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Length: 18 inch

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Color: Natural

Size: Medium

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Caught me again, hey guys, welcome back to my channel and for those of you who are new welcome. My name is Natasha. We do hair and sort of looks on this channel so if you're liking, what you see take a moment because that's why you click the video, because you like what you see go ahead and subscribe: okay, okay! So today, I'm going to be doing this hair install on this wig from OMG, her hair, and you guys this is like this. This is the hair. This is the hair. This is just getting grown. Sexy classy Timeless all of the above. So if you want to see how I got this um, this look - and you want to hear my thoughts on this wig - make sure you guys are subscribing to my channel liking this video and keep watching. Okay. So, like I said this wig was from OMG her hair. I will leave all the information down for this wig in the description box, but let's get into it, so I'm wearing this wig straight out the box. I did not wash it pluck it or anything. This is another 360 wig from them, and the great thing about this wig is: it is glueless, so you have the option of gluing it down in the front the back the sides, all that or you can simply wear it glueless. You know, technically speaking, I always wear my waist glueless. I use an adhesive, but, as you can see, when I put it on It, just fits perfectly it lays it doesn't even need the adhesive. If you don't want to granted the ear tabs may move a little bit, but it just fits so good and the look at that look at that hairline. Oh my gosh, it looks so good so, like I said I did not pluck anything. I did not bleach anything. This wig comes as is, and today I am going to be working with the silky texture, so a little silky straight um. I don't typically do silky straight because I curl my hair a lot of times and when you curl silky straight, it will curl, but it's going to drop, but I've kind of been liking. That look like that, like effortless wavy kind of look um, because it's less maintenance. So when you curl your hair too perfect you're like wondering all night or all day, is my hair perfect. Does it look good when it drops or it's more of like a looser texture? It is a lot more um manageable and you can maintain it more um. You have to keep checking yourself in the mirror or going to the bathroom or this, and that and that stressing about your hair. Like my hair looked like this all day, I was out all day this day and my hair looked the same when I came back in so I was very, very impressed so back to this install like I said this is glueless. You can definitely wear this glueless. You can tell by how it's laying it's not taking much to do um, but I just sprayed it down just for a little bit of security and a little bit more of a melt, so the the laces HD. So it's going to melt into your skin. But for that extra extra amount, just a little spray brings it up a notch and I'm going to be showing you guys the hairline like when I cut it and everything this hairline and this lace was amazing. It literally looks like scalp like it looks amazing. So while my lace is melting, I do like to start styling my hair, so I'm just hot combing it and like figuring out well, I knew I wanted to do a middle part, but figuring out like how I wanted to lay do. I want to come more towards my face, so I want that pushback look, you know. Those are all things that are going through my head. When I'm doing this step now we're going to speed things up a little bit, because I've done this step, a million and one times, and if I did not mention already I'm using my even spray, the sensitive one in the gold, can I really like it? It has a great hold: it dries fast and its first sensitive skin, apparently allegedly so you're less likely to break out. So I'm cutting my um lace as you can see the hand motions I'm doing like Wiggly motion so that it just looks more. It'S like look at that. Look at that hairline, so it just looks more scalpy um. I normally use smaller scissors, but y'all. I could not find them so I had to make do with what I had and to give a more natural look. I have been adding powder, you guys know, that's not something I always do, but it does make a difference, adding powder and then melting it again. Game changer. So try this step. If you haven't just use a little brush, you don't have to use a big old makeup brush or anything liquid. You well, you can use Liquid, but since this already is melted on its own you're best to use it's best, not your best, it is best to use a powder instead of a liquid one foreign. I don't know if it was just me being lazy before or just not knowing, but like adding powder and just doing little things makes such a difference in your install. Adding products to the hairline to the part just makes it look a lot more natural and realistic. So you guys can already see my hair is not done, but it looks great. I love the hairline, how soft it is and like wispy wispy is the best way to describe that. Like look at that, it looks so freaking good and I did not want to do a crazy baby hair moment today, but I did do like edges, so I guess we're going to call this. You know edges. I still flip them, though, because something about flipping them. It does something for me, so I do that and then I did start like kind of doing baby hairs. But I knew I didn't want baby hairs and I just kind of formed them until they mimicked my hairline or what I would want my hairline to look like um. That was pretty much it to each his own. You know you can do super dramatic baby hairs. You can do no baby hairs. I wanted a no baby hair look, but I didn't want it. I feel like no baby hairs are just too perfect, like everybody has some kind of edge or baby hair, so I just kind of like did what I'm doing there. So just watch I kind of struggled a little bit, but I kept it in there for y'all foreign. So now the styling um, I am doing very, very light. Curls. You guys see I'm really just like running the curling iron through it and then lightly spraying. It versus me like curling it and then holding it and then spraying it and like making sure it drops in place, I'm just doing a light wave so that it looks really effortless really pretty. And I am using my EAP heat, curling iron and I believe, a one and three-fourths inch or one and a half inch it's the biggest of the two that I have um. So it was perfect for this and I didn't do any layers. I left the hair, as is normally y'all, know I'd be chopping it up, but I left the hair and that was it. The only thing is, I did accidentally get bronzer on my lace, so it deepened it up a little bit too much. So if anybody knows how to fix that or get rid of that, let me know I did have my my scarf on the whole time. So I don't know how that happened, but it happens, but other than that I absolutely love this wig and I love how it came out was so natural and I was outside this day y'all I was in the Heat and my lace was laid and my curls Or waves stayed in so this wig gets two thumbs up for me. Make sure you guys check out OMG her hair. I will leave all the information down below for this wig and thanks so much for watching. I am going to be talking to you guys at the end. I was about to close out this video, but I'm gon na talk to you again so yeah thanks so much for watching again and I'll talk to you in a second foreign you guys. So this is my semi-complete look, I'm about to head out I'm gon na throw on something and get out this house, but the hair and the face you guys is eating eating the worlds up. I love my hair. I love how this hair is just like. It'S not too curled, but it's not too straight. It'S just giving body. I really like this because it's gon na especially the summer heat, if you do curls they're gon na drop right. If you do straight hair, it might get frizzy. If you have that in between it's literally perfect and it's just effortless and it's gon na last throughout the day night, whatever you got going on so make sure you guys check out OMG her hair. I will leave all the information down below for this wig, because when I tell you it is Poppy it is. I haven't done a silky straight in a while I'm getting back into the straight. You guys know. I'Ve been, you know, messing with the silk textures. I typically always do like body wave, that's just like my go-to, but this the straight textures have been eating. Okay, so again make sure you guys check out OMG her hair. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you guys in my next video mwah bye. I

Perry Rice: I need to make them in all sizes small medium and large. Even extra large because some women have bigger head. But I have a small head but they always come in medium and that's not right. But I do love these wigs.

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