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Hey guys, it's your girl, jocelyn and i'm here tonight to do a hair review. As you guys know, i love weave like i love love, love, love, love, weave and um. This is a total of three bundles, including a closure. Now, as you know, i'm a tall girl, i'm a big girl, so i love long hair. You know long legs, long hair. You know what i'm saying anyway. It'S not about me it's about the hair, so this is 100 virgin, hair, okay, virgin remy hair, and i got this hair from Now i got my closure from a different website and there's a reason um my best friend monique um. She was the one who got me into weave, so she told me um this specific website that um has better closures than the true glory, hair and um just get the true glory hair from the website um anyway. So, as you can see, this is brazilian body wave um. My inches are 18, 16 and 14.. I have two 18's and um. This is two 18s in my hair and then i have um a 16 and then i have 114, but i always buy four bundles because um i like big hair, but you know the girl, who did my hair shout out to shekinah um. She only put three bundles in my hair. She didn't cut the track. She overlapped them um anyway, so um. What i'm gon na do is i'm going to take out um the bundle that i didn't use for this hair. Now, as you can see, this is my 14 inch bundle and you can run your fingers through it and it's real, pretty and wavy. Now the hair did not come in this color um. Actually, she bleached it and she dyed it. It was supposed to be like a honey blonde, but it came out honey, brown and you know i'm not even i'm not gon na even about it, because i really i like this color. I really do, and hopefully one day if it's me i'll go blind, but anyway um, as you can see it's like really bouncy. You can run your fingers through it. You can comb, it there's absolutely no shedding and you can brush it. So you know what i'm saying and um what i love about this hair is that you can um get it wet. You can condition it. That'S what i do. I condition it at least once a week um. Sometimes i do it more um, but yeah once you wet this um, because it is a brazilian body wave um, it becomes wavy. You know what i'm saying and you can straighten it. You can blow dry it. You can flat iron it. Well, it's the same thing. Straighten and um, even after all, that um once you wet it again, it'll go back to its waviness or go back to being wavy um, like i said it's 100 um virgin hair now um. I'Ve also had brazilian straight hair and um. That was also 100 um virgin. All their hair on their website is 100 virgin, and i just want to make that clear, because i know how some of you girls out there, some girls don't do synthetic. You know some do i'm just here to let you know that their website is 100 trustworthy. Now i'm gon na show you guys how awesome these bundles are now um for those who have known me for a while and who were um subscribed to me on my old youtube channel before i deleted it um i had a black sew-in, so i have black Bundles um, i just want to show you guys that these bundles, you can still use over they last for a long long time. Well, not a long time, but there you can keep they keep up. You can keep up with them, and this are. This is the black bundles that i had um when i went black and this i had these for about a year yeah. I had these for about a year and um. I'M gon na use these again, definitely because they're still in good condition. You know what i'm saying you see it and um. I still have some more. I just at right now, i'm trying to figure out what color i want to do them and i tried dying them. Um, like a honey blonde, but as you can see, some of the color didn't even get picked up, so i'ma have to do my best to work with what i have, because i don't want to. I don't want to do black again. You know what i'm saying, but yes, you can reuse these bundles. They are obviously in good condition. Um. Now, i'm about to show you guys um how to get on the website and where to go, and i'm going to show you guys. The other website, where i got my closure - okay guys so i'm about to show you guys where i got my bundles from so we're gon na go to all right. So, as you can see, it says original true glory hair. Now i told you guys that you can get your frontals or closures here, but i haven't tried their closures out or frontals, so i'm still going to go over the other website but anyway, so here it says customer service. We love our customers, we're here to help call email or texas anytime value and quality original. True glory. Hair is 100 virgin friendly hair. That gives you a stunning look at a value that can't be beat fast. Free shipping standard shipping is free for all orders. Over 100 need it faster, try next day, shipping, all right, so we're gon na go to hair all right. So, as you can see, they have um four options: they have brazilian body wave brazilian, deep wave brazilian straight and malaysian curly. I really want to try that one, but you know we'll do that some other time, but anyway so um say if you wanted um brazilian we're just gon na, say body wave now, as you guys know the um, the longer the hair or the longer the bundle You get the more it's gon na cost, so um they have it. I believe, at a very affordable price, so say: if you want to earn a 12, it would be 52. say if you wanted a 14 57. 16. 62. 18. 67 um um 20 inch. You get a 71. now, as you can see, it says, compared to or from our competitors, so they're actually giving you um a good or decent um pricing range um compared to other people that you know, sell hair whatever and as you can see, people give great Reviews about it they have like five stars and i freaking give it a good review. So i really think that you guys could or should try them out um. Okay. So now, let's go take a look at the frontal enclosures on true on So we're going to click frontals enclosures. Now, as you can see, we have body wave lace closure from 72 dollars. We have brazilian body weight frontal from 97. and we have deep wave lace closures from 77. Now i've never purchased any of these frontals or closures. So i don't know how well they are, but you guys can try it out if you want to so now, we're about to go to the website that i got my closures from, but instead of typing it in the search bar i'm going to go to google Because for some apparent reason it's not letting me go to the website when i type in the search bar, so i'm gon na go to all right. So now i'm gon na search, j, o h, a n n s, virgin hair dot com, and it's this one all right see it's coming up now. As you can see, this beautiful girl is gon na come up and it says beauty is everywhere. I'M frying is here anyway, so i'm gon na click shop and, as you can see, they have um well. This is all of everything. Oh my god do y'all see that blonde do y'all see this. Yes, this is beautiful, but anyway, so they have um blondes um. Brazilian straight body wave and then they have um the curly and then they have like the gray and then they have like all these other. You know types of hair um, but anyway, so we're going to scroll back up and you guys can look down if you want we're going to scroll back up and we're going to look to the left and we see categories and we see brazilian peruvian premium. Indian frontals enclosures, but um so we're going to click on frontals enclosures hurry up all right. So, as you can see, they have long lace, closures that go with the blonde bundle. So if you purchase that you can get that and then they have um the gray ones. If you want to get that um, i really i've never seen or never used the three part lace closures, so i usually go and i get the silk base closure. So we're gon na click on it all right, so they have um the price range. It usually ranges from 118 to 140. It depends on the length you get, i believe um and probably the texture, i'm not really sure. So i'm going to go to body wave and i'm going to choose 12 inches because i always choose 12. um anyway. So and basically you know you add the card and the reviews are really good, but um yeah. So i usually get my hair from at least so for those who are going to purchase um more than one bundle um at one time. Um just make sure you guys have someone at home or make sure your home on the day that is going to be delivered because fedex is going to ask for a signature, and the reason is because it's over a certain amount and i'm pretty sure you know Some people know, but for those who don't that's a heads up and um, they usually um like. If you don't catch them, they usually um redeliver for probably about three times and then after the third time they um they send it back to um, true glory hair. But anyway, thank you guys for watching um. I hope you guys um take the time to not only like share and subscribe, but to also really try out this hair. I really recommend it um make sure you follow me on instagram and if you have any ideas or any video suggestions, just inbox me and let me know, thank you guys have a great night bye.

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