Scalp Or Wig??? Natural Texture Clean Hair Yaki Hd Lace 360 Wig Install! Wowafrican

The HD lace Yaki Straight 360 wig is from

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360 Lace Wig 180% Density Yaki Straight [TLW17]

Length: 14 inches


★ Undetectable HD Lace

★ Bleached knots

★ Clean Hairline

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Yo, I'm Legit sweating my day going wig off. Look at this well, hey y'all! Welcome back to my channel. It'S your girl, Kyra Sean! Today'S video is brought to you by wild African. They send me another Union to review for you guys. It'S also Wegmans, so make sure you check out the pin comment down below, so you can see what giveaway there is today. I think y'all gon na like this one. Now you can already hear it in my voice. Okay, your girl is sick. I'M reaching the peak when you lay in bed too much it just makes you feel even sicker, so I had to get up and get myself moving around. It has helped me feel less congested, but I am sweating out all this. You know whatever this is so if y'all see me struggling doing this video, don't don't worry, I'm okay! I just wanted to get up and get myself together, but also keep it easy. Okay, and this one right here, this one right here get get the Easy Button. Wait a minute: oh, let me slow down. Let me get my spiky dues up but anyway, before we get into all this, make sure if you're new to the channel, you go ahead and subscribe and smash that notification Bell. So you don't miss anything else coming up. Also give this video a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this in the future, let's go okay, so, like I said this unit coming starts from wild African, all the specs from my unit right here on the screen. So if you want to check it out, you can this is a 360 Yaki straight wig, so it should be fairly easy to style. I think I'm gon na do like a little clip-up situation. As far as the smell is concerned, I don't smell anything, but all this is locked up, though, so you know I can't smell nothing anyway. I did a little homemade real, quick, okay, a little dry, shampoo and water. That'S it um get mine ready, but you know of course, go in and wash your unit cleanse it do all that kind of stuff. I need to take off the ear tabs, so this little Stitch right here that you see I'm gon na cut right behind that and then we'll cut the ear tabs off. When I put it on my head, like I said this is a 360 cap. It'S not super pre-plucked in the back, however, you can finagle it for yourself to give some looks if you want to do that, so you know I'm just trying to get this done quickly, because I'm not feeling the greatest okay. Let me put it on like, like that: uh-oh isn't that gon na fit my head did my head swell up. Oh, your girl is hot hot hot and I don't mean the looks. I mean I'm hot. My cap is the biggest that it comes in, which is the medium. I think the biggest size is like 22 and a half pretty much a perfect fit, but I don't have no extra room. So if you got a big head, be mindful of that. Okay, let me just cut this off like that and then cut this off. The hairline does come pre-plucked. It looks pretty good to me. I don't think I need to do anything special, but you know when I put my mousse on, I move it around a little bit to give it a more natural look um. So it's not so slick back and the edges are frayed. Okay. So what does that mean class class? It'S going to melt come on come on. I'M gon na cut a little bit of that hairline off right there, it's a little bit too far too far up now it's uneven ciao! It'S all right! We'Re gon na work! It out we're gon na work, it out Nairobi around the hairline, the hairline's already ready to go but y'all know. I, like my hair lines, look a certain way on me. I need some more. Let me start fronting like I don't need a lot. I need enough. Okay, they did send me um like a little rap band situation, but it's not the elastic joint. I like the elastic joints now so, if wild African wants to, since some of those that'll be that'll, be great. Okay, before I move on, I'm gon na go ahead and use my um my blow dryer brush and we're going to sleep this out just a little bit because we got some bumpity bumps. So we want to get that out real, quick and now I'm going to use my hot comb and just sleep, the hair out even more y'all. I love this thing I do. I really do like do. Y'All see that these. Do you see that foreign use a little bit of my wax stick up here, so I got some got some flyaways on the top of my wig, I'm not going to oz. So I don't need all that, go ahead and do my makeup really quick and then we will come back and style. This wig up and that'll be that'll, be it y'all because I need to I need to get out of here. Let me get this off. I can already tell my wigs slip back a little bit, yeah good Lord. What in the world happens looking pretty good, though it's just just a little slippy slip. I didn't want to spray her down, but I might have to because it keeps sliding back, especially with the elastic band, is pulling back on my sides yeah. I think I want to spray some like right there. Maybe let me just go ahead and do that. I'M using my even okay, you can't be having the church pew wig. I don't want that. Okay, easy peasy, yeah, pretty much it's a little ashy in the front, so I'm gon na use my excess Contour surround the hairline just a little bit. I actually could wear it like. You know a little messy situation like that. I like how that's looking I am getting some shedding with this wig, I'm hoping I didn't cut into a track when I cut the ear tab off that would suck oh best Embrace will suck see. Do I want to glue that down? I don't know. Let me just go ahead and do it, because if I keep looking at it that means I want to do it. So let me just do it to let me put some curls in here just curl it up. I just want to put a few curls all over the wig, nothing crazy bump it up in the front like that, there we go. Let me take some grease, because these flyaways are he's taking me out. Ciao there we go, get back, get back. What in the world y'all I'm Legit sweating my egg on wig off. Look at this it's time for me to go. I'M gon na use my blow dry brush on cool, just to make sure my grease is worked into the hair foreign look. I think it's very simple, very cute, very natural. Looking. Let me get some tea hold up hold up. I didn't do anything crazy to this wig. It is a beginner friendly unit, no plucking, no heavy blending yeah no kinky straight is My Bae, but the yak yak can still get it. Adding the grease definitely gives this hair some shine. It makes it look real natural. I, like I like that and like I said this is a 360 wig, so you can definitely Pin It Up, Hold and bring these down. You can definitely Pin It Up into a little Up Style. Put it in the clip like that. Bring your sides down. Do a little feather joint like this get them old school looks y'all. Okay, the banana clip is back. Hello, hold up, wait a minute. There we go there, we go all right, get the looks. Oh that's cute, right yeah! I want to do like a half up. Half down clip situation, let me see hold up. Do I want hair out, I kind of do, but then I kind of don't and comb this out foreign clip it up like this and let it fall over. You can bring that down like this. If I want to - and I do yeah okay - so I could do this little look - I like it. I do. I think she crooked, but I ain't gon na worry about it. Here we go what y'all think y'all like it all down all up: half up half down y'all tell me: let me see if I move it up some. Will it make it there we go there. We go okay, y'all. So how are we looking? I think we looking real good okay, real good. I didn't put no powder in my parting space. I don't really feel like she's necessary. I feel like it still gives me a natural look, but if I want to brighten it up just a little bit, let me use my Maybelline Fit Me powder in the color 330. toffee Pat it in like that. That'S all she needs. That'S it! That'S it there. We go yo there we go yo, but that's all I got for you guys today shout out one more time, while African was sending me this unit, I really appreciate it. I will put the direct link, my specs any coupon codes. I have for this unit down below, so if you guys want to check it out, you can don't forget to like comment subscribe and share this video also smash the notification Bell, so you don't miss anything else coming up. I love you guys so much and I will see you next time. Bye,

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