Issa No For Me... Zury Sis Beyond Synthetic Half Up/Down + Sb Bang Hd Lace Front Wig - Lf-Sb Teen

Ion know bout this one , y’all. I just wasn’t really feelin Teen. I think you should go with Kenzie or Jace by Zury, especially at this price point. What do you think? Let me know I’m the comments.♥️♥️

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He hit right right. There y'all know what it is. If i come on here in the ill-fitting shirt and the cup already in my hand, i don't went and purchased some wigs on my dog by myself. Look makeup off my head: i've been filming all day. Okay, i purchased some wigs by myself, so y'all know what it is. We finished a fool, ain't, no ain't, no ain't! Nothing been prepared. Some of this probably still got the lace on it. That'S all right merry christmas, or it should be around christmas time when these are being uploaded. Y'All know i bulk film, so it should be around christmas time. Merry christmas, okay, i got three units, all of them were by zuri and the reason why i picked them up is because y'all, in my opinion, in 2021 altre completely dominated that kind of hurt. I know i got early stage arthritis. I don't know. Why did that? Okay, um outre they completely dominated, and after altre, i would say a close second was sensational but zuri bobby balls freetress. They kind of see bobby boss kept bringing them units, but that price kept going up and to me that's about it. So when i saw that zurich, it's a crop top i'm gon na stay like this, you ain't seeing nothing else. Why are you trying to be funny um when i saw the jury dropped these three units? I said i'm gon na pick up all three to talk to my friends: bam. That is okay, so you might be saying just we already looked at this wig no shut up, that's yo! That'S why nobody at this family function right now. I really want to sit by you. You always got something to say you think you know it all: okay, you're thinking about jace, we uploaded that i'm a little tipsy and i apologize for saying that to you you're thinking about jace, which is the sister to this week, we uploaded jason thanksgiving. I think this is just a shorter version. Okay, this one is in the style, teen t-e-e-n and i got it in the color sun. Braid root tip burgundy, okay, but it gives you the same concept of jace. Why am i being so ratchet it animated? You know what tito's and pineapple juice all right, so just like jace team comes with that um half up down split swoop; bang! That'S a lot going on on this stock card a whole lot! Okay, when we reviewed jace, we reviewed jace and actually both of these colors and a black. I decided to pick team up and, like i said, a burgundy, so we're gon na play around with that, but just the foreshadow because y'all know i'll be uploading out of order. I also got kaya, but i got her in the rainbow. That'S coming down the pipeline and i also got tyra in the black. Well, i'm doing my lips like that all right. Let'S look at this cap instruction cause y'all, i'm at three minutes in and i ain't done nothing but tell you to shut up make sure you subscribe, i'm trying to get the 50k for my birthday team. You get a comb in the back and adjustable straps and then in the front. Okay, so it looks like it's a lot going on. You got ear to ear lace. You got to comb it to the right, a comb to the left, and then this is that part: okay, meaning you can part it with a cargo cuz. The best i could do is just put it on my head and show it to you. Okay, so first let me put on the stocking before i start playing around with it, because it does come with baby hairs. It comes pre-styled in this little half up half down. Let me just put on my head and then i'm gon na play around with it. A little bit, oh, look hold up something. Let me just show you that part. Okay, so, first of all, that's them them side pieces right. So you can. You can wear it like this. If you not, if you knock this down, because i don't know what they was thinking with - that okay, there you go yeah i mean you would have to fix that, but you can wear it with them two pieces down. You could also swoop it over and make it a bang like this yeah. I'M gon na take this down cause. I let's play around with it, and get a good look, because i'm gon na and we're gon na take that down. Let'S play around with it boom bomb and then i'll be back my final thoughts, so so so, okay! So i'm back with my final thoughts on this wig and it's not that i think it's a bad week do y'all, remember by zurich kenzie with the moon part. This is like kenzie, but kenzie is better than me and and the reason why kenzie is better is because you don't get that full moon part and you just have parting like right there and then here, like you, if you look on the stock car, they they Catfish nobody, because if you look at the stock car when she has it all down, i think if you, if the curl, i think the curls are absolutely gorgeous. A part of me is like: why didn't they just make this a moon part? Well, if they had made it a moon part, it would have just been kinsey, believe it or not. I'D never thought. I would say this because i like big pageant country hair. I, like this wig, better half up half down, i mean, even if you look at this, she she she looking like. Oh, i wish i could be you look at me. She won't even make eye contact with you. Look at her okay. She looking like she looking like it's not that it's a bad wig, but, like you got that little piece, that's it! That'S all you can do so. Do i like this wig y'all, my friends. In my opinion, i think you should just go get kenzie or if you get it just be prepared to look like a team. That'S the name of the wig team. Look like a team where some half up half down okay, i prefer to look like some. You know somebody's wife they're stealing this. You know squirreling funneling money over to the side, because i'm fixing to leave you. I don't like that right now, i'm gon na get caught. They gon na know she's stealing she she's stealing right. I don't know it's not a bad wig, because i think it's absolutely gorgeous. If you notice, i was getting a little bit of tangle in there, but it's not the wig's fault. It was the way that i had it pulled up now on this side. I get absolutely no tangling. Okay, that side. I just got a little bit. It'S absolutely gorgeous y'all know i'm putting it up on poshmark because i'm not going to keep it. I know somebody will make this a a beautiful wig. It looks better to me, though, if you do wear it, half up half down okay and the color is gorgeous too it's just at this point. Y'All look. Look how it's starting to just lean on over um at this point, with the with the price points on these wigs like we shouldn't have to hold on, we shouldn't have to be doing all this finagling, because some of these synthetic wigs are, you know, 50 bucks. Hell save another 30. You gon na get a human health, okay right so yeah this one, i'm gon na think this one i'ma say i you don't have to get it go, get kenzie instead, i'ma just jump right into these reviews. I'M gon na move into kaya. Let'S see what kyle you're hitting on, i got ta take this off my dog on head, that's as much as you're gon na be able to park. I hope y'all can see that look! That'S it! Okay! After that, okay, that's kind of bad here cute, but you ain't gon na be walking around like that all day. Let'S move into kaya y'all, like i always said, maybe you're not into no. We don't want to put your unto your uncle. Nobody in this video until next time, which is going to be very very soon bye,

