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Sausages, thank you, foreign. Do you know boy got the full body back. I do okay celebrities. I think we wan na be nice over three years 10 hours. Okay, baby. I need it, you know. Are you there? Okay, yeah, you know who you are. You know I wanna keep on again hey, what's up everyone, it's Dom The Taste maker and welcome back to my Channel today. You guys I'm doing a review for Sealy hair and it's been a minute. It'S been a cool minute. Actually, since I've worked with silly, but it's always a pleasure - I've been working with them since I first started doing reviews and it's always a pleasure to work with them. They always have really good quality units and I'm really excited to share this one with you guys. Today so today I'm reviewing this HD closure unit, and I know what you're thinking, if it's an HD closure, why did you cover it up with all the baby hair? I only did that just because I just wanted to do something a little bit more than just put the unit on, because this is a closure unit. I didn't want the video to be too short because, typically with curly closure units, it's very quick and easy to just put it on. You know once you adhere the unit you're pretty much done so I just wanted to add a little bit more to it. Just so, we can have a little bit of an extra Style with this unit, but nonetheless this is the unit. Now I love the texture of this hair but yeah. This is a 5x5 closure unit and it is an HD lace, closure unit. As far as the length to this one, I'm not exactly sure, but definitely check out that description box down below, and I will definitely let you guys know down there. What this unit is really giving the only thing that I'm not a big fan of with this unit is that it does look a little bit on the thinner side and that's kind of rare for a curly unit, because, typically with curly units, they always look very Voluminous very full, but this one is definitely on the thinner side. This is everything up front here. I don't have anything in the back and this side is actually thicker than this side, because I pulled more hair over here but yeah. So I would just say for me: I would really prefer if this unit was just a little bit Fuller, because it does seem a little thin. So I would say that this is probably a 150 percent density. If it is more than that, then you just can see exactly what you would expect with that particular density. So if this is 180 density, this is what cely's 180 density looks like with this wig. So I would definitely say if you do order this one go up in the density, for it do like 200 density, that'll work, just fine for you and as far as customizing goes, I didn't do to find this unit. The only thing that I did to customize this unit was bleach the knots and, as you guys saw, I did over bleach my knots a little bit, but I did correct them using the Clairol root corrector pen. A lot of you guys always ask me: what is that? What is that thing that you're using? What is that? That'S a root, corrector pin and a lot of people use it for like their Grays. So if you have like gray hair like a lot of people, they'll put it like on their gray hair, but I like to use that product to help fix my part anytime, that I over bleach the knots. That'S usually what I do to fix it just so. The part is not too wide, so this is what it's looking like up, close and personal. So, like I said I just bleached the knots in this unit, I didn't pluck it or anything I could have definitely plucked it. It probably would have looked better if I plugged it in the front, but I was like oh I'm just gon na have it down, so I was like since I'm just gon na, have it down it's like it's no real point of me doing that, but yeah This is definitely what it's giving up close. I still do like it. You guys know me always like this kind of wave pattern, but this unit does come with an adjustable elastic band in the inside, and the thing that I like about this one versus the other ones that I've been receiving is that they were smart enough. Silly hair was smart enough to actually sew the elastic band into the unit instead of having like those clips, because what I've experienced with the clip in elastic bands, the clip always ends up coming out. You know what I mean like I'll put one side in and then the other side will come out, the other side will be in and then this side comes out. So one thing I like about this one is that it's secure that elastic band is not going anywhere it's in there. They sewed it in and it's not uncomfortable at all, and they also give you combs in this unit, and you also have an adjustable strap. You know the typical adjustable strap in the back, because you guys know I reviewed a it not that long ago, that didn't have the adjustable strap in the back. All it has. What all it had was the elastic band in it and the elastic band kept falling out. So I like the fact that this company made sure that they sold their elastic band inside, because it's just so important to have that security, because if I'm going to do a glueless install, I want to make sure that it still feels you know secure so yeah. I do like that about it, and I really like the fit to this one. The fit is perfect. If you're, somebody like me, who has a small head, you're, definitely going to like this one, because it doesn't feel all extra bulky. It'S just a really good fit, and I really do like this unit. You guys know me this is like my signature. I always wear units like this. This is definitely my vibe and then I just did something a little bit different, because typically I just like wet the hair and then allow it to air dry, but today I wanted to keep that wet look. So this is what I used along with some foaming. Mousse and water - I actually got this conditioner from the 99 Cent Store. It didn't cost a dollar because and that's the thing got the 99 Cent Store. You go to the 99 Cent Store half of the stuff in there. Don'T even be a dollar anymore, because you know inflation. I really like this product, though it smells really good and, as you guys can see, it's really going to help. You know Define your curls but anyways. So you guys I'm gon na stand up and do my little turn around. Give you all the good old 360.. So y'all can see. You know where this hair is hitting on me and for reference I am 5'2. I did show you guys a moment ago. You know what the fronts looks like: let's go ahead and give you guys a good side profile view. That'S where it's hitting me in the back and then I'm gon na stick down as well so y'all can see is what everything to the back so yeah. This is what it looks like all to the back. I mean when you have it all to the back. It doesn't look as thin as it does when you have it on to the front so they're sad. So this is what the ends are. Looking like. Still very much so pretty we love it. We live all the hair off to the side like this is still a cute Union like don't get me wrong. Okay and it is HD lace um. You guys can't really tell because I didn't put all the baby hair in it, but I was just trying to like make the video longer. I just wanted to make the video longer y'all but yeah, and then here's a a full view of how much space you actually get. So you get a decent amount of space in the front which I definitely like. You know what I should have did with a unit like this. You know what I'm going to actually do the next time. I have a unit like this. I'M actually gon na, like put some braids right here or something like do like two cute like braids here and like maybe get like some pins or something some clips and, like you know, Jazz it up a little bit. So this is the vibe you guys. I want to give a big thank you to all of you guys for watching. I really do appreciate everybody who comes to my channel watches the videos comments likes and you guys just really show me genuine support, and I just want to let you know that I appreciate you. I really do value you guys, and I also want to give a big thank you to our sponsor Sealy hair for sponsoring today's video and sending over this amazing unit. And if you guys, are interested in checking it out and trying this unit out. For yourselves definitely check out that description box down below for direct link to this hair, along with all the details, and if there was something that I didn't cover in today's video drop, a comment down below and I'll get to you guys as soon as I can. Thank you guys so much for watching again, and I will see all of you beautiful people in my next one. Bye,

MOVE WITH LADY V: I am loving this texture! It's giving RAW bundles...I feel like you could bleach and highlight it and it would keep the natural curl pattern also, it would probably look a lot fuller if it wasn't in the wet and wavy ya fingers thru it a lil bit and poof lol! gotta look out for this one on your next wig sale, and as always GREAT job on the install Dom! I have gotten sooo many good tips and tricks from watching you...keep up the good work!

Ande: The first video I watched from your page was from 4 years ago ❤ girl, you’re poppin

Carl Vitko: Always looking stunning❤❤❤❤❤

Arie Osei: It’s nice thicker is would be nice but it’s a beautiful unit

Anne's World: looks so thin. but pretty on you

Sammy Da Goat: Second Comment You Slayed Once Again You Always Be Slaying Wigs

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