Sterly Hair 4C Edges Wig Honest Review And Tutorial


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Hair Info: 22 inch 4c edges body wave 13*4 lace frontal hair wig 180% density

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I know welcome back to my channel guys, so this video is about stirly hair and I'm just showing you guys the goodies that they gave me in the bag, and this is a weaving cap. Um, it's pretty new, so I'm giving I'm showing you guys, because I've never seen anything like that before, but anyways on to the hair. So this right here is the hair. You guys um talk about 4C edges. Okay, first of all, the hair is beautiful. The edges are really really really 4C, so it's really interesting so inside there's a band to adjust it to the size of your head, which I absolutely love and I'm trying it on right out the bag. So you guys can see so, as you guys can see when I put it on. I was like okay well, this is definitely some 4C edges, but don't worry we're gon na work through it, as you guys can see. It definitely is very coarse edges, but we're going to customize this, so I'm going to take my bronzer and my flat brush and I'm going to tip the lace with this and just a word of advice. We'Re going to be using a bronzer a lot in this video stalking, his Instagram saying he's in a phase so now you're telling everyone that we're drifting apart now I know that it was you what made me feel so messed up all right and now I'm putting It on, for you guys and as you guys can see, usually it really does a difference, but we're gon na have to work a lot with this lace, which is completely fine. We just need to keep customizing it, and now I'm cutting the lace and, as you can tell I'm cutting it down and up and down up and down motion as usual, and the reason why I do. That is because, if you cut it just in a straight line, it's not going to melt properly with your forehead so make sure you do it in a you know a jagged edge type of line, and I'm also going to tint it one more time to make Sure it Blends in better - and now I put it on my head and it looks like it's blending much better, but we got ta work on the edges. Okay, so, as you guys can see, I keep touching the edges because I'm wondering what I need to do with them, but, as I thought about it, I realized they're just a bit thick, so I'm just plucking it and exactly how I'm doing it right now. On video, that's exactly how I plucked it! I didn't pluck too too much of it, but I plucked just enough for it to look much more natural and, as you can see, it looks so much better and I'm going to tint it again and I'm placing it on my head and I'm loving it. You guys this is absolutely gorgeous. Okay, you can tell that the edges are coarse and everything, but it's perfect. It'S giving. I got a, I got a perm, but you know I sweated out my edges a bit but yeah. So I put my heat protecting gel. While my serum, actually because I'm going to put the hot comb and I'm doing a side, part why'd, you have to take everything now: ten nine counting down and, like I said before, I'm taking my hot comb to make sure it's nice and flat. This is completely optional, but I really wanted a side part with an actual part. So this is why I did this, and this also helps it to you know flatten up the top, if you don't want it to be like too too poofy, and now I'm going to glue it down. So I try my best not to touch my edges at all. Okay, so I really put the glue like not on my hairline like so it makes it gives the illusion of a smaller forehead but anyways. So after I glued it and I let it dry, I apply the wig like this. I use my um rat tail comb to lay it down jealousy. I think it's jealousy, but and now I'm going to take a melting band and put it on there, so it could, you know, melt on my forehead, but the glue didn't completely dry. So I know when I take it off, it's not going to be. You know as melted as I want it to be, which is completely fine. We can still work around it, so I take it off and it looks good, but you can still tell you know, there's glue there so again, like I told you guys we're gon na use the bronzer a lot, I'm just going on it one more time and I'M giving you guys like a close-up of how it looks. It looks really nice. It looks really natural. I honestly could have gone over with the bronzer a little bit more. But honestly, this is completely fine for me. You can see the glue a little bit, so one thing I would suggest is to let the glue completely dry. Oh, I didn't realize I actually did put some more so that it could look much much better on camera for you, but yeah you guys, honestly from how it looked like before to this. It is so worth it. Okay, all right! So now I'm just going to comb out the hair and there was minimal minimal shedding you guys. So that's always a really good thing and I don't want to straighten it. I want to keep the natural, like the the body wave to it, but anyways it's a bit frizzy, so I'm taking my serum and I'm putting it in the hair, and this is the final look you guys it didn't take me long at all at all, but Let me know what you guys think: I definitely recommend this hair. The only thing I will say is you just got ta work a little bit with the baby hairs and the lace, but other than that. This hair is absolutely beautiful. The perfect volume - so thank you. So much Sterling here for sending me this wig. It is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for watching and don't forget to like, subscribe and see you guys next time bye for now, counting down good

Sterly Hair: This Hair looks so terrific on you! Thanks for your sharing!

mandisahair-: So gorgeous!!

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