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The wig that I’m rocking: https://tinyurl.

Com5x6nammvBalayage 13x4 lace front 180% density 26 inch Body Wave Wig

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What'S up you guys, it's your girl, Ashley and I'm back with another video. So today I'm doing a review on this wig that I'm rocking right now this is the Mega Look. Hair 26 inch highlight Balayage wig and I have mine in body wave. So I took down some notes, so basically, I'm going to tell you guys the pros and the cons and at the end I'm gon na. Let you know if I feel like it's worth buying if it's worth spending your coins on, because I have seen a lot of people say that they feel like the YouTubers. Are the sponsored YouTubers get way better hair? So I'm here to test it out for you guys, because I bought this with my own coin. Well, my fiance bought it for me for my birthday, but y'all get the gist. So first of all, I'm gon na start off with the pros. So Pros is the obvious: this is a very pretty wig. This is one of the most popular wigs on YouTube, like I've seen a lot of people with this wig, and I think it's because the color and that's another thing the highlights are pro. For short, I like how the highlights are gradual and they're, not like um blotchy. You know some times, you'll get wigs from companies and they'll be blotchy or the highlights are just not popping or they have like that. Um they'll have that, like brassy tone to it, these are like perfect, especially for especially for like different shades of black women. It'S perfect for us like whether you're light skin brown skin dark skin. This wig is a go. It'S a go so my next Pro is that it's true the length I got 26 inches. I would actually say it's actually even a little bit longer but see me I'm a hair stylist. So I do hair. I hate straggly in so I did cut my ends. So now it probably is like a 26 inch, but I'm gon na go ahead and show you guys how long it is. So this is how long it is and yeah it's long and then another Pro for me is that it's full. It'S not thin. I'Ve seen some people saying that it was thin but see I watched a YouTuber, her name Miss Caroline. I watched her video and in her video, she said that she said to ask them for a higher density. So in the little comment box I did, I said: can you guys please send me a higher density? I don't know if they did, because when I got the packaging it didn't specify the density, but if it is originally 180, then I believe it's 180. This is about 180 for a 26 inch, it's about right, um, it's soft and it straightens. Well, so I got body wave and it it came out bone straight. So I would think if you got straight, it's gon na be really nice too. So I'm running my hands right through it. It don't really get tangled for me. It don't get tangled much all the time to get tangled is like if I just um, if I'm not really like doing nothing to it. Sometimes I have it in my clip all day or something and I got ta brush it out, but that's the only time it's you know it gets a little tangly um. Okay, now, let's get on to the oh another. Pro is the price. I think I said that I don't know if I said that already, but the price was really good, so they had like a hundred dollar coupon. I went ahead and took advantage of that. The price was real good um cons, so the lace was big. Like I don't mean the wig. The wig cap itself is not big. It'S the like. The lace came from like right here to right here, I'm recording myself putting it in. I I don't even know. If I'm gon na include that, because it was a hot mess - and it was one of the hardest wigs that I've ever had to install because the lace was so big - I know what I was doing. Oh and the release was ripping a little bit because I usually sew like an extra elastic band because my hair is kind of small and it really I was scared. I was like. Oh my god did. I mess it up, but no, I didn't. I didn't end up messing it up. I ended up working with it, so that was a calm for me um and the biggest con, which even the sponsor YouTuber said. Yes, it sheds like a damn dog but there's a big butt. Okay, when I first got it originally, it shedded like crazy, like shut, it, should have cheddar. I had hair everywhere, so what I did was I took the wig off. I um I bleached the knots because that's another con is the transparent lace. I do not like the transparent lace, but it worked itself out, but I ended up bleaching the knots because the first time initially, I did not bleach the knots - and I seen some YouTubers say: oh the knots don't bleach so go ahead, just put it on, but I put it on and me personally um I've seen the I've seen big old knots like well. They look big to me, so I took it off. I washed it and I reinstalled it um. This is what I did so I don't know if you know what other people are doing, because some people were saying they didn't like the quality of it. So what I did was I washed my wig with Biosilk shampoo and then I conditioned it deep conditioned it with silicone mix the bamboo one. I let that sit on. I washed it out and I let it air dry and the next day I installed it and it was nice because at that point it was already cut because I had installed it the first time so yeah it was. You know it was good after I did that so, like I said, the cons were that the lace was big. The lace was ripping like it's. It'S fragile lace, like you, can't be rough with this lace and I'm real rough, like I'm rough um the shedding, but this is what I meant to tell y'all too. So, basically, what I did to stop the shedding was, I you know how you're gon na put your makeup on there anyways and then you're gon na spray, the lace I sprayed it the extra time - and I blow dried it not to the point where it was Hard but I sprayed it, I used the even because it's more stronger, so I think I use even I think I use the black can. If you can use the black, can don't get it hard to where it's your lace gon na be hard, but get it hard enough to where it's not going to continue shedding. And then I seen um the lady who makes boho she said if your wig is shedding spray. The inside of your wig that and blow dry it as well, and I swear when I tell y'all it went from the shadow, probably was like a seven and it went down to like a three. It was to the point where at first I had hair all over me now. I probably get like three strands four strands, a little bit more usual than usual, but it's not nowhere near like what it was at first, so another kind that was a con for me. It might not be a con for y'all, because I'm impatient that's why? I love Amazon I shop on Amazon, I'm starting not to want to shop there for wigs, though, because the quality sometimes don't be hitting. So if y'all got any recommendations or if y'all, if y'all want to see me, do some affordable, Amazon, wigs I'll. Do that too I'll do a series on affordable, Amazon, wigs but um as far as the shipping it took about a week and a half which was kind of long to me, but that's probably not even long to other people. So I don't know if that's a kind that was kind of kind of me, because I was impatient so yeah. I rate this wig a 7.5 out of 10, which is really good because for this to be some transparent lace. Now, if y'all, if make a look here, make this wig in HD lace, baby, honey, yeah, that wig is going to be bomb as hell Mega, look Yasha and up the price. You don't got to be super cheap up the price, because that's gon na be a bomb wig. Okay, and do I recommend this wig? Yes, I do and do I think I got the same wig as the sponsored YouTubers. Yes, I do, I feel, like I got the same exact wig, because I watched so many videos and it looked the same and the same problems. I said I had with mine they had with theirs. I feel like it's all on how you take care of it. Like I said, I'm a hair stylist, so I know what I'm doing take care of your wigs. I don't wear my wigs for a very long time. I give my wigs breaks and not only that if I do wear my wig like for a long time, I'm gon na take it off I'm gon na wash it I'm gon na deep condition it and then I'ma reinstall it so yeah, because if you keep wearing Your wig, you lessen the longevity of it. It'S a wig like give it a break just like if you put bundles in your hair and you wear them over and over and over and over and over again eventually you're gon na need new bundles because you're wearing it out, but yeah. That'S it for this video. Thank you guys, don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Let me know any videos that you guys want to see from me and I'll see you guys next time, bye, bye,

Lashed By boss: You always look so good ..thank you for giving us the review on this beautiful Wigs. I love the colors and I can’t wait to have you install it. It should be here any day now and the colors are beautiful. I know I’m gonna rock this.❤️

jamela stewart: You stay looking good sis ♥️ a majority of the hair you do and buy be bomb asf you have great taste and at that your stating facts

Nakendra Harris-Mason: Your hair stay on point friend and you know I love me some highlights...❤

Donna Pickett: You look beautiful I love it on you absolutely gorgeous

Sherry B: I love that wig on you… its pretty on you…

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