Beautiful Hd Lace Installation W/ Isee Hair

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The hair I'm wearing in this video is :


Texture: Mongolian Water Wave

Density: Natural Density (Equal to 180% Density)


Cap Construction: 13*4 HD Lace Front Wig

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Hey guys welcome back, it's me and zeof in today's video. We are installing another wig, i'm not installing it. My friend is, you know i don't in store wigs, no more. This wig was from icy hair. This is their new packaging, and this is everything that came in the box. Um, i'm just gon na name. A few stuff came with a scrungey elastic band, some false nails and some clips to put in the hair edge brush some beautiful lashes. I'M going to be using those lashes soon, and this is the wig. So it is a 28 inch, magnolian water, wave, hair, um, 180 density 13x4 hd lace. Now let me not forget the hd like. Do you guys not see that sculpt? You know with that fenty beauty, toffee tees, it just looks like it came right out of my head, and that was our favorite thing about this wig. So i told her i didn't want to do no cap because remember when i used to install my own wigs, i used to do um, glueless right so she's trying this out. She used that bold lace like piece free spray, but oh i'm messing up. I'M not even gon na stop it. She used a free spray, but not the got to be. She used that red bottle that i showed y'all and we did no cap because i'm just tired of the glue like putting mad layers of glue, like i'm, really tired of doing that, and i don't really wear my wigs for a long time. So this was the perfect method for us to do. She put a little bit more on top so that she could tie it down and when i tell y'all this wig did not move not once like y'all just about to see us do this method more because, like it's really one two three so this is just Me showing you how soft the hair was. She literally put no products in it. She said she only washed it with shampoo and conditioner, and my fingers was running right through it. This is her flattening the top, because you know you got ta. Have that flat, install and like there was no red flags with this unit like no red flags at all, like we was just both baffled that it just came out so beautiful and it was sculpt like we really had no problems shout out to icy hair. So when i tell you it looks like we did the whole cap method and everything like we didn't do, none of that like we just use the free spray and it just looks like we did the whole process. You know it was one two three like this was the fastest install that i've ever had done on me, so she went back in and just put a little bit more glue, just so that you know it could last because if i want to, i could go Home and take this off, but i'm gon na wear it for a long time, so she's just taking out some baby hairs, and it was a little bit hard to take out because it had all that free spray on it. But you know we still got it out. She used a little curling flat iron and she curled the baby hairs upward, and this is how they came out. They were so cute and super natural and um yeah, like i said, no red flags with this unit. We'Re just going to tie down the baby hands real quick so that it can like really stick sometimes so guys. This is how the unit ended up looking. This is the final look, and one thing i can say is i'm going to be ordering hd laces only because it was kind of crazy, like i didn't, put no extra foundation, no extra powders. None of that just my fenty beauty, trophy t's, and it's just looking like it came straight out of my scalp like this is crazy. So all the information is going to be in the description box, make sure y'all use my code. I see new get 10 off um. It'S gon na end for 10, like april 10th, so make sure y'all get your orders in um just to mention this hair has no product in it. This is this natural state and, like i'm just baffled so big shout out to i see here, i can't stress that enough make sure y'all book, marissa she's in new jersey right now and yeah get your installs bye.

Mo’s Touch: This hair look tooooo good

Tia Datson: Great job cuz

Susan K: She bodiedddddd omg

Moca : amazing install, very natural …. did she pluck and bleach the knots? i can’t remember if you touched on that.

aichasek: this look on you

kelsey emilie: Does the sides have full parting space?

Miwoo: Wowwww

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