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Okay, look at that: okay, kinky edges! Baby. Thank you. Thank you good afternoon. Thank you all right guys, so we are back today with another Hair video, so shout out to Clay Lee hair company for sending me this bomb unit right here guys now, as you guys can see, this install today was very simple. It was very easy now starting off. This is a kinky straight unit, guys it's 24 inches long and it's kind of like a natural density about 150 density to 180 density. Don'T quote me on it. All the information will be left down below now with this unit. It did come with an adjustable strap, which I actually use and make sure that I secure this wig down so before actually spraying this wig with my even wonder, lace, you guys would have seen that this unit is pretty glueless, which I love and the fact that This unit, it has a kinky edges, guys are the curly edges. It makes it pretty much seamless. So therefore, you can absolutely wear this unit glueless. Obviously, in today's video I sprayed it down, so I can give you guys more of a uh install type of effect. In this video, obviously this is an install video now with this unit. I'Ll, probably wear it for a few days and it's going to be pretty secure, but even if the lace lifts just a little bit guys, I'm not worried about it at all. Just because the edges kind of conceal everything you need to with this one I kind of played around with it a little bit. You really can't you know baby hair it down with the edges like this, so I just kind of let it do its own thing. I did spray some sections and try to like you know, mold it into the areas, but I want it to be kind of free and flowing so that it has more of a natural Vibe. So this is not my first time reviewing a unit like this. From a company, but I will say that this one is probably the best one I've had so far as far as a kinky straight one with edges. This one is not too far apart. Like the last unit I had it was a little bit too spaced out, but I feel like they did a good job spacing this one, so it still has kind of a natural effect, and if you kind of play around with the baby here, you can kind Of mold them into the lace right here, so it kind of looks more realistic. I do like the fact that this one is a nice um texture as well when it came to straining this unit guys it's straight like butter. I washed this one. I actually bleach the knots on it and then I blow dry this you now and Stranded, so it does have like a little bit of less of an oomph to it, but obviously you guys can see it definitely is still a full unit. It definitely looks like someone that just got their hair relaxed and they kept it pushing not all the time you want to wear them plaster baby, because I feel, like the whole kinky Edge. Vibe is definitely more realistic. In my opinion, it's just not as plastered and you do still get a little bit of character. I know some of the times I go ahead and do my little plastic baby hairs, but not all the time doesn't. Look that great. So it's nice to have something that looks a little bit more realistic a little bit closer to you know if someone got their hair blown out and they had a little bit of edges out. So let me know what you guys think about this one. I feel like straightening it just made it look so much more vava Voom. I feel like the hair straightened like butter. You guys can still see the nice Kink to it. I do feel, like I received like a little bit of shedding with this hair. Nothing crazy! Nothing major, I don't think I've really been getting that type of shedding with this brand uh. Clearly, here's Bruno kind of solid with their units, so it's just a little bit of a shedding with this unit, but nothing crazy. The hair - all in all guys, is absolutely stunning. I didn't tweeze anything. I didn't touch anything look at that. Okay, look at that! Okay, kinky edges, baby and it looks freaking amazing, like it looks so realistic, so pretty just very natural, and I like the fact that I can wear this any type of way. Um this one does have an adjustable strap in the back guys. I felt like this one as far as a medium to average cap size. It fit pretty good on my head um. I don't have any of that bumping in the back and, as like, I said, the adjustable strap on here definitely helped out to create the glueless effect on this unit. So, even if this unit starts lifting, like I mentioned before, I'm not going to respray it just because it's gon na lay flat - and you got a little bit of protection with these little baby hairs right here so yeah. So thank you to clearly hair company for sending me this unit. I also want to mention that they actually sent me like this really cute undergarment dress to go with my robe. This is the first company that I actually seen create like a night dress as well, and the night dress is cute. I did stand up and show you guys the length, so you guys kind of saw the matching set, and I love the fact that it's green and it has the Brand's name on it. So shout out to you you're, the first company that actually has a whole set with the rope and the dress. The next thing you guys need to do is create some really cute fuzzy slippers, and then you guys are good to go, but shout out to curly hair for sending me this love the unit. Like I said to you guys, I will leave all the information down below, including a coupon code. I definitely recommend picking this one out. I'Ve reviewed another one from another company. I feel like this. One is definitely better. I love that it's not too much. I love that it's not too spaced out and I love that it looks very, very natural and the hair texture and everything goes Chef's case with the unit, so guys hope you guys enjoyed this one, but do not forget guys two thumbs up this video leave. Your comments down below subscribe and share this video with your friends and family people, and I will catch you guys in a later one. Bye,

Klaiyi Hair: So natural and pretty, girl! It's a classic wig for daily life and you slay her simplely and naturally, thanks for sharing, dear❤❤❤

Danni F: Hey Dom!!! CAN you please give us the info on the lace spray?

Rhonda Blue: Bomb AF. can u give a tutorial on how u bleach and pluck your knots

CurlsQueenofficial: Magical work!

Junoda Wig: So pretty! Love the videoMaybe you can take a look at those exciting wig styles of our brand

Deloris Lee: Beautiful.

VicksStyles: nah this hair is eveyrthing so natural❤

Deaitra Jones: I usually don't comment. But I am one of your day ones❤❤❤.. I like everything you post.that is obvious. but this one.. Girl this one.... RIGHT here.. HIT HOME .. My God I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who is has anxiety attachment issues... Trust is so far gone for me..and just learning and going through. Still dealing marriage.. engagements.. boyfriends... mood swings all over the place. THANK U So much for sharing. YOU Are a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out.. You are doing the work.. I am truly proud of you.. May God continue to BLESS you.. Prayers and much love..❣❣❣

Roxannea_811 A: Beautiful

Mellonee Edgeston: Flawless

Wytiffany Jones: Yasssssss Queen ‼️Yasssssss ‼️

stephanie erisme: Yassssssss Queen I love it you always come thru

Fernard Fowler: For nice very nice work

Carl Vitko: I could soooo be your hubby lovely lady!

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