Layered Blonde Highlight Wig Install + 3 Different Styles Ft. Alipearl Hair

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What'S up sbm gang, I'm back with another YouTube review and it's really no shade it's giving consistency, no shade. Okay, so Ali Pro sent me a bust down ash blonde wig. This wig was about 24 inches. Don'T give me the line all the info for this wig will be in the description below I installed this wig on my girl, Kayla to the middle part bust down, and I did three different styles with this wig I did a middle part layered bone straight. Look. 90S, aesthetic and then I did like a body, curl type look and then I did an updo Vibe. Don'T worry about the back mind your business, I'm not gon na. Do too much talking in this video because y'all already know how I give it up in the installs and just watch and like share subscribe, send it to your friends and learn something from this period: foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign foreign foreign. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you shout out to Ali Pearl for sending me the bus down Ash Platinum wig. I love this wig. Everybody on live loved. This wig on Kayla y'all need to go in the description to get the link and order this wig, because I'm telling you it's every thing and that's no shade wish that was your favorite. Was it the middle part straight with the layers or the curls? Or is it the updo y'all? Let me know in the comments which one was your fave. I did. I did three fun styles and I kept it simple and cute and it's really no shade. Y'All keep liking, sharing, subscribing showing love to the channel. We almost at 10K and that's gon na, be you know. No, when we get there so y'all keep showing love and imma keep posting period. Bye ha foreign

computerluv10: Loving the updo. I'm definitely trying to come in for an appt in May!

Ali Pearl Hair: So pretty! Thanks for sharing our hair❤❤❤

yvette telfair: I like them all great job ❤

Jour Jones: Updo was my favorite but it’s the Color for me

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