Spring Wig Ginger Layered 5X5 Closure Install! *Beginner Friendly* Asteria Hair

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Hair Info: 18inch ginger layered straight 5x5 lace closure wig 180% density

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Foreign hair, I know I got a ginger wig that comes with wig cap elastic band, some lashes, you know regular goodies, a stereo always got the goodies. Okay, this is the ginger color wig and it's a closure. 180 density. 18. inches. I am so nervous. Oh look at that, I'm not going to bleach the last, but this is how it's looking I'm going to do. Some plugging though this is the inside. So this is a 5x5 closure and we got some good hiding space. I'M gon na just keep that right down the middle. I am so nervous y'all. This is so silky nothing's coming off yeah yeah, oh okay! It makes you guys know how to really mess with closure. Wigs because my ears are very small and like to try and tuck them behind they don't fold over completely. So I just be tucking my ears under the wig. To be honest, before I start plucking, I do need to hot comb my hair out the way just to make it easier um. This will also help when you're trying to cut the lace, because when the hair is all up, you know all up in the front. It'S like: how do you even hold the hair back to cut it? I just would rather prefer to hot comb everything out, which I don't know. If you guys can even see it's, it's looking pretty good. So, even though I am doing a closure, I think I had on a frontal prior to putting on this wig, so I'm just getting off any excess Glue by using our alcohol uh cotton pad. I won't be doing the ball cap method, but I will be wearing a cap under my wig and since it's not my skin color, I'm just going to be mixing those two colors that I showed you and putting it on the wig cap and on the lace. Just so that it won't just so that you won't see it through, you know see it kind of disappeared a little bit so now I'm going to set the application process and the first step is to get rid of this lace. So I just cut it. You know whatever and I'm just applying some, what kind of spray some ebbing spray just so that you know we got some type of security, and here we are step. Two is to do the baby hairs, I'm portioning out a section of hair and I'm just hot combing, the rest of the hair back and the baby hairs that I want to be laid down forward. I'M going to cut it and then I'm just going to go in with my got to be glue. No yeah got to be glued from the Black Bottle and I'm just going to melt them honestly. I could have cut these a little bit shorter. I really could have cut these a little bit shorter because it's given bangs, but it's still cute so yeah this step too using my La girls Pro conceal and a light shade. I'M just going to go down the middle to Define that part and then next, I'm going to hot comb, the hair to lay down flat and I'm going in sections using the wax stick and using the hot comb to lay down over it. Just so that it lays down flat foreign but like this is how the hair was looking for shot the pack period, And I just wanted to show it to y'all before I cut it, because I am still for shortcutting it. What I am happy about, though, is the fact that it already is giving that like look, wait, that's the exactly what I'm talking about it's already, given that you know what I'm saying: I've, never giving myself currently mix I've done it real actual bags, I'm not current Bank, so I'm kind of nervous, I think we'll be all right so now I'm actually going to start cutting the curtain bangs, which is the style that I want to do today and I've never done this before I know I haven't watched a tutorial, so I'm kind Of just freestyling it, but I'm just putting out a section of hair, mainly in the front, and this is how I cut my bangs. So I'm like this should work for the front of my hair. So I pull out the sections I twisted twice and then I cut straight across and when I Let Go, it should give that curtain, bang effect and did and in and I'm just going to do the same thing. So I'm parting behind what I just cut, because because why not you know what I'm saying and I'm gon na do literally the exact same thing except I'm gon na? Do it a little bit longer and I'm thinking it's gon na give me like a layered. Look. You know if we just doing anything at this point and we're hoping for the best. Thank you. So I decided that this is cute and all, but just to add a little little Razzle Dazzle and literally the very front right here. I'M gon na add actual bags. Foreign, I hate the castle.

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