Large Lace 13X6.5 Crystal Lace Full Frontal Wig Ft. Geniuswigs | Petite-Sue Divinitii

Large Lace 13x6.5 Crystal lace Full Frontal wig ft. Geniuswigs | PETITE-SUE DIVINITII


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Wig SKU: GWL01 13x6.5 full frontal wig *Large parting space*

Hair length: 20 inches

Hair Density: 200%

Cap Size: Medium Cap

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Hi guys so welcome back so today we're here with genius weeks and you see they upgraded their package, a gorgeous sky, blue box and it's branded as usual. But I love this blue um. It'S very nice, so watch yeah and then baby blue on the inside and the bag is Brandy genius. This bag feels like a great all right, and this is where the week is so we're gon na get into that. In a few we got some goodies all right, so I got a edge brushing home. I got one of these clips that I love to call it and save up for when I do my curls and I got a piece of elastic band. If you need extra security, I got a pair of wig caps and I got a patterned scarf and that's everything that came in the box. So now, let's see the wig that we got no um. This feels really nice and silky and soft look at this flow. The movement is so nice, so what we're working with here is a crystal lace, front, wig and, as usual, they always send some really nice. Balm. 13X6 lace fronts. This is a three texture, as I already show you it's a natural 1B color, and this is 20 inches long. It'S really nice and full to the tip of the hair. So that's nice! I don't like a stringy end kind of weight. Not that's! Not the Vibes! All right, so this is also 200 percent in density, so it's nice and full, but it really doesn't feel super heavy like it's very manageable, so I love that all right, so the The Parting space on this the lace front is actually not just a regular 13.. It'S a this is a 13 by 6.5 lace, front guys 13 by 6.5. So this is an upgraded kind of wig. So it's like of a deeper part in space and it comes straight across it's not just in the mid portion. It has a total of four cones and adjustable straps in the back as well as there is a extra elastic band inside that's adjustable. So if you need your wig to be more snugged, this will help with that all right. You can also remove it. If you want, you know, if you, if you candy with all of that, you can always go ahead and remove it, and there are three different products in here that you could put it. So if you want it further away or more to the front, you could attach it um there. So I think I'm gon na go ahead and install my wig today with this, and I want to do a bomb glue, install, let's see the front of this hair as well. Oh, my gosh as usual. It'S expected. It'S expected. It'S nicely pre-plucked in the front here. So you really don't have to go in and do any more plucking, because it's plugged to Perfection and the the lace is already pre-tinted and pre-bleached, so uniform all right! Stop! Let'S go ahead and get started on installation, so I'm gon na just do my regular. My glue install as I said I did a ball cap method today, so I'm using as you can see yeah. I got my ball cap on, so I'm gon na be using my glue to get this nice and melted. I'M so excited about this wig install guys like super excited. Super super excited, so let's go ahead and jump into laying this I'm gon na kind of fast forward through the whole Guru portion, okay, guys so uh. No, I just need to go ahead and remove the excess lace as usual. So far, so good, it's been really easy to like install no complaints so far Millstone so nicely like look at that. So I'm very very pleased foreign no time so you know just go back over it one last time now that I've, you know, cut away the excess lace and get my elastic band to really just melt it down, and that is because this is like it has That depth right across the lace front that 13 by 6.5 depth. You can literally part it anywhere, so you could get those nice deep Parts which I love. I love wigs like these. You know it just give a more realistic look. You can explore different hairstyles. It'S just a win, you know yeah and the lace is as usual gorgeous. You know. This is genius wigs. They don't give you anything less, that top tier quality, so you have to love them. For that too. Many, as I said, I'm gon na go ahead. Give it a nice classic, Boston middle part, as I said part this anywhere, you wish to parent it. So if you want to part it here, you can you get a nice deep part. You see that you see that yeah yeah. You could literally part it anywhere. You wish - and it would look so good, so I'm gon na just go through the top portion here with my hot comb, get it nice and lazy. What I'm gon na do, because this is just straight downies. I'M gon na cut some layers in the front here to just give me that nice layered vibe just so that it can frame my face better and then now I'ma just run through the entire wig, with my flat iron. Thank you, foreign super nice, kada movement. So gorgeous love it I spray it Fred layers came out really really nicely it's nice and laid like super melted genius wigs. They definitely did it because the quality on this wig is impeccable. So I'm very pleased, let me know what you guys think all right looks really good man. It looks really good, so I'm gon na be sure to put the direct link to the wig in my description box as usual, and all the specifications they will be listed. So please go ahead, check that out and that's it. That is pretty much it. As I said, very versatile wig. You know it's very nice and silky everything that this is supposed to do with that's what that's, what it's doing, okay, yeah! So I'm very pleased. That'S it for today guys thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video next 10 years.

RaeBae Glam: You did it again with another beautiful look ❤

Denise Hopkins: Love this keep bringing them. I haven’t worn wigs for years. Looking a nice wig/ look for a wedding for Jan 2024.

Bess Beans Lifestyle: Hair looking slick. As usual it fits you perfectly

reggaeOG: You are wearing this unit, Petite !!❤❤ so smooth looking, it's shiny and naturally beautiful. Like you used to say, "what lace"

Nicola Coke: Gorgeous ❤, Tiffany blue packaging , beautifully slayed ❤️❤️

Tina anna pink: It’s given school girl looks. Love the look

Les Incentive: Love the hair and the bounce is ✨

Vinod Tripathi: beautiful


Di Sassy Diva: Yea package looking bigger and better ❤❤❤

Fennique-Z: I’m here suelove it!

Karimah Lawrence:

Amoy McCarthy:

Ja _Goddess: ❤

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