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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel um, so for today's video, i installed this unit from a beauty forever um. This is there okay, don't mind this. I'M gon na cut it after this um. This is their 13x6 um hd lace, wig, and i believe it was straight yeah. It was straight. It was just straight and the seams about 24 to 26 inches. We can't really see, but i'll probably have the picture in the thumbnail. It looks really nice um. It'S weird: it's like a low density wig. When i was plucking and stuff. It was really really dense and thick and i'll explain more in the video and like the problems i kind of had with it. But overall the hair is like as good for the price and um does what it needs to do. It'S just not like anything crazy. You guys want to see me um. You know try to do this, then keep on watching. So, like the usual, i've already went ahead and um done the bald cap method. I think i'm going to add a little bit more foundation. I only added it to the perimeter, so you don't see like where the wig cap starts, but you can see a little bit more. So here is the wig i've already bleached the knots and i've also applied a lace tint, i'm just not sure if it worked. This is my first time working with lace tints, but you guys can see um it bleached pretty well, it could have. I could like let it bleach a bit more, but it's like the type where um i'll explain it, but like there's some wigs where, when you bleach it once like, all the knots are perfectly bleached and they're all like a yellow color. But with this one like it has some bigger knots towards like the inside of the lace. So it's okay, it's not bad um, just it just like takes time when you pluck and it since it's hd lace. It'S so thin that when you pluck that um it can like rip the lace a little bit because of the knots and stuff like that, but i still made it work and i plucked it a bit. It just gave me a hard time to pluck so i didn't pluck it like usual, but let me just see how this looks. I got some lace tints to try and i just sprayed a little bit of one right now, but i don't know if it did anything, not bad, and i actually bleached this part i'll, probably like put some color on it or something, but you probably won't see It when it's all the way done, you know what i'm going to figure out, how to properly tint and then i'll do it when i actually know how to do it so yeah, i kind of over bleached the knots, but it's not too noticeable. It'S all good. I'M really excited to put this on. I haven't like worn a wig in a while. Now i've just been having a little mental break. This wig fits really nice, though not sure. If i need to put more foundation, i think it's okay, i think i'll be fine. I'M just going to trust this lace tint because it looks perfectly fine to me right now, but you never know i'm just going to clean the area and you have to use alcohol and for glue i'm going to be using ghost bond. Um platinum. I'Ve been really liking it and that's what i'm going to use okay. So now the glue is all clear. I am going to just match up the dot so now taking elastic, i'm just going to wrap it just to make sure that everything is actually glued down. All right now just wait like like five minutes ish and then we'll take it off into the baby hairs this part's always so hard. But as long as you put the hair up, then it's not that bad. Now, i'm just gon na cut the lace all right. So we're looking um i just have to glue down whatever is lifting then i'll, be back for the baby hairs, i'm literally just putting glue under the lace okay, so i have everything glued down for the edges. I'M actually going to be doing like the tang kind of method where it's like curlier, edges and stuff, so i'm going to just pull them out. I don't know if i want my front front, it is. I think i do want front edges, so i'm just gon na pull out hair, because with that method i don't need to put like mousse or anything um. So let's try it. I haven't tried it on myself. Actually so it's gon na be fun, everything else will come in a bun just for a second i'm gon na try and hot comb it just so, but i'm going to straighten the rest of the hair, just putting some heat protector. I haven't had long black hair in so so long. This is exciting and for my straightener, i'm using my baitless babeless pro titanium. It'S so funny. I'Ve had this for a while now, but i'm always gon na mess up on the name. I haven't had like straight hair since i want to say like around christmas literally december: that's when it was yet. I'Ve actually tried this hair on my client before, and i really liked it. But it's just that. The the only thing that i would change about this hair is if the knots were smaller or i don't know if it was easier to pluck, because if it was easier to pluck, then i would have plucked way more. Who has time all right, i'm gon na finish, straightening the rest in a bit. I just wan na make the part first, so i'm gon na do a side part because i feel like it's been a while, since i did a side part and why not? Well, this type of wig um the tracks are right here, and it gives you about like two inches of lace before the tracks start, i'm only putting wax to like areas where it doesn't want to lay flat the hot coats off a little bit. I hate when that happens. It always just like turns off by itself, but until that heats up, let's just work on these edges all right, uh. I think i'm gon na collect a little bit more. I like, when there's like a separation between the hairline like the edges and the actual hairline, should be good, so i'm gon na take the sections kind of curl them upwards, but not really kind of like slanted this. I like that. I'M just wondering how this is going to stay without without like laying it down with mousse, i'm so used to that. So now i'm going to take um, i think some edge control. I don't want to use mousse because it like to lift, but literally, like the tiniest tiniest amount, so it doesn't get all sticky. I'M gon na cut them first, actually like these front ones, definitely have to be shorter, okay, um off camera. I did a little bit more. I think this is as good it's gon na get, i don't even know, but i think i'm just tired or something, but this is how it is looking it's still like: curly, um and messy and stuff like that um. I just need to perfect it a bit more, but i still like it. I like the little messy look. This is a little messy too just do it. It'Ll um do its thing. This side looks better can't lie like i mean like it's more curly and stuff, but i just know that the wig needs to be plucked a little bit more so that you can get the full effect, but it's not bad, not bad at all. Now all i have to do is make this part look better. I wish i could go deeper. I was trying to do like a deep part, like i mean like more on the side, but honestly i'll just do them. No part at this point: yeah, i'm just gon na - do no part because i wanted it to be like deeper, but it's not looking like it's gon na happen. So let's just do a no part situation or like a small itty-bitty line. I'Ll do this, so it goes with the messy edges and stuff like that. Can we finish straightening all right and there is the install some messy edges kind of almost there type of edges um. I hope you guys enjoyed. I i just need to perfect it. A little bit more, but i think i'll get the hang of it once i do it a bit more, but then i do like the hair hair looks good. I don't like this place like that. I need to fix that. I hate when it makes my head. Look like a square, but okay i'll fix this later, but overall the hair is good, but it's not like the best best hair ever tried it does what it needs to do. The lace is nice, but i think i prefer, like the west kiss hd lace. I don't know for some reason that one kind of works better, but the lace is still good. You guys can see bomb lace. I just wish the knots and stuff were easier and the hair it's good, but i know this hair is the type where you have to like keep straightening over and over again um like i can just feel it like. Even when i was trying to straighten you. Can you can see there's a little um there's like frizziness, i don't know. Maybe i just need to try a different method, but from like using the methods i always use, this could have been a little bit better. Thank you guys, um for watching this video. If you'd like to purchase this hair i'll, put all the links um in the description down below and make sure you guys like this video, if you enjoyed comment below what you'd like to see next um subscribe, if you haven't already and i'll see you guys in My next video

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