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Hey you guys welcome back to my channel, so today I'm going to be giving you a full wig install on this beautiful 4x4 lace, closure wig. It is a chocolate brown bob wig in the 12 inches and 180 density. This wig is from Cheetah beauty, hair. All of the information is listed in my description box. Go check out my exclusive discount Link in the description box for your order. Alright, so I just gave you guys a quick unboxing so now, I'm just showing you guys the hair. So, once again, this hair is from Cheetah beauty, hair. It is their 180 chocolate brown straight 4x4 closure wig, and this is 12 inches. As you guys can see, it is a closure. So, of course we do have the Combs inside the wig. You also have the adjustable straps at the bottom and guess what we will be doing a glueless wig installed today. So the very first thing that I'm going to do is fit the wig onto my head. I like to see how it fits and how it looks. First, before I cut the additional lace off once I was comfortable with it. I used my rigid scissors um, it's like a scissors that has like a zigzag pattern in it. That way, I don't have to do too much with my regular scissors and I just cut along the hairline foreign. So remember we are not using any glue at all. You guys know. I do not use glue, so this wig will be glueless, but to secure the wig and the lace down. I will be using my even melting spray. It'S a lot lighter um, because this wig doesn't really need like a super exclusive holding spray because it fits really well. We just want to secure the lace so after I use my wax stick and my hot comb just to push some of the hair back. I went ahead with that melting spray. Also, just so you guys know, I did bleach the knots off camera and as far as the hairline, the wig does come pre-plucked, but I did do a little bit more plucking before the install foreign foreign. Thank you foreign. There. We go all right, so the lace is secured, excuse the lighting, you know the lighting, the natural light was going in and out, but I gave you guys a close-up. So if there's any residue after you use any type of spray, all you have to do is use a rag and some alcohol. That'S what I did and then once I cleaned everything all up, I just went ahead and added some makeup on that lace. Just so it could blend in with the rest of my makeup foreign. So now we are going to style the hair, I'm giving myself a classic middle part. Of course you can't get away with like a side part or a side swoop. Part, if you would like, but I'm going in with a classic middle part today - and you guys know what I like to do, I like to go on each side with my wax stick and my hot comb just to make sure the wig is laying flat this Bob is 180 density, so it's very flowy. It definitely has a lot of hair. So I just wanted to make sure that the top of that wig is laying as flat as possible foreign foreign. So being that we are doing a closure wig install. Sometimes you see like those little tab pieces on each end, it's like by the arch of your eyebrows, so I'm going to carve out some baby hair to cover that up. We are doing light baby hairs, nothing crazy! I just want to hide that little part that is showing at the end of the closure. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Foreign comes the easy part. We are going to finish off the styling of this hair, which is going to be super easy. One thing that I love about this Bob wig is that it's already cut in like a layered type of cut, so the front is longer than the back. I love that, and I also love how the hair is nice and flowy as well. This hair did not give me any issues as far as shedding or tangling, or anything like that. You guys know I like to let you know. If I have issues with that, I did not have that problem with this hair. It'S very flowy. What you guys see is exactly what you're going to get and I did not have to add any product to the hair. The hair had its own natural shine, so I just left it as it was, and I just straightened and I just kept going until I got it as straight as I could. If you do have a wake head by the way, it might be a lot easier for you to straighten the Bob. While it's on its wig head then go ahead and install it foreign. So now we're just going to add some final touches. I'M going to add some makeup to that middle part. If there's anything sticking up such as flyaways I'm going to use my wax stick, I'm going to go in with my hot comb and just making sure the hair is looking good for the final outtakes again. This wig install was super easy. I love me some closure wigs because they are always easy to install. You guys know closure, wigs clueless wigs are my go-to foreign, you guys. That is it for the tutorial. I really hope you enjoyed make sure you guys go ahead and you check out my exclusive discounted Link in my description box. Everything will be listed right there for you shout out to cheetah beauty hair for this beautiful chocolate, brown bob wig perfect for the summer. I hope you guys enjoyed, and I will see you guys next time -

llove alanna: I love a gluless install, so cute!

Alexis Patterson-Hearst: Yessss. It’s soo cute

Kanyia Harris: Hey sejayda

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