PhattGurrl: You are such a beautiful black woman! I love your style. You can rock short, long, any color, etc… plus not many people people can pull off the blue eyes but they compliment your beauty. I don’t wear wigs but your confidence & realness made me a subbie who is now considering a wig. Lol

Ocean Bias: I freakin love her she is too funny and adorable

QTPIEbme: The up style was gorgeous on you! The down style was too! That is a pretty wig on you.

Alana Johnson: That wig looks freakin cuuuuttttee! ❤ love that swoop bang with half up n down looooookkk!!❤

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy Jessica!!! You made this wig look pretty. It's the construction that sets this wig back to 2017 for me. Therefore, to me, the price point of $45-$50 is unfounded. Zury needs to revamp this wig and make it a frontal. Great review Jessica. ❤❤❤

Celeste Nelson: Thank you so much for the video I got this wig in the same color and love the color. I have been struggling to fit the ponytail to my liking and gave up, but seeing this video might give it another go.

What the Actual: K firstly you are my FAVORITE wig reviewer, I don't even know you but i love you girl! You have helped my wig purchasing decisions & I have branched out to other brands other than my regular because of you! You pretty much cover everything I want to know..Have you found any specific brands that last a little longer than others? I have found outre wigs seem to last a little longer with daily wear..I love Sensationnel too & bounce between the two brands but Sensationnel seems to get more plastic feeling after a few days as opposed to Outre..i know this can vary between styles too.. I always want to know what is best for daily or one time event use & you often cover that. Thanks!!!

Maxine In The Mirror: Your reviews are so fun, You crack me up! I also want to look like a wife squirreling money away cuz i'm finta leave! LOLOL Please be tipsy in all your videos! :)

Vanessa's Life: Girl when you said “Shut up! That’s why nobody in this family function want to sit by you , you always got something to say!” I about choked on my drink Friend you are too funny

Bernice B: Hi Jessica wigsandwanderlust, I love this color and this hairs looks so pretty on you! Merry Christmas! Great video!

Mz. Goddess womb healer: You look beautiful like always I like the hair and that color on you is everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’ve been wanting to try a up and down style for a while now I may have to get this unit

Tina BlackberryRose: I like the color and the curls. Ty for your honesty.

Amelia Hatten: Absolutely uniquely gorgeous

Kiisha Velasquez: Hahaha I was able to keep it together until you said you wanted to be the wife squirreling money to leave you away hahahaha it is only 10am and you made my day!

Schatze Lady: Yes! Outre been doing it for a couple years. Bobbi Boss use to be A1, now the QUALITY of the wigs are very low. I truly believe they changed hands and they just don't care. That wig is cute, it does look better half up.

StarriSkye: Not a wife that's stealing I felt that!

The Red Diva: You crack me up girl! ❤️ Merry Xmas sweetheart! ❤️

Sybil Davis: Love the half up half down

Destiny Bogle: Sis lord that . This is cute , and reminded me of my high school days.

Vernice Smith: I like the color. You helped the wig out

Ms.K-hud3: The title alone got me cracking up

Queenie petite: Hi. It’s this unit considered a winter ❄️ look?? Can you please review some units that are good for winter??

edwina crenshaw: Its cute i would get itMerry Christmas

ielledan23: Okay had to pause the video for a sec because I almost fell out - you asked yourself why am I being so ratchet? And out loud at the same time as you, I said it’s that Tito’s! LMAO you really are a friend in my head. Okay back to watching

patrice moore: I like this color and the cute little styles.

Sharise Chatfield: Tito’s and pineapple juice cheers!

Sunya Ray: OMG Too Funny. Forget the wig I'm here for you sis..

KK the only one ! Stephens: I love U gurl! This wig....hmmmm? I just wish they would make more wigs with bangs? I don't do glue downs ect. If u have some u can find with bangs, put us on! Its winter and we'd like some coverage?

Feeneishia Rodgers: I actually kinda like this one.

Kimberly Kyles: Hey Jess I tell You I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your hair BAMMMMMMM you look Gorg Sista Sista much ❤️ an during holiday season May you hav positive vibes and mind. Peace and blessings

Miz Wonderful: 50k by your bday! Yesss you will!

Jena Johnson: It is a beautiful wig but yes if it was like Kenzie, it would be nice! That parting is just weird! It is also better half up, than down!

StarriSkye: I literally said why did she upload this wig 3xs. Let me shut up like you said but I like teen better. It's curlier and shorter and looks good without the ponytail

Kamilah Nesmith: "she stealin'" It's cute on you though!

Utopia K.: It is a cute wig tho Jess, lol. But I get not everything is for everybody. ‍♀️

paulette mcdade: That’s for the youngsters.

Angel Clarke: I agree Outre dominated 2021 Bobbi Boss prices are high 9 times out of 10 their units ain't worth it cause they shed & tangle alot. She remind of Kenzie definitely agree Kenzie way better.

kmdaughtry2: Hahaha, not somebody's wife funneling money cuz you fixin to leave

Shunda Mosley: ...Looking like somebody wife, so that She can leave you ...I was dying laughing

Beauty Luv: Let me buy it. She cute.

Judy O: Always love you

Rachel Hebert: How to get one

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