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Dear Jasmine, I wonder if this love is hi guys and welcome back to another video, so today's hair is from Ali Grace um. They were kind enough to send me this wig. I did have to bleach it, though, because it didn't come bleach, so I bleached it. I plucked it and I think this is gon na come out, so so so nice and I'm excited, because I like the texture of the lace and I like the texture of the hair as well, you can see the hair is really it's given it's giving upset. I already have a vodka from my previous wig that I was wearing, so I'm not gon na have to do it again. I'M just gon na throw this on and then we're just gon na wink. It we're just gon na go with the flow. I hate laces like this, because if I get too short, what am I supposed to do with this? Okay, I think I figured out what style I'm gon na be doing. I don't know honestly, I'm just gon na wing it and see, but let's just install this first and then we can figure that out. Oh foreign foreign foreign, but we're gon na have to try it's not giving cute it's giving confused whatever I'm just gon na slip. This part back just the front the front a little bit, I'm gon na put a line in it too. I think our back listen, I might change my mind Midway. This is just a test. Okay, we're trying to see if this would make sense we're getting there. Don'T give up on me yet: okay, no clue where this is going. This is why I don't style the works. I just let it be because look at all this confusion, no, the struggle is too real. I'M getting tired! You know what I'm just gon na tie. It first get it out of the way and then we'll figure out if this is what we want after we do the front Okay, because right now, you're gon na struggling really really struggling. It'S not looking bad. It'S not looking bad, don't break me! Don'T baby, don't baby, don't marry me. Okay, guys this is coming out. Pretty nice was, I exaggerating, maybe maybe, but I think it's coming out nice, let's try and fix this part first. I don't think this is gon na feel bad at all. Now now I'm looking at it, then I'm looking at it. I don't think it's going to be bad. Why was I worried? Why doesn't have faith in myself? I'M confused but my eyes are starting to hurt in the water but anyway so I've held this part because that part is going to be held that one. So I'm just gon na clip it away, and then I need to curl the rest of the hair curler Street in Carlow Street. In curl I mean I knew it. I just wanted to make sure that we're both on the same page, okay, we're gon na curl. It hold on we're gon na. Do the edges right right, right, right, right, we're gon na be cute. It'S looking cute, it's looking cute, but this part. Where is my yes? This is what I'm looking for, because it looks like this part is folded a little bit. We don't want to give that impression that we're bold, no just so little a little too little just a little bit right here. It'S not giving straight line it's not because it seems like this side is curved, and this one is straight. We'Re gon na have to work with it. If I take more hair from here, unless I do this, I already cut it, but I don't have a choice. I'M gon na have to do it this way. I think it's gon na view. Why was I worried that curling? So it's more like loose curls, which I like I really like, so we're gon na leave it that way, um, that's what I was going for. It doesn't seem like that's what I was going for, but we're gon na have to keep it like that, because I'm like that's not that's not how I envisioned this to look, Maybe buy it. I think I can just use the clip to hold it one place and I think it's terrible guys. I think I'm gon na just leave it yep we're gon na leave it we're gon na leave it. I forgot that I haven't done my edges. We came to curl this okay, so I think we're done now. This is what we have this moment. Looking like. I don't think it turned out by that. Oh, I wasn't so sure about the style, but I I like it I like it. I didn't really do much to it, so I can take this off and just let it yeah. This is just a little flow, but it's not it's kind of cute too. I love it. So thank you Ali Grace for sending me this hair. The texture is really nice, the lace is nice, except they didn't bleach it and they didn't block it. But, aside from that, the lace is really really soft. The hair is so soft, like you can just see the full. It'S really soft, so that that I like okay, that I like I really really like. So let me know what you guys think about this hair and um. I'M gon na leave all the details about it. In my description, the link to the hair and as a link to the website as well so do check it out, but I would really appreciate your honest opinion about this hair. So tell me what you think, I'm gon na see you guys bye, bye, foreign

Omohstyles: From a hair enthusiast this hair is really giving plus I love your installation technique

Jessica Fianko: Hey Jasmine, The hair looks phenomenal and beautiful on you as always and loved today's video Sending loads of love ❤❤❤❤

0tismadaline: This hair looks natural, great sharing sweetheart ❤

Akesi 💕: This hair is actually really beautiful You look gooood❤

Efya Sandy: Really obsessed with this space

Lady B: It really came out nicely boo

Geraldine Nyarku: Omg am obsessed with you....Go higher girl

Yanique Wilson: Ali grace always hit

Mona Lisa: Jazzzzzzzzz your nails I have saved them for my next nails appointment ‍♀️

TosTos TV: So cute

Phidelia Serwaaaggrey: Bae . You are looking like 10/10 minus nothing ❣️❣️. I love you Jasmine ❤️

Anna Muzaza: It came out good actually..

Obaayaa Edunyah: Why are we not at 100k yet ❤️

Henny Agbara: Jaz I'd love to see you in braids though

Jes Diamond: ❤️

Aani xx: ❤

Elpetra Hall: You just cute❤️

Julie Afoakwa: Dear Jasmineee❤

Benzyreal tv:

Efya Sandy: Here early ♥️♥️♥️

Moments with Pearl: Me I said straight o

Stephanie Adoma Fosu: Jasmine please I don't know why I can't see your account on Instagram anymore I don't want to overreact cause I feel I have been blocked.... I don't know if it was the comment on your recent picture you posted I'm sorry if you were offended in anyway didn't mean to... pleaseeeeee

Frimpong Owusu: Jamsine b3kume . 3f3 de3

Nuella Banks: Jay wat happened to your fingers

Henny Agbara: Did you hurt your fore finger

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