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Thank you: hey guys, welcome back to ebonyline's YouTube channel, my name is Janiece and today I will be reviewing A Wig by It's A Wig um. Today, I'm doing the 360 lace, Glam body 26 inch wig um, it's pretty much a half up half down unit, and it's so cute. It'S cute right. It'S cute um! So to get into some of the specs of the wig um. It is a 360 Brown lace. It did come with a. It is a 360 lace which I feel like wasn't really necessary. I mean, if you're, trying to put the whole thing up in a high ponytail yeah, maybe, but I feel like, since they already kind of styled. The unit like you know like this half up half down, it's like the 360 lace, wasn't really needed. I mean it's nice to have you know if you wanted to put all of the hair up in one ponytail, but it wasn't needed for this style, though um the color I'm doing today is it is Autumn brown the color I'm doing today is Autumn Brown, um And pretty much it's just like a whole bunch of tints of Browns. It almost has like a little bit of blonde uh a little bit of Ginger uh and then just Brown and it's like highlights. I don't know if it's showing up on camera, but it in person is so beautiful. It'S so pretty. I just feel like these are. This is one of those units where it's like kind of you know, you're going for kind of like a sporty look or something like that or, like you know, you kind of you don't want like hair in the front of your face. So you just you know you just put her up um the ponytail. It did come like this. I didn't take it down, but you can take it down. If you wanted to wear it like all down you could you could wear it that way too. Honestly, I would have, I should have redid the ponytail because it did get a little messy while trying to like you know, put it on but um. You could always tighten it up and you know like just redo it, but overall, like it's a very cute unit. They did very good on the lace it did come with baby hair, which I kind of pushed some back, but some of them, like was still out like if you want them completely back. You'Ll have to take the ponytail down and, like you know, brush you know brush it in your ponytail. If you don't want to you know you can slay your baby hair, but it comes with that. It gives you that option. Um, the hair quality is very, very soft, like very soft, like they did really good on the hair quality. I feel like the lace. It does come in a couple specialty, colors um, which is on the back here, and it also comes with the um almost like the sticky tape. If you don't want to glue your unit down, so you have the option to. But overall I get this unit a 10 out of 10, like I love half of half down Styles anyway, and I just feel like it was so easy and it's also said it was glueless, so we love that too, like I will probably just I wouldn't glue It, but I would probably take some um some spray and just like spray this here just so, you had an extra security but yeah, that's it. It did come with three Clips um one big one and then two on the sides and yeah that's about it, but she is too cute like she's. So cute like this is my type of wig seriously. She she they did really good with this one. I have really no complaints like um. I have no complaints. So if you want this unit um, you know where to find it. It'S the link is in the description and I'll see you guys in the next video make sure you like comment and subscribe and yeah. I'M out all right:

Prettieface Productions: This is beautiful ❤

Danielle The Unicorn: Beautiful ❤️❤️

Nicki Vanity: When is the red available ??

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