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Watch me install this bomb wig! Super detailed beginner video.

Sing that hey y'all should girl take pancakes okay, Taylor, Stevens AKA Tam. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. So on today's video I will be showing y'all how I installed this 22 inch deep wave, 180 density, HD lace, wig, yes, honey! This is probably the best install that I have done yet. I want to thank Ally, Pearl hair, for sponsoring this video and providing this beautiful hair. So here's the hair and here's it freshly washed y'all know I had to clean it. I had to wash it had to do what I had to do and yeah look at that lace. Let me tell you something: it's pre-plugged and bleached, and this is probably the best pre-pluck and bleach wig that I've seen yet, and I know I said that last video, but Ali Pro Hair just happened to come harder. I just had to say that so y'all can excuse the wig braids, because y'all know they be Dusty. You know they've been in there forever, but I'm gon na show you all that, regardless of how these wig braids look, I'm still gon na make it work. It'S still gon na be fire, so um yeah, I'm using my regular Foundation. This is just my Foundation. I use for my face. Most people use cream foundation or powder foundation um and I use liquid and let me tell you something mid um application. I realized why people use cream or powder honey, because this liquid foundation was frustrating, so I'm trying to avoid doing the ball cap method, because my ball cap method does not always give bald. So I'm trying to do it the lazy way, but as y'all about to see in a second that does not work out. So when I put the wig on here um without doing the bulkhead method, I was like okay, it's given until we look here. You see that here you can see the hair and the line under the thing, so we had to go to the ball cap method. So for the ball cap method, I use my good old Eben Eben. However, you said I use that spray um to basically hold it. I let it dry, don't be like me, don't cut your ear, a it's okay, sis you're, going You're gon na survive and B. Don'T wait till last minute to cut the air like you're supposed to cut the ear first anyway. So after it dried um, we're gon na go ahead and cut it, and you know do what you do for the ball cap method, um and cutting. It was difficult. Only because I had I let the spray get too far up on my forehead um. Let'S excuse me, I burped um, but this is me cutting it um and yeah. This is the part where I usually mess up, so I usually cut it too early and the glue don't be dry, so the Caps start coming out, but I did good this time um. So, basically, you just cut the ears and once you cut the ears, we're going to go ahead and apply the foundation, so this is me trying to reapply the foundation and honey. Do not, I repeat, do not use liquid foundation to try to put up on this lace honey because I mean it - it's probably common sense to the average person, but I'm not the average person. So here we are we're trying to put liquid foundation on the lace and it's it's getting done. So that's all that matters um, so we're gon na go ahead and try this again, let's go and throw that wig on and you can see the difference. The ball cap method really made a difference. It'S giving scalp it's giving. Yes, it's giving melts so C is fixed. You can no longer see my hair or that line um, so yeah I'm clearly excited. This is probably the hardest I've ever worked for a week. So we went ahead and used wax um. I got excited and decided to try to um hot comb it before I glued it down just to see how it would flat iron and it's flat ironing really really well um. So after this y'all are gon na see me try to flat iron the part um, but after I flat iron, the part I realized, I got ta glue it down before I do all of this, so the next step is going to be me, gluing it down, But look at this. What I was afraid of the wig cap is sliding back. It'S sliding back. We we tried to glue it, but it's okay, we're just gon na act like it's, not there and glue it down anyway. So I'm trying to be lazy and do the spray method instead of doing the actual adhesive glue, method, um and once again, I'm gon na prove to myself that you can't cut Corners. This is me thinking that once I let my hands up, this is going to be glued down properly and honey. I was sadly mistaken. So you're gon na see me go off camera in a little bit and then go put some um ghost Bond glue on my hair and yeah. That don't happen yet. But it's about to happen. Let me do my trial in there and think that I'm cute and be like. Oh my gosh, it's laid even though, once I cut this lace, it's already start lifting up. That'S the problem. I don't know how people be laying their wigs really really well with just spray. I don't know if it's, because my hairline is down far or what um, because when I be laying it with spray, it just be lifting up it. Sometimes it works. I ain't gon na lie sometimes work y'all seen it work in some videos, but a lot of times without some good finesse that joint be lifting up like. So I think I have decided to swallow the bullet and understand that I need to start using wig glue. Like I, just don't like the cleanup of wig glue, y'all know like wig glue. It'Ll have your hair secured, but when you want to take that hole off like when you guys spray on your head, you want to take your wig off I'll, just be pulling it off from being honest. But when you got that wig glue on girl, you better use some alcohol, a swag and Jesus. Oh, your Edge is going to go with the wig, so yeah off topic back on subject anyway. So this is me cutting it and then um Y'all Gon na See. I'M gon na realize this off y'all see it's slowly sliding back and in the video I didn't realize it, but it's giving faux head is given forehead. So what we're going to do? Is I'm going to get off camera and cry about it a little bit? So I'm not gon na see that part though, but I'm gon na come back and everything gon na be okay, see everything's, fine um. So clearly the glue is not dry. I just kind of was in a rush, so I tried to hurry up and put the wig on without letting the glue get tacky um, but it's fine uh. So what we about to do is okay, I'm about to do something stupid, I'm taking some old sweatpants to try to wipe off the glue, but then I realize, like the smart person, I am anyway um Alley Pro Hair, provided me with a little headband. So I can go ahead and lay and do the tension method, so we're going to take this um headband. If you don't got this, you can go ahead and use a scarf stockings, whatever you got to basically just lay this down and let it melt so. Yes, this is it melting, honey melting? You won't see later it's melted um, while it's melting we're going to adjust this part. So I know y'all probably was looking at the part ready to fight me, because you can clearly see that the part is not parting. Giving part um that made no sense, but I'm trying to make the part straight um, that's my biggest issue. When it comes to land. Wigs is making straight Parts. I don't know how the girlies on Instagram and Tick Tock will be having their parts crisp, but I'm getting that y'all know I'm learning um so yeah. This is just me trying to make it crisp, I'm taking some concealer and I'm putting it in the part um, and I don't even really like putting concealer in the middle. Ah, I just do it because I see other people do it, but I'ma stop doing it because it kind of y'all see yeah. I don't it's nothing to be said. There'S nothing to be said. I I faded it out with a beauty blender because I just didn't like it uh. Maybe I got the wrong color. I don't know, but we didn't like it, so we got rid of it, um, so yeah. So basically, I'm taking this mousse, my favorite mousse um and I'm gon na just bring some life to these curls boo boo, like watch this wig transform these curls on this wig are so fire. It'S crazy. Like I really love me, a curly wig and Ali Pearl outdid themselves with this wig, so I'm taking the mousse and I'm just applying to it. I mean applying it to the hair and y'all gon na see how quick and easy it is for these curls to just pop up like it's giving water wave it's giving body like so we applied it and, as you can see this side versus that side, I Honestly, don't mind the big look, but I just prefer the fine curls. So that's what we give them um, so yeah, I'm just gon na apply this all over my hair and get it like fully saturated. So it can give like that wig esque, like what am I trying to say, y'all, know what I'm trying to say. It'S supposed to get wet and wavy, not poof and poofy. So, okay, so I want y'all to get into these curls like I wanted to show you the bottom of the hair, to show you how cute the curls are like, and I'm gon na give y'all a back view like bounce bounce bounce um. So I'm gon na go through one more time with the hot comb to make sure that the top blades is flat as it possibly can lay um. I haven't really perfected the flat look, but here we go. Let'S show that melt show that mouth per period, I'm not really a baby hair person I feel, like I don't know. I really like to embrace the hair that I plucked so we're gon na go in with this um bronzer to try to like darken up that lightness. I didn't go through with alcohol to wipe off the excess glue. So that's what happens when you apply the foundation over the glue it gives pale um, but other than that baby. It'S melted, like you, gon na, tell me that melt it come on now. I really think y'all would agree that this is probably the best melt inlay that I probably ever did and for new people. You probably like this. The best you could do honey don't play, because I did that. One thing I did was that so I'm gon na let y'all get into these curls they've dried up a little bit. The front's still wet, but it just gives more and more body as it dries like. I'M pulling it back so y'all can see the effect it gave like how well I plucked the size and how well it came pre-plucked um yeah. So I'm really just proud of myself Alley Pro Hair outdid themselves with this y'all can get all of the details in the description. It will be a link to the hair, along with some discount codes, they're having sales and all that all that all that so once again, this is a 22 inch deep wave, 180 density, HD, lace, wig and the lace is giving HD. It really is um. So, thank you again, Ellie Pro Hair for sponsoring this video um. I actually have bought away from them before so yeah. When I purchased the wig, it was just as good as when they gifted me one just in case y'all wanted to know um, but yeah love, y'all, hope you all enjoyed it. Bye,

