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Foreign, what's up y'all welcome back to my Channel today we have another wig review today it is from yolisa hair. I have worked with them before they give me beautiful wigs every single time. So I know this one is not going to disappoint this. One is actually really pretty. I can't wait to show you guys. The cap size is medium. I just want to get that out the way this is a 24 inch, 200 density, pink Balayage. I think that's how you say. I don't know how to say that word, but pink Balayage on brown hair, and this is a lace front. It'S a frontal y'all know me and my frontals. They don't say what kind of lace it is. Is it safe it's transparent or HD baby? I already had a wig on my head and I just popped it off. That'S why I look like this but um. This is her she's, giving my dog's right behind me. Oh, but yes, here she is we're not gon na do nothing to her. The knots are already a brown color, so we do not need to dye them. So I was like I'm about to keep these curls like this. This is real cute and we're just gon na brush them out after we put this wig in our head, because why not? Why would we wait like why would we wash it just to re-curl it just like this, when it's already curled baby, so yeah? That'S what we're about to do. Let me show y'all the inside 13 by four. Is this 35 here it's a third small, Four Thirteen by four baby. It already has the side part, and it's ironically on the side that I like to part my wigs. So that's very interesting. I have not plucked it or anything um, because I just want to put it on my hood to see how it feels it looks plucked enough to me. It looks like what I would do if I was plucking a wig, so we ain't gon na plug nothing. But this is how it looks. It'S the lace baby. Sometimes it takes a second for the licks. You could go ahead. Girl do your thing. I don't want her to think I'm mad at her we're just gon na pop it right on, but this is it. This is what the curls look like very pretty, and then also the pink is really cute. It'S a nice little pop. I thought pink would look good with gray and I already had my eyeliner done and stuff. I have some lashes on, but we ain't doing all day. It'S gon na wear clothes, our mouth Couture, so we got the got to be glue and the got to be glue got to be glue. Spray got to be glue. Please don't let me all right. Let me get my scissors out too, because we're just gon na get everything out right now, right now and we're gon na pop this on and give y'all our first impression. It does have a strap. I don't know yet. If I'm gon na cut the strap off. I don't think I am yeah, it's not bad at all. I think this is perfect for my head. If you have my head shape, get you a medium size, wig cap, because I was a little nervous, because sometimes the mediums would be really big, but this is perfect, like getting all the way around yeah buddy we're gon na cut the end or the sides. I can't get my words out: we're gon na cut these sides off baby, so that's right there and then keep this right here. I do not like to cut them with the wig on anymore. I mean I do sometimes I'm not gon na say I don't ever, but I just think it's more convenient for me to take it off my head, so I can actually see what I'm cutting for real, because I have had times where I cut, where I wasn't Supposed to be cutting because I wasn't paying attention or not even paying attention, but like it's really hard to see Pop this back um yeah. Look at that lace who lace, wear lace; what yes ma'am! Okay, we spraying it on we're literally about to spray it on boom, and it's perfect on both sides. Yeah we're gon na have to do edges because I made this a little too a little too low yeah we're going to do edges, but that's okay, like I'm. Not tripping edges are fun now that I know how to do them for real, but I am spraying this wig on we're about to glue this wig down, because I just realized it was not spraying down they're like. Why is this not spraying down like it's? Not staying, I was very much confused, it's okay, because we don't need an answer because I'm about to just glue it down. Thank you. I need to turn on this big light. Nearly it's not dark outside, but, oh my God see whole time. I'M looking like I'm in a dungeon, it's so cute, though it's it's! Okay, it's okay, Cleo, all right! We'Re gon na spray, this top, because it's just like coming now we're about to do the edges. Now we about to do with the edges. I just now we're about to do stuff edges. Oh did I say we was doing the edges. Well, if I didn't we're doing the edges foreign, so my experience with plugging this is beautiful. It is so easy to plug. I would definitely say this is a beginner friendly wig, especially because I didn't even pluck I unplugged another baby. I unplugging nothing this whole time. I have not plugged nothing. I have not washed nothing, so this is how it looks raw when you get it. If you want something that you