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Thank you, hey YouTube. What'S your girl, Dylan and welcome welcome back to my channel so today I have another video for you guys, which is making this pretty pink wigging style. So you guys - I just want to come here because I didn't do an intro for the video when I was getting my hair done, so I'm gon na do it now. So this hair is from oh cute hair. They gave me this hair um. I don't remember when they said to tell me, but they sent to me and I was trying to wait till Valentine's Day for it to really be a surprise for y'all, but I couldn't wait. I just had to get it done, so this wig is actually 24 inches totally, so this is 24 inches. It already came dyed like this. I'Ve always seen all cute hair on Tick Tock and they have some of the best pre-dye wigs and they are living up to their name. So but y'all don't mind my hairs, the curls have failed, like the waves have failed. I tried to do something, but I'm not no hair stylist, okay y'all. So I can't do all that. Let me show you guys what I got so first I got some lashes. These lashes are actually really really cute. I don't wear lashes, but I tried these on. Just to see and they're not bad or like because they're really cute, and if I don't have black extensions on, I would definitely wear these once I learned how to put them on for real for real. You know because um that was my first time put them on and yeah, but they are really cute. They also came with a wig cap. You know I always come when we cap it comes with two in the thing came with a little band for your hair. I had used another band because I didn't want to take this one out the packaging before I could show y'all, but came with a band really cute and it came with a card that just basically tells you like what the inches is and where you can find Them and how to take care of it and all of that stuff again, thank you to oh cute hair for sponsoring today's video I'm so appreciative. I love this wig and I hope that everybody else loves it just as much as I do so, let's get on it too. The video we can take it slow your words, I'm not dangerous, he's a replacement dangerous. Are you ready, like Jesus, come on baby games? I'M okay, when he's finished, he's a replacement. My baby, I know dangerous

Star Hamilton: I now see where I was going wrong with baby hairs all this time !! Thank you so much I’m doing it your way on this next install ❤❤

KayyTvv: Im definitely getting this !!

📸ALL IN ONE 🎥: Omg you slayed the mess outta that pink

YouLuvvAmiriaa: Heyy, is the lace HD?

Kia J:

ThatGirl Niy: How long was shipping??

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