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xo- wigsandwanderlust ❤️

I'M gon na be honest. I just got through film venetia, 207, 208 and 209 and multiple colors and and them wigs y'all are bops period. Go get em well, one of y'all asked me a while back to go get another wig by altera and since altra has completely slayed the day. I said i would go ahead and film it. This is about outra, it's part of that melty hairline collection and i have it in the style, jenny, j, e, n n. I i asked whoever requested this. I said what color they want to see and they said whatever color y'all know what color i went for that sandy blonde. Okay, now jenny part that melted hairline collection. Let me explain to you unless you're new here, you know what i'm about to say. I absolutely love this melted hairline collection by all tray, because it's gon na lay flush on my head. However, this little band that come over on it like be about to kill the circulation in my hip and my scalp jenny cute, i ain't gon na focus on the star card. Let'S just look at the wig okay, so jenny came with lace that i cut off. That'S the only thing i've done all right. First of all, let's check this sandy blonde color a bop. Now, let's look at the construction comb in the back adjustable straps, the band of death, the band that will kill you it'll slay you, but it also slay your weed right there and then in the front. You get all that ear to ear lace and the part. What the hell am i doing, and the part and you're gon na come to the right and i'll come over here to the left ain't, nothing to it, but to do it, i'ma! Try it on with the band cause the crazy part with this melted, hairline collection. Sometimes the band be too tight and sometimes it don't and - and i don't understand why, but it felt good to see some of you reach out in the comments and tell me that you feel the same way. Sometimes it feels tight. Sometimes it don't jenny gon na, be a bop dog yep jenny gon na be cute yeah jenny, janae y'all knew i was gon na. Do it that's one of my favorite movies all right. Well, first, let me see how jenny look in the middle she cute. I see how jenny look to the no see you can't wear over here to the left. Uh-Uh. Okay, i look like jenny when she was going through that cracked out phase when free bird was singing and she was on the balcony about to jump. Okay. Let me just well over here to the right this thing tight on my head, i'm about to pass out already. Oh yeah, that's tight! It'S really about to melt my hairline, you right! Let me hurry up and get this on my let me go hurry and uh a lord i'm losing. I can't even talk y'all, it's tight. If you got a head, my size or larger, you don't need to put that band on. The wig, though, is a absolute cutie patootie, oh y'all. Are we cute, though no shed no tangling and that's because of the texture check that texture? Now this thing lay flush on my head. You can't see really where that lace start. Can you okay? I can't see nothing. Everything is starting to spin because it's so tight on my on my dome but y'all. This is absolutely gorgeous. That sandy blonde is is a is a moist. Okay. Do i recommend jenny? Yes, i do. Can you wear jenny with that thing in it and and not pass out if your head is smaller than mine? Yes, if it's my size, you might, you might die period but, like i always say, this is how you'll be on the floor. Look how cute! I am cute, but but you this thing is tight. Okay, i like that they took that dark rooting around. Of course, y'all know. I lay down that lace, but look at the dark rooting on this too. I shift it a little bit make it a deeper part. Y'All yeah, this is cute. It'S just like you know. You run that risk with this melted hairline. Is it tight on my head? Yes, do i recommend it though? Yes, absolutely gorgeous. If you look in the box, i try to remember a link to where you can purchase it, but, like i always tell y'all, if it's a wig that ain't been sent to me, i encourage you to google jenny by altre because you can find on the cheapest Site which one is best for you source cute, but tight, mm-hmm yeah all right, see, i'm i'm losing my words because this thing's so tight. I got to take it off my head. Okay, like i always say you might not be into weeds, it might be a cousin jenny. It might be on for four, so everyone send them my way and we'll get them right. We'Re just gon na tell them not to put that band on if they got a large chair, but she cute y'all. She cute until next time, y'all wouldn't be very soon.

M C: I have come to the conclusion that you can wear ANY type of wig and make it look beautiful!!! Girl that band is something serious and is a hit or miss! I have taken mine off in the car because I was over it !

Mulanga Sarah Mbayabu: The “look how cute I am” posesbut YESSSSS you slayed Jenni

Courtnee Rae: I was just about to search for a blonde LEWK for summer! This is a banger! Come thru sis!

patrice moore: This color with the dark roots looks beautiful on you sis !

