Pink Wig Install + Water Color Method

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This is a re install on a 4x4 HD lace closure wig. I water colored this hair and did a quick install. Don’t forget to LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE

We last and by the way, hey y'all. It'S your girl Destiny with another video, since you're. Here, don't forget to hit that subscribe button down below smash the like button on this video and hit share. If you care title today, I'm going to be installing a 4x4 pink lace, closure wig. So here she is my crusty wig. This wig was right before I have taken the color out as much as I can. I just I am taking two bottles of a door die. I'M going to add this to my hot water. I'M going to add this in and I'm going to mix this up really well, so all the dye can distribute to the wig evenly um. Before this I did use a darker color and I didn't like how the color was. It was too dark for me. I wanted a more like Nicki Minaj kind of pink, lighter pink, so I got the cotton candy as you can see here, I'm just dipping in the wig I'm trying to make sure all the color is on each strand coat it well, okay, so boom I'm back! I got my braids in this is how the wig looks She's dry. She is alive. I cannot believe this wig is so soft and fluffy after all, that baking soda and shampoo it went through. So you want to take some oil and you want to oil. Your scalp, this is very important, so your hair don't be dry under that cap. Listen, I hate going to people to get my hair done and they don't really want scalp. Okay. This is my lace glue that I'm going to be using today. This is some cheap lace glue. It was about six dollars. I was not paying twenty dollars for no go spawn glue here. I was in love with the ball cap. For my first time, y'all I was looking so bald y'all. I was definitely giving major pain now. I am taking my flat iron and combing back any FlyAway hairs, any baby hairs that I have out. So when I place the wig on everything just lay back um. I noticed that all my braids was hanging out in the back y'all, so I had to fix that stuff from under the cap surprises so right now, I'm just brushing it through. So I can just get to installing I'm trying to figure out like where I'm going to place the wig, how it's going to lay so you just play with it until like it fits your head like you, just got ta play with it. That'S what I learned and it fit perfectly so I'm taking my wax. Stick, I'm going to get like all the fire away hairs. You can see them. They all just start to lay down. This helps with the more Sleek. Look. I'M going to take my hot hot hot combin and I'm going to get these roots a lot like you want the roots flat. You want your wig to lay flat. We don't want no type of helmet hair over here, like it's, not giving okay. So now I'm taking my lace glue and I'm applying that on my forehead in the beginning of the cap, I'm going to take the popsicle stick to smooth it out. You want a smooth application press down and blow dry. This helps keep it secured again, guys the wax stick and the hot comb is very important. If you want a flat install you want to Flawless, install the hot comb and the wax stick is your best friend. So now I'm taking some bio silk, I'm rubbing it in the hair, so my hair can be nice and silky. This is her straight, but no we're gon na give a whole different. Look. So, for this look we're going to be doing some Barrel curls with our flat iron um. These curls are my favorite. A curling Rod could never baby watch how this girl bounced back period. Do you see the bounce back of that curl? The curl is so cute. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I love Barrel curls um. I will make a more detailed video on how I get these curls. I don't like to use a curling iron. It just doesn't give what it needs to give and boom. Here we have it. The nice juicy Barrel curls, I am taking my walk to comb and I'm combing it out. I want to go for a mode, a more loose weight, type of look um, it's giving very much you just rolled out the bed. Looking flawless, you guys. I cannot believe how this install turned out. I was so nervous. This is a 4x4 lace closure wig. This video is not sponsored. I bought this wig with my own money. Um, it was red, I color swapped it to Pink and I totally love the install. This was so flawless. I cannot wait to do more. Hair videos like this, if you're here still hit the Subscribe button like this video and share, if you care bye guys and without further Ado, let's cue, the outro wow

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