god. Oh my god, this hair does not smell processed at all. It'S really smells like hair um. The ends are great Wow. Look at this. The ends are fabulous. Ends are fool. I wish to bundle with a little bit bigger and thicker. Let'S see the lifts are great, hey and let me my fingers to it a little rough. Oh, my god guys. This is so amazing dude, I'm sorry so excited wow. This hair does not smell and I expected it to smell. I'M sorry. This here is beautiful. Honestly, here's beautiful and let me see if I'm getting any, shedding weight. Oh my god, I'm getting no shedding. Is this real, like? Is this real right? Oh I'm getting, you know, shutting guys and I'm like running my fingers through it like crazy and I'm getting it no shedding. This is this. Is unreal okay? So let's stop talking um watch this 20 inch. Okay, so um, I'm gon na co, wash it and because now I've gained knowledge on what to do with hair, and so I'm gon na co wash it. And I might actually do the video on how I wash my leaves - and I wash my weaves with moroccan argan oil from organics and um yeah. So I'm gon na go wash this and I will do a video on this um. So you know show you guys how I wash my weeks and if the curl pattern pattern does not appear and if it gets more ting tingly, I am sending it right back. Okay, all right, okay, so this is. This is a deal. This is awesome honestly, like it feels amazing, and I got it in one be so um its color that I want it. Okay, so let's open the 18 inch. Oh 18 got me all excited guys. Okay, I don't want to do, is go super long. So I'm sorry, you see my first reaction, okay, so this is the 18 inch okay, this one, this one that is more curlier than this. You can see. Maybe cuz, i cut my hands through it, but um this doesn't smell either. This is the 18 inch. Okay, so it's like a part right here: okay, it's more like a 16 me, but I will measure it but um see so soft. Oh I'm getting shedding see that mmm. I got about four or five strands: yeah: okay, nothin, ah hey, but all we shed. So that's no problem! Um, let's see okay, so it feels a little rough here bottom, so yeah um. So here it is here's the hairs okay. So this is the length and, as you can see, there's a big difference between H 18-inch in the 20-inch 18. More looks like a 16 but um. I could order another longer piece, but um, okay, um yeah. This isn't one be so, but you know um, okay, this is um. This is great and the hair feels awesome. Um. I didn't get any bows. I wish i had some bugs, you know, maybe put bows and you little pigtails or something just kidding um but yeah like the hair feels awesome. The 18 inch feels a bit dry and I can put argan oil but, like i said, i'm going to co, wash his hair and kind of see where it is and if it's not the way I wanted it to be, then I will send the hair right Back but the hair feels amazing feels very soft um, like I said, the 18 inch was a little bit there's a bit of dry um, so yeah, but overall the hair feels good, especially the 20 inch. I'M loving the 20 inch like loving if the bundles. This is more of a bunch more bundles than this one, but um I love it. I really love it. So thank you, Miss Lola, um company. Here at company Aliexpress, i will link. I would put the link down in the description box on the forms that are ordered and um. Yes, so staying tuned for a video of me, co washing the hair and you guys can see if the hair is good enough, so um so yeah. Okay, well see guys like to see

PurelyZak: Malina Million Awe.. Thank you so much! Meant a lot coming from you! You're absolutely gorgeous! Yes I will have an initial week review once I get the hair installed. Hopefully this weekend I'll post a video! Thanks for watching! Xx

PurelyZak: Tavia Mccormick Hi!! I just ordered the hair last night. I ordered a bundle of 12". Thanks for watching!! Xx

Cecelia Guerrero: I have 26inch brazilian straight from ms lula & I lovvvvee it. I bleached it 2times & colored it & I still don't experience tangling. I decided to order her brazilian curly to try (: can't wait!

Szszh: U are so pretty and your skin is beautiful! Hope to see a update on this hair

Amanichoo: Lmfao omg youre face expression when you realize there is no shedding. Priceless lol. I ordered the same thing. I can't wait :)

PurelyZak: @ceceliagurule omg! You made me want to try it 10x more! The curly is great!

PurelyZak: Cadi Gurl Hi!! I will be getting a sew in with a lace closure.

Nishka Anna-lee: Should've got 3!!

JusHeather BeingHeather: Are you going to be doing a sew in or a upart wig ?

PurelyZak: bebe062795 Yaaas lol!

PurelyZak: ***** I'm 5'7.5

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