Cynthia Cummings: Hi Jessica!!! I hope you are having a fantastic day. This wig is so pretty!!! I love this creamy blonde color with that dark root.❤️ Girl, those bands sometimes give me a headache too. I almost took my wig off one day at work. It was fine at first. ‍♀️

Hilliary Barbour: You are tooo cute!!!! You made me laugh so loud! Sooo pretty!! The bands don't bother my little peanut head! I live for the blond melted collection too! You look amazing!! Love watching your videos!!! ❤️

Robbie Hilt: Yeah she’s beautiful I love that unit I have the same one and I’m loving it thank you so much Sis for sharing have a blessed day

Tasheeka Causey: That wig is absolutely gorgeous on you but I am totally convinced you can rock any look. Could you review Outre Melted Hairline Aries? Being a fellow Aries myself I would love to see how it looks.

Eugene Williams: She is cute! You didn't have to color her roots Good job Outre (Ms. Williams)

Jena Johnson: Pretty color and so glad it has dark rooting!

Alima Wilson: This color is gorgeous on you!!! ❤️❤️

Gabrielle McCullough- Hanks: That Forest Gump reference was so perfect ‍♀️❤️❤️

Candice: I just ordered this for summer because of this very video! Thank u!

Rachael Nadeau: YOU!!!! Are SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! You have me rolling with the “band of death” Lololol!! I’m going to get this one!!!!! Thank you, gorgeous!!! ‍♀️‍♀️♥️

Anitra Kittrell: OMG you are so funny! You give me a good giggle everytime! Thank you! Btw, your makeup is freaking flawless.

DeeDee Hair: Ooh yesss that blonde looks I have already reviewed this wig but want to go back and get it in that blonde

Kellie Flanery: I love your reviews so much! I come straight to your channel to see your reviews if I am interested in a wig!

Nunya Nunya: I always cut the band out. Then I switched to Ebin Wonder Lace Spray Maximum Hold (yellow bottle) to spray it down. The spray is removable with water and holds better than Got 2 Be freeze spray.

dionne803: It’s the COMPLETE SLAYAGE for me!!!!!!

Angela Thornton: Love that blonde ‍♀️ and denim ......

ebonywahine: "I can't see nothing, everything is starting to spin!" OMG you are hilarious! this looks great on you good color too for you. It the hair stiff already?

Nik P: I love this and it’s the perfect length...i think ima get her in this color...to be a scammerrrrrr ❤️

Inside Marie's Head: You're so funny! Wig looks awesome on you.

Antoinette Thompson: GORGEOUS !!!

Robbyn Taylor: Gorgeous Sis

Deadgurl7_17: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You crack me up constantly! I love people that are funny. You should be a comedian for real. Plus gorgeous always! Oh btw I thought you said “tight on my dong!” I bout fell off the bed .

Betty D's Boutique: Lol you are hilarious.. I love watching you just for the laughs I know I'm going to get

Tina BlackberryRose: ❤️this color on you. This looks So Cute on You.

Alima Wilson: Has anyone been able to get the curls back into their Jenni? The curls are gone out of mine without using any heat. I do not have a curling iron and probably need to invest in one.

Kimberly Kyles: Hey Jess ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it

Love Yourself: Good Morning This is very Beautiful and love the color and length Have a Blessed Day But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

Queenie petite: This wig jenni has some texture on it.

At It Again Media 🧚: I must have a little pea head then. It do not bother me. But I only got the Ria in that melted hair collection!

DarkerThaBerry: Yaaaassss! And my name is Jenni! *orders her in 613*

Courtney Labenz: Lol I love u sooooo much u Crack me up!! I'm in love with this wig, but deff have a big head Lol

Andrea Steele: She cute...glad she has a dark root.

L. Lewis: YouBetta!! Love it on ya.

Alfreida Nicholson: Love it❤❤❤What the website I can order the hair knot eraser?

The Mental Wealth Concierge: Ooooh, my color!!!!! Yes mama do it!

kaneatha hargrove: I just ordered her

LaChan Wilson: I love the body and the texture but that band!!! They need to fix that. It is cute though! Thanks J!!

kaneatha hargrove: U have my crying!!!!! Love u best friend!

Kay Bee: Lol!! Done fainted and fell out...but she cute!!

Fantisha Sherifa: Slaaaaaaaaaaayed! #EXCLAMATIONPOINT

valerie booker:

Claudia K.: I live ❤

Queenie petite: Watch that elastic band y’all. Lol ‍️☠️

Jennifer Falcone: That's my name lol

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