Omg Trying My New Fav Hair Trend! 4C Hair Edges Curly Wig W/Elegant Baby Hairs Ft. Westkiss Hair

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180%density 13×4 lace front natural 4c edges curly wig 20 inch

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Foreign, what's up y'all it's Lee natural here and we are back with another Hair video and today's Hair video is going to be featuring, wet, kiss hair and I got the 180 density curly unit, it's 20 inches long and it is the 4C hair edges week. This is like this new trend. They got going on right now and I actually love it like. I really do like it once you wet the edges and put mousse on it and everything it really does lay smooth, and it really helps you to just align your baby hairs easily. You can cut them really short to handle them. I think it's amazing. It'S like a really smart idea for the girls who like to wear curly hair and have um baby hairs, and that's me I love me some baby hairs. I just I don't know I just love. I like the wig, look, the dramatic look because it's a wig. It'S not my real hair, so I go ahead and do the same steps. I always show y'all. I do the same exact thing every single time. I use the gas to be glued gel the black container and then I blow dry that back so my edges, just you, know, lay back in place. I do one layer of glue and that's pretty much all like I'm trying to make it easy for y'all get people asking me. How do I do the frontals, and this is literally how I do it me. I am not good at doing closures. I just don't know why, but my head shape is already funny enough, as it is for the frontals and the closest just don't install well for me unless I style it sideways. I have to install my closure wig on the side um. I went ahead and tinted. My lace with the true magic lace, concealer y'all, know I love this stuff, it's the best for me and I use the color brown. When I do so foreign, I go ahead and blow dry it and that's pretty much the last steps. I do prepping the wig before I put it on that's if it needs to be tinted. Some wigs. You won't have to do that. So I just went ahead and I did it because I felt it was a little necessary, but if you don't feel that it's necessary, you don't have to do it, but other than that this hair is a bomb. I am I'm going to say something at the end of the video, while I'm installing so make sure y'all stay tuned for that, but other than that I went and and um my bad. I had a little brain fart. I had cut off the excess lace on the side you can see where my ears are. I always do this. This is something you have to do like if you order it on your own, just fit it on your head and then you see where it needs to be cut. I went ahead and cut off as much as I needed to on the sides of my ears. So yeah, I don't know if y'all know that, but I usually try to point that out in every video. Just so y'all know, and I always put the glue in front of my hairline okay, I try to put it. I put it in front of my hairline and try not to get in on my hair, but it may get on there just a little bit but never directly on the hairline. You will lose all your edges. You will go about like that. Don'T put it directly on your hair because it is glue, so yeah be careful doing that always in front of the hairline um yeah. I really love this wig. I only did one layer so y'all gon na see it trying to slip up later when I'm trying to do the baby hairs. So yeah y'all see you'll, hear me what I what I got to say at the end, don't forget to check the links in the description box. Y'All comment down below what you think of this wig. I love this hair and what y'all think about the edges and everything like that, all right, I'm Gon na Catch y'all later bye. Oh, thank you, foreign. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, foreign foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. I honestly wasn't creating a part or anything I just wanted like a natural look as if, like as if I washed my hair without a part type of look, not a actual part. Okay, then I did the really um dramatic baby hairs. It probably look crazy because I was trying to work with that um. The lace was completely lifted, while I was doing the baby hairs so, but all in all next time for sure I know I'll glue it down all the way I didn't. I only did one layer - and I put it on a little too late, so it slipped as soon as I started, adding the gel but next time I'll just do it. How I usually do it lay it down, make sure the lace is melted first and then start doing my baby hairs like I usually do delete like I usually did like I usually do, and then I won't have a problem so yeah other than that. That'S pretty much yeah. I just wanted to say that before I left all in all this, it feels So Soft like it feels good and it's really curly it's so pretty. I love the curls so much. Thank you. Thank you. Foreign

Mani: Girl I was just rewatching the vlog from yesterday. I’m loving these hair videosss. Can’t wait for the Q&A too

HonoreSquad: My beautiful wife! I’m beyond blessed

Lolalove: It came out soo pretty

Briana Sharay: Another slay!! ❤️

Danesha Murphy: I love it

West Kiss Hair: Pretty,thank you for your trying~

Lynn g: You are sooo beautiful ❤️❤️

Neltoya Chatham: ❤❤❤❤❤

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