Install A Wig With Me! Highlighted Blonde Wig 13*4 Wig||Alipearl Hair

I Hope you guys enjoyed this video of me installing ym wig for the first time, I love the quality of the wig and everything was amazing!

Thank you so much for 3K subs! Im so grateful for all of you❤️

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I'M alone: hey guys, welcome to my YouTube channel. Today, I'm going to be installing a wig from Ali Pearl. They sent me a beautiful blonde, highlighted wig. It'S super pretty HD lace, it's really pretty 22 inches, it's adorable! This is my first time installing a wig so bear with me um. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and don't forget to like comment subscribe and make sure you guys shop with them. Let me know if you guys, like the wig - and I hope you guys enjoy this video so guys - I'm gon na install lid now kind of scared. I already did like the cap. I hope I did good job it's my first time doing all of this. So yeah, that is how it looks. Hd layers super cute. Okay, look at it. This is so cute. I'M excited so yeah. I'M gon na go into me installing! That'S right! I got it. Foreign have fun foreign, oh yeah, foreign um foreign. You know Disney foreign each other, okay, guys, that's the end of this video hope you guys enjoyed it. This is how it looks. I hope I did good for my first time, because this side didn't really work out for me. I have to fix that later, but this is how it looks. It'S really pretty. I really love it. It'S so soft too, like it's really soft, it's a HD lace, and this is a 22 inch. Also, 180 density. Really pretty it's like a very light blonde and so pretty make sure you guys get this one. It'S really pretty it's good quality too, and the blonde is so pretty don't mind that piece. I accidentally cut it, but yeah, it's really pretty. I actually would recommend their wig because they are very pretty. It was actually very easy to install for my first time it was really fun to like experience like installing wigs and stuff. It was really fun. One thing I liked about their wig is the frontal piece. It'S very easy to install because it was very thin. It wasn't like thick because I remember when I did have a wig and it was kind of thick, so it was easy to install because you just place it on and just cut it right off. You know it was really easy. It was nothing because the thick ones it'd be like extra stuff. You got to do with another thing. You didn't have to do this with this one. Just to let you guys know, I did bleach the Nars and I did pluck the wig a little bit put this with. You can always add curls. I just left it straight because I like when my hair is straight. It would look really pretty with curls, though it was actually the cooking, easy and stuff for my first time, and I really like this unit - it's really pretty. I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you guys like comment subscribe and share, don't forget to turn on those post notifications and look at the link in the description down below if you want this way. Thank you guys. Bye,

Xiana: Let me know what videos you guys wanna see!!! ❤

Neariah Marie: u did so good for ur first time girl

Hilda Kay: The hair looks so good on ya

Ali Pearl Hair: Pretty!!! Thanks for trying our hair

Fatima Fofana: I love your videos!!

Micaela Marie: that color looks cute on youu

Noah Baker: I have never tried a wig before should I? Also can you do a video on hygiene must haves?

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