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What'S up youtube, it's your girl, jd journey and i'm back with another video, and today's sponsor will be beautiful ever y'all know. Beauty forever is a company that i've been working with for forever. Today i have a wig from them and i'm just going to show you guys basically me putting it on. This is not really a tutorial, but more so just a watch me do my hair shout out to boohoo for sponsoring this video. This is a 28 inch. Wig that i got from now, that's a frontal, but on the sides it was like one inches apart in space. So, instead of doing a middle part, i decided to shift the wig over and to where it is the side part like y'all see um. I did initially like this hair, but no lie once i got out of town. It did start tangling like and freezing for some reason. I can't understand why it was frizzing up so bad. So i don't know if it's the products i may have put on the hair or what or if it was humid outside, but yeah the hair did freeze up while i was wearing it, but it was still soft and it was. It was weird to me because it was soft, but i didn't understand why it kept freezing up. So i love the hair. How styled it and y'all know beauty forever. Is a company that i've worked with you know in the past or whatever this was a body wave, wig, um and as y'all see, this is me trying to wiggle on and here i'm showing y'all the entire week, because people asked me to show the construction. So that's my attempt at showing y'all how it looks on the inside and y'all see that one inch all companies are giving you that lately. So when you buy frontal wig, please know that you're, basically paying for um like a closure and like one inch of edge space, which i mean i guess it's because of the lace shortage, but that's not very helpful at times. So i would definitely say make sure you know what you're buying, but if you want a side part it's kind of hard, especially in these times, so what i did to combat that is, i shifted the wig over a little bit more to the side where i Want the part - and that helped me have the part you know as a deep side - part instead of a middle part or a high up side part but yeah, i'm just installing a wig everything was fine. Up to here. I just i was going to straighten it. Initially, but then i decided to go on with some curls, so i'm going to start talking, i'm just going to let it play through and i'll come back to y'all when i'm styling the hair. Do i yeah? Okay, do y'all see how high up that hair is on the side part well now, i'm about to show you guys how to get it flat with a combination of a wax stick and holding spray. You should be able to accomplish this with a hot comb as well, so i was using the got to be it's the blue and blue and purple purplish pink, holding spray. I feel like it works way more than got to be in the yellow bottle, because it's more lightweight and it doesn't necessarily like make the hair hard like freeze spray does so i would strongly suggest that you guys go out and purchase it. It was a very good buy, but the only thing i would say is once it's gone, it's gone because that thing runs out so fast like i had it for like three or three weeks, but i got to pee last, like a month and a half so Yeah, but here i am just flattening the hair you want to go in in small sections, apply the wax, stick and apply the um apply the the spray and then you're going to go in with the hot comb, and this is going to give you the flattest Part ever literally, yes, it so! Yes, okay! So yes, yes, yes! So here's me going and curling the hair styling it. How i wanted to like. I said guys. This is not really like a walk-through video. I have plenty of week tutorials that you guys can refer back to this is more just so a review like i said i really did like this hair um, but for some reason, when i got out of town it just started acting crazy on me like it Started freezing up and doing all weird stuff - i don't know if i needed a serum or what, but it just was making me very mad, but it wasn't terrible and y'all know. This is one of the companies that i love, but i do prefer beauty forever. Curly textures over their straights in their body ways. I'Ve always said that so yeah take what you want with that, but um. All in all this was a pretty pretty cool wig. I did end up giving it away after i wore it, but yeah it was nice. It served its purpose, it was long and cute and it did i'm not gon na lie. It did do better when i put crimps in it. I ended up crimping this hair. Later on after i went out of town - and it definitely you know - did what it was supposed to do so yeah, i don't know if it was, i think it was me not using any serum or just i don't know but yeah. This is just what i'm doing, putting some little cute curls in it and y'all are going to see the outcome. I think, oh guys, this is the finished product super cute, super gorge, um and yeah. Like i said later on, i did end up cramping this hair, which you guys will see, but i want to thank you guys for watching shop beauty forever. Here i love you guys. Um and yeah i'll see you guys in the next video like comment subscribe and yeah peace, all out praying for your happiness.

Behind TheLens: Girl, I ain’t even watched the video yet but you’ve been coming back to back with the content. I love it!!!!

Alexis Mason: I feel you on the lace shortage I feel like I’m dealing with a t-part sometimes

Ali Pearl Hair: You look super good in crimped style!

curly girl B: Hey love this hair on you. I think I will be buying one asap hunty

Brown Sugar: Soo pretty

Jolene BAGEZI: what products do you use to straighten your wig and make your baby hair? Please

Dee Luther: Good Video as always Lovely thumbnail tho You looking Hella Pretty Makeup on Point EnJoy your Sunday night Happy MarvelouS Week Too Stay Bless n Be safe always

David Parnell: Awesome

Burnaire Guthridge: Baby you beautful with or without your wigs on

Dolly Tshabalala: You look so Beautiful

Burnaire Guthridge: You have pretty eyes

Shennoi Holt: ♡

nicole: Early

Jane Doe: I heard they hair

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