MsToya E: Tay boo!! I love this hair on you sis!!! It’s definitely given like tropical vacation vibes ️! Every time you say “Lemme tell you something” I be listening chileee!!! ✋ Love you boo!!! ❤❤

Lekeisha Nicole Smith: My trick to laying my wigs down with just adhesive spray (I call it the lazy way lol) is spraying it on and letting it get sticky like and then pressing my lace on it. I hold it for a few secs and it holds lol ❤ you did amazing sweetie

Talyaaa: Yes back to back content I think the thing with spray or got2b is that you really need to do the multiple layers!!

Ali Pearl Hair: Stunning! Thank you so much for trying Alipearl Hair.

Nina G: So pretty!!

MzBabyTerra: The black can of ebin works great ! Try that !

Jay Marie: You look good tay that hair look so good on you ❤❤❤

Mikki Mouse: You remind me of India Royale a few times in these wig vids... you look beautiful Tay!

Talented And Natural Girl: Pretty ❤

Kandigrl31: Heyyyyyy Tay! Missed ya girlie! Let's get into the video.. (yes, I liked and commenting before watching!)

Jacoria Benjamin: you look so damn goooodd

Krystan Norwood: Idk if I smoke to much or I got a wack a** sense , but I was looking back at old videos like "she did that like two months ago" and it turn out to be two years.. It's like damn this lady has been an influence in my life so long. Anyways I don't know the point in that but you be funny asl.

Dorian Paige: U look good

Lekeisha Nicole Smith: Yessss♥️

Chaisabeauty Tv: You did that

Mimi Love: Mousse???

unbelaneablebeautyy: Yessss you cute Tayyyy

Precious Mcclinton ♡: periodd, love you tay also when you spray the spray to secure the wig down u have to let it get tacky and use a blow dryer

Queen Kyah: purrrdd early asff!

Alimenin el işleri: Hayır li geceler kolay gg

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