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Hey dolls ♥

Here's a quick review on a new wig I purchased from DYHAIR777.

Hope it was very informative!

Hair Specs:

180% Density Lace Frontal Wig

Peruvian Deep Wave

20" Long

Link to wig:


Link to website:


Products used for hair:

- Macadamia Natural Oil Smoothing Shampoo

- Garnier Fruitis Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioner

- H.Zone Professionals Anti-Frizz Argon Oil

- Smooth'N Shine Polishing Curl Activating Mousse

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Hey you guys, this is around welcome back to my channel. Today'S video is going to be able to peering into my head. This would be why here at 7, 7 7. This is their 180 %, gets the lace front. We'Re gon na cruise in between annual this hair is so popping, so whack first coordinate. It came in a DHL package and then within that package, Kemeny my hair back to super cute and they also say in some lashes in a hair care corn right here. So when I initially got the year, it had like a weird smell to attila's his drone, which was also like how you want your hair to smell, so I did Co wash it and it took all the smell away. I bleach it in my knots in the hair you take well to the bleach and I try to like squeeze if I'm not a professional at all that. So this is what it looks like I mean it's alright today I just dyed the hair and it took well for the diet. The curls came back in him any of its texture Whammer, so that is a plus of this hair, some more pros that it's hardly should only way I like to tangles when it's like this much and as far as thankfully, it barely tangled. But you can run your fingers through and not even like get a job like what so the only con that I have for this here is that the wig is too small for my head. It'S too small you're going to be hit so when I bought it they're policemen, which is in like a previous video that I did every before it gave me the ostriches and a small mirror large was kept an actual de large and it hit my hair really Good, so when I was looking for the lace front, wigs, it only had the option of a medium average cap was just like 1/2 H to it smaller than the other eye. Sockets tinkles want to be like that bit of a difference, but it is, and somehow I tweaked it to where it gets it around my whole head, so yeah, I'm still like working to get it like exactly how with it. But it's still like how I wanted it still work. So that's the only comment I pad for the hair, so I don't do much to it. The only products that I use for my hair is just macadamia natural oils, milling capital, this right here and it smells really good and it makes my hair super soft and I also use the Garnier Fructis Lincoln shine, leave-in conditioner, which also smells really good, and I Think this is actually my favorite leave-in. By far, the oil that put on my hair is any prints, argan oil channel by HBO special, which is a really lightweight work, but it does give the hair a guy's luster and they also come on people. And the last part that I use is this smooth shine, curled up activating curl mousse, so I use this after each wash. I don't put a lot on mine. I don't like keep using it throughout the week, so when I wash it into the own combat, put it up here and to reactivate needs throughout the week I just sprayed my hair wet morning and it still defines the crow. I don't you don't want to put too much of that up there, because we're gon na get to hear all k-dubb and in essence, art contain Lola's, looks disgusting, so yeah just wants to eat that Houston. So, as far as the party base, it is four inches of parting space from like here to here and then around there. It is like two inches, which is not even bad, because I don't even bark my hair like that, be for me to you like, want to go way back there and like with the flip over. You can't even like to that. There'S like try click right there. Well with you, you can even feel that there's like Trek right there. So that's not a problem for me, so that was pretty much the super view for the year. If you want to know where I got to hear from and everything all this bit, I will leave it down in the description box. Also, do not give my video a thumbs up comment and subscribe. Leave me some feedback and I will see you guys in my next video thanks for watching

Toi Sharae : girl you slayed this whole look #dropsmic

Kiara Henry: you sold me omg. it looks so good on you.

Lindsay Erin: that wig looks good on you!

Dyhair777: You did a great job, this wig slayed, thank you for sharing, would you mind sharing this review on our social medias?

2278TLC: Can't wait to see you at work! Go girl!

rewsg Tetris7yw: Hope you can do a tutoral how to install the wig. lol Look really natural and pretty on u!

Kaila Appling: Did you have to use got2glued or any adhesive? I really want the lacefront but want it to stay without adhesive

Flawless Ro: You sold me , I just pray I get the same quality as you!

Janessa Yong: U Looks gorgeous, hair is popping on u!

MissMelaninated: I love it u look gorgeous and yo melanin is POPPIN queen ❤️

Chassie Brooks: Yessss babymama

iamelain3: How long was the shipping?

C: Update ?

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