Ebonyline Synthetic Black Hd Lace Wig | Ebonyline Hair Review

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https://www.ebonyline.com/sensationnel... in color 1B


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What is up to my lovely lovely, beautiful, handsome, whatever? What is up to my lovely people? So i am back with another freaky video all right, and this is another hair video um. So today i will be doing um a wig review, slash, hair, install by ebonyline and i'm so so so excited um, because this is pretty much my first time really doing like a hair review or something as such. And i don't know, but i am so so excited and i'm so grateful to be doing uh a hair review for ebony line um. Thank you guys for sending me this wig. If you are returning subscriber welcome back to my channel, i love you so so so much thank you for tuning back in and if you are a new subscriber welcome to my channel, my name is jada um hit that subscribe button because you're gon na love it Your life: okay, okay, okay, okay, so let's hop straight into the video all right, just a disclaimer, i'm not gon na lie uh. I opened this wig like a couple days ago, so this is the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, wig. Okay, i already seen it i already plucked it a little bit whatever um i just have not yet to try it on, but you guys i love it already. I love it already, but you guys this is a synthetic hd lace. Look how freaking beautiful it is. Okay, i already tried it on the curls: have dropped just a tad bit but um. That'S what i love about it as well. The um, i'm pretty sure the curls is going to take a while to drop um, but so far um i'm just pretty much ready to try it i'll leave the link in the description, i'll leave, um ebonyline's website, um, instagram page all that good stuff down in The description as well, but you guys let's try on the wig all right, so i already have my wig cap on. I look amazed, but i'm going to take some liquid foundation and start patting that on my head and i'm just going to put the wig on. Oh, my god i mean come on now. I didn't even have to do anything to a peru and it already looks good so, as you guys can see right here, i'm just clipping the back of my wig on, so that it is tighter and fits more on. My head, it's so cute, okay, okay, jada, stay focused, stay focused, stay focused, stay focused flip this inside out, so you guys, i'm not gon na lie. When i was plucking it, i kind of um messed up the lace a little bit, but for some odd reason i do these to all of my wigs, like it happens to all my wigs um. I don't know why it does that. Maybe i'm plucking a little too hard um. It'S never really something that you cannotice, but i don't know it just always happens to my wigs and i have to be more gentle when i'm plucking, because i'd be finna, tear the whole lace off, i mean come on. So now i'm just going to pick apart the curls with my fingers so that it gives off a more fluffy curly. Look so now that the lace is laid, i'm going to cut the lace off okay, so now i am taking it taking it off. Okay! So i'm using the even new york tint spray so that the lace matches my skin more, and this is my first time using this tint. I usually use a different tint, but i'm going to put it on a sponge and start dabbing it onto the lace. Okay, so i decided i was going to do one side of the edges because this side i over plucked it a little too much and now the edges part is pretty ruined. I can still save it, but i really like the whole little um side. Little messy. Look so i'm gon na do that, so i'm just taking my hot comb and i'm shaping the side part look, so i am taking my concealer and i'm just going over the part with it so that it has a more defined look. So now i'm just doing my edges and um there's not very much that i can do with them because there's like something blocking the lace, part um. So it doesn't give like off a very natural look, but i still made it work. So, as you guys can see, i am curling and cutting the edges um. I used to have my edges like looking all long and stuff, but now i realize that when you cut them shorter, it gives off a more natural look. So that's just what i'm doing right here! Okay, so you guys it is this method i use for my lace so that if you have like a lace, that's not really pluggable! I take concealer and i kind of just go over the sides with it so that it has more like a bleach, not looking thing going on. Okay, so now i'm all finished with the wig, and i love it so much as you can see. I was feeling myself thank you ebonyline for sending me this beautiful unit i'll, be leaving the link in the description below, if you guys want to take a look at it, but that is it for today's video. Thank you guys so much for watching, subscribe and yeah. You


KeepingupwithSunnie .: The way I never knew it was syntheticcccc you ate this up

Sade Reese: I’ve watched a couple videos on this wig and yours looks the best for some reason

ShyAmour Tv: Love love this look ❤️

Tracy E: is this vice unit 10 or 12… the link isn’t working

ssumuari: about how long did your order take to get delivered

taylor owens: so pretty omg

𝑀𝑎𝑑𝑑𝑖𝑒🤍: What’s the name of the wig?

Crystal W: This is unit 10 or at least that’s what the link is supposed to be

Cianey Brown: I’m early omg you are so pretty! Much love

Mkeli Pendo: Its beautiful but no one know which unit it is. Is it the Vice 10 or 12?

Sade Reese: What’s the name of the wig the link doesn’t work

Kasian Huie: Is this video sponsored? I have heard so many things about them.

T. Foster: Name of the unit... Thanks

KiaMarTanya: Vivica Fox Synthetic Hair HD Lace Front Wig - BERKLEY

ChocolateButterfly🦋: Prettiest girl on YouTube ☺️❤️

akibaunicorn abudu: Which unit Is this?

Life as Najia: To me the wig looks like sensational vice unit 20

shay: what’s the name of this songgg I’ve been looking for yearsss

Bella Leah Valentina: Is thi ssensationel vice 10

Elijah Brumskine: My goat

Cravingz Da Goat: It’s Unit 10 guys

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