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age : 19

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Well guys it's hard, and I try to make today a good day today was just not. It was a horrible day, yeah, just a little bit just a tad bit, just because of the simple fact that I didn't have anyone to spend the day with and then I go to work. I have a horrible day at work. I pay 150 to the word. Twenty dollars a park and I made zero, so I came home in the negative, hey guys before we hop into today's video. I want to show you guys this wig from elephant hair. They sent me over a beautiful, gorgeous wig. They also sent me some care cards on how to take care of the hair, a wig cap and a pair of lashes and a rat tail comb. This is the good comb too y'all, so yeah elephant hair definitely came in clutch and, along with these goodies, they sent me the beautiful wig. Of course, all the details about this wig will be down below in the description. This wig was very, very, very easy to work with it's a 555 HD lace closure. The lace is truly HD lace. Some companies lie and say you know they have HD lace, but this is real HD lace. The lace was so thin and melted into my skin. So well, the hair was so freaking soft and for this to be curly hair it did not even shed like it was shedding. It was so soft, it didn't come with odor it didn't stink and once again it was super super soft like it feels really really good like real human hair, because it is real human hair, so yeah. Thank you, elf and hair for sending me over this wig. Again, all the details about this wig will be down below and I'm gon na. Let you guys just watch me install this wig and I did it super quick. I saw this wig in like 30 minutes and it was just super easy to work with and amazing. So, thank you so much open here for this wig also bleaching. The knots was not an issue at all pluck it was not an issue at all. You know this was just a great wig overall. So, if you're interested in getting a wig check out elephant hair, the details about this wig will be down below you guys see that lace. Okay, look at that lace! That is something true, HD lace! That'S how your lace should look. Okay, so shop shop, your wigs from Elf and hair, like look at that lace. Well, yeah put some ice on my head here. I'M just pulling out my baby hairs. I'M ready to pluck pluck plug I'm gon na plug. You know and just pluck out the hairline. So it won't be super super thick, so I can create some pretty baby hairs and with this wig being so soft like plucking, was not an issue. The hairline already like, wasn't super crazy thick, so I didn't even have to pluck much at all and plucking was very easy with this wig gas yeah y'all. Look at this milk! Oh look at that. If I ever get the band off look at that melt! Okay! Yes, this is some great lace. Look at that. I shot it still sitting sideways initial four friends trying to leave. I put that top left. All I need to put on the wig to you know, get those curls popping was water, and I also added some mousse for long lasting curls, but yeah you see those curls and all it took was water and a little bit of mousse. I love this way from elephant wig from elephant Hair Shop it down below all the details will be down below. This is the finished product. Thank you guys for watching this portion of the video. Now we're going to continue to get into the rest of the video and once again all the details about this wig will be down below so yeah check out, hopefully over here guys, hey um. Welcome, oh welcome back to my channel. It'S your girl, Dayla doll. Today'S video will be like a little week in my life, so today um I'm doing a photo shoot so yeah, I'm doing a Valentine's Day photo shoot because Valentine's Day is coming up. So you know I got ta, show you something, but if you haven't got a valentine or even if you do, you still show yourself but yeah. So I'm about to do a lot of something photo shoot like I was saying: I'm shooting with bdp films underscore follow him um and book with him. If you live in Atlanta Georgia or just the Georgia area period, it don't matter. Look for him because he's amazing he's not a weirdo y'all know how most photographers be like weirdos and make all us. Girls feel like uncomfortable yeah he's not a weirdo. He don't try you on no weird [, __ ] he's cool. Like he's actually cool. He takes really good pictures, it is them well professional and make you feel comfortable. So he has a beautiful, fantastic setup and he does a lot of like special things for the holidays. He did a Christmas one. He did my Christmas photo shoot. He does brand shoes. So if you have a brand, if you have a lash brand hair brand clothing brand anything book with him for that he's amazing, so yeah book with him. This is what I'm wearing it's lingerie. I can't really show y'all because it's a bit explicit, okay and I want um, you two to demonetize me, but this is the setup it's so freaking cute like I feel special. I ain't never had. I ain't never walked into no one with rose petals like I feel special. I feel like it's Valentine's Day baby. This is beautiful, so yeah, oh, that's what I'm wearing lingerie, hey gotcha, lay in Los Angeles on the other side, [ __ ], acting like we tired. Oh it's Valentine's Day is tomorrow and y'all. Please don't mind my tooth if you see it like pop out, because I chipped my tooth so just ignore it, but Valentine's day is tomorrow. I'M super sad about it. I'Ve literally been crying for the past two or three days because of the fact that I don't have a valentine like I'm not feeling about this [ __ ], but my best friend told me the girl, it's okay. My best friend is in college by the way in case y'all didn't know she was just like girls. Okay, just go just go and take yourself out because I'm trying to say put these nipples spoil yourself and take yourself out. So that's what I'm gon na do right now, I'm in Ross just getting so um sweatpants, just a double real, quick, this little outfit! Well, it's not athlete it's just an outfit! It'S just something I'm wearing just with my earrings and go to work later, but I just need to buy some jogging pants um to go with it, because I want like 10 seconds but and go shopping a little bit for something to wear tomorrow. So I can take myself out, I don't know what I'm gon na. Do. I don't know what I want to wear. I just know I want to be free tomorrow. I just want to get cute as [ __ ], take pictures and post on the ground. Take myself out yeah yeah foreign I've been crying a lot lately, y'all like I'm, I'm so sensitive. I don't know, but I probably end up [ __ ] crying in this vlog s. I'M really sad at the fact that I don't have a lot of time like what I'm too fine to not have no Valentine like, but [ __ ], you [, __ ]