really don't have to put a lot of um into this is the wig, because this how good this is doing like I can't I love it. I love a good pluck. I love a good easy cloak. So what we about to do next is flatten all this and then brush it out. I might not have to curl any pieces. If I don't that's great, if I do I just plug it in and curl it I'm a little pink girl. I really like this. Like really really really like this and like borderline about to take pictures, I'm gon na put a little bit of water on it. Why? I don't know you know how you just like be having like a little inkling to do something I just feel like. I need to put water on it. I don't like how this is look like it's looking real, pink and I'm not liking. That, like I got ta have this. Like this light, I mean I can like it ain't, no problem crazy to look back on how I used to do it. I remember seeing this wig video. I think it's deleted off my channel. I was so embarrassed about it. Like girl, what even made you post that, like I looked crazy and the fact that, like I understand Jamila, is just being supportive but, like I feel like now, we're in uh stayed in our relationship where we could just tell each other the truth. We ain't got to try to like spare feelings over here. Okay, because I girl she was like yeah, that's cute and I'm like give me the word. You tell me that she'd be like oh well, I didn't know about it for real. I feel like she'd be lying. I feel like you knew that it looked ugly, but you didn't want to tell me which, like it would be. Okay, like I get that, because my feelings probably really would have been hurt. I'M gon na lie I'm that type of person. That'S like for real okay. So as soon as I run my fingers through it, the curls leave yeah literally they're gone. I mean they're not gone like, let's be real, but can't nobody walk outside like this. So I'm gon na curl this real, quick, I'm gon na do my best to curling real, quick and it'll be gon na, be right. Back there we go. We got some good lighting, I'm like I'm not about to start this video, so this lighting gets back to where it's supposed to be, because this is not how normally look we curled it baby, we curled the whole thing so now we are going to do this. Yes, sir, so beautiful, oh, my gosh uh bro, it's giving like it's giving look at the pink. I think I backed up too far hold on 24 inches 200 density, pink Balayage in the brown baby. This is real cute. I like how I recurled it too. I never curled it this way, so I have curled it like going backwards instead of like opposite, I don't know, usually okay, so I had did it like this. Usually I do it like this. I don't know why I do it like that. I think I seen one girl do it like that and stuck with it, but this is way better. I like it. I love how the curls turned out. I like how they look after you brush them out with your fingers. Thank you Alicia here for sending me this wig. This wig gets a I'ma say a nine, because um, like y'all seen when I had brush it out like the curls of my fingers. They did not stay at all, so it was just like you'd have to re-curl it. It only took me about 20 minutes to recurl this wig and it's a 24 inch that was really good. The plucking process was very easy. I feel like that's very beginner friendly other than that. I think everything else went well. I didn't even need to bleach the knots like, as you can see. Where is the lace like not? It'S like? There was no knots to bleach, because this was a light brown blonde type hair, but this looks really good. I like it. It gets a 9 out of 10 for me. Thank you Lisa here for sending me this wig. If you want to match me, make sure you go down below to get it baby, all the information to their company is down below as well. Thank you guys. So much for watching give this video a thumbs up and you can follow all my social medias at the end of the video bye, yeah foreign

Tootie0105: Love the consistency ❤❤❤❤❤

Morgan's DCIM: I didn't even notice the pink in it when you posted your pics in this wig. Really cute and subtle!

Conjured Coco: This looks bomb on you

Candace Amanirenas: This colour is gorgeous

Yolissa Hair: So gorgeous~Love it

Rebecca Powers: Love it ❤

Candace: Crissy where did you get that water spray bottle? And that wig looks gorgeous on you

Kandis Humes: Stunning

The CB Nation: I love this wig on you !!

A.M. Squad the Upbeat of a Single Mother: I am loving it

Amber Fair: ❤️

Mechi Reviews it all: That is soo pretty but some of these wigs company be sending crap wigs to non successful youtubers

Natasha Phillips: So nice

Rosanne Singh:


TaeGottiii: heyyyyyy

Ja’da Albright: Hey You Don’t Even Know How Big You And Mila Can Get If You Just Make A Couples Channel‍♀️ I Know You Are Against It But Honestly I Would Rather Watch A Video When The Both Of You Are In It. I Mean Look At The View Difference When You Guys Put Each Other In Yall Thumbnails. ❤️

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