Easy Beginner Friendly- Side Part 5X5 Closure Wig Install| Amazon 22 Inch Hd Lace Wig

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Hair info: Alibonnie 5x5 HD Lace Closure Wig 22 INCH 180% density

Link to hair in video: https://www.amazon.com/shop/la.kavia/l...

Products used in video: BW2 powder, 40 Cream peroxide developer, 24 Hour Edge Tamer Stick, Udesire Amazon Glue, Gorilla Snot, & Spritz

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Foreign back with another video hope everyone is doing. Fine and God bless you all in today's video, as you see in the title, I'll be installing a 22 inch, HD Amazon enclosure, wig so stay to the end. To see my process make sure you like share, comment and subscribe to my channel to become a butterfly my love. Thank you all for clicking on my video, despite me, being gone for a while. I greatly appreciate it. Let us get straight into this. Video start off. I will be bleaching the back of the lace because, because insert takes longer to bleach, when you start coming towards the front, it will all start becoming one color and it'll be up and then it'll be better to wash it off once it's done, completing to bleach And rise in the color, so that's why you can see me smoothing it out. I didn't want it too, thick or too thin, but I wanted to make sure that I got it all over the lace. Thank you. Thank you now that I'm done I'm making sure that it's not on the front of the hair, and that is only on the lace and I'm going to wait 10 minutes to let it process foreign. Now that the washing is done. It'S time to put this wig on this week is 22 inch, 180 density wig from Ali Bonnie hair on Amazon. The wig did come a little thin, but because I had oil in it, it made it thinner, but once you blow it out, get it dry, it becomes a little bit thicker still a little bit thin, but not um too thin as 150 density. So, as you can see, it's a 5x5 closure very much HD um. I cut the lace before putting it on my head because I feel like it will lay better. Thank you. So here's some new glue that I found on Amazon from you desire. They have remover in the glue and it comes with two sticks to apply it on your head, foreign, the bag that it came with. It doesn't have Ally Bonnie on the back, but it's an Amazon bag for the hair, trying to get a little thumbnail. But knowing I'm not using it with my lace, not on so anyways um try to enjoyed the music and watch through you guys can skip through. If you guys, like um, the video is only 13 minutes long so make sure you guys go to the park that you're interested in seeing, and thank you guys for watching this video hope you enjoy foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign foreign yesterday. Lol hope y'all, don't mind me having my little concert here. You know I had to listen to music Turn up so enjoy this little concert that I'm having you guys. It'Ll drop something in the comments drop, um drop, reread in the comments Drop Music in the comments drop turn up in the comments period. I'M trying to cut some layers into this unit to give it a little bit more depth a little bit more motion a little bit more something because it was very much thin. I would recommend adding a bundle to this unit or clicking layers to really give it that uh effect. That is something really going on there. You know I try my best to get some in the front. I really could have went all the way down, but make sure you guys subscribe yeah if you're in 10, 10., so yeah, I'm a shadow breakdown, foreign foreign, a few curls make sure you guys follow me on Instagram at lecavious at the bottom right of this screen. It will be on the rest of this video, so make sure you guys go. Follow me on Instagram. My Tick Tock is La dot k-a-v-i-a-a with two A's. I'M very appreciative make sure you guys go see what's up and stay in contact with me. Make sure you guys DM me any ideas you want to see me upload on YouTube, so I would really appreciate that. Thank you guys. So much and yeah. Look at that. Ladies look at that: okay, okay, anyways, bye, y'all! Thank you and we're finished you guys. This is the finishing product. This is how it came out. It looks a little bright or a little, not Blended in because of the light, but actually it's very very much realistic. I got a compliment from a lady who said I made it look real, so I'm very very grateful for the talents that I have - and this is my first week to ever - look like this, but make sure you guys stay tuned for the next YouTube video. That'S on period, thank you for watching my butterflies. I love you.

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