Hd Zulu Sis Synthetic Lace Wig/ Half Up Half (Tyra & Jace)


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Hey my loves! thanks for watching another video I hoped you all enjoyed it !!

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Tyra: https://www.divatress.com/products/zur...



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Crazy, what's up everybody, what's up everybody welcome back to my channel, so i have two wins for you guys that was sent to me from divatress and i'm super excited about them baby because they popped it. Now. I have these two beautiful wigs right here. They are from the beyond collection and it is up and down sb bang. This one is called jet: oh wait a minute jace in the color one, and this is how she look. Then we have this baby over here and she is also in the color one and her name is tyra. You know i had to get her okay, so i'm super excited about this. You know i'm not gon na do too much talking. So, let's hop straight into it is, if you got the best, did you get the best if you got the best ass on the podcast? If you got the best ass on the podcast, you got the fast ass on the bounce. Bounce podcast bounce me is is okay cause this one for sure is giving them looks y'all. This is super cute. I just did so many tick tocks like ash girl on tick tock. Real though this is one of my favorites for sure this year 2022 and we found a winner like this - is it this is so cute. The curls are effortless, i just tossed my head. I kid you not around about at least 15 times, and this is the outcome like it's still giving body, it's still giving life and i am feminist's hair as far as the cap construction, if it's very very nice and the lace is also very cute, it was Easy to manage, i did a little bit of the baby hairs. I didn't have to pluck that much because it really came pre-plucked, so i did a little bit of it. I did have to go over with some black spray and you could kind of still see the line right here, so i feel like if i was doing this for real for real. I probably will cut this a little bit more and then use a different type of glue and lay lay it down with the edge wrap a little bit longer. So that would really like press it down, but overall she's a look, so this was tyra and tyra is popping. So, let's move on to jace, we see it will not curl it'll, give it a little something boy. You know trail lightly, okay, but overall, this is very cute too. I didn't even glue this down. I didn't have to it's really secure to my head, then, on top of that it blends super well. So this is your girl, jace and jason's popping baby. So let me know which one you like i really enjoy both of these units, like i said it was very easy to apply. This is definitely okay. Do not do not use heat on this hair. I'Ll tell you that right now learn from me. Okay, so, but anyways all right, so i really like this. This is the back view and she is popping she's popping sweetie. So if you need a wig to just throw on, i definitely suggest this one. They have other ones. You can also take this down. I see because old girl got like this, so you could take this down as well. Let me know how that turned out for you, but i really hope you enjoyed this video. Please comment down below and let your girl know and i'll see you guys in the next one

Coco🍫: You look pretty . I like both wigs I’m about to order them now. I died laughing when you tried curling it

Dreyah Williams: It’ll curl but hold it the curl until it cools then drop it

Del Kellar Jr.: Love to see you happy doing what you love to do.

RosySaydi: Is the lace on the units in this collection transparent or light brown?

Breauna Love: Pretty

HoodooQueen: What contacts are you wearing they are stunning I need them for bday

Mikayla Carroll: Ooooooo yessssss m’amm Okayyy I’m feeling Tyraaaa

lneal2800: Doesn't look synthetic this unit is beautiful! Love the curls! Love the styles of them! Looks beautiful on you! Imma have to pull out my coin purse!❤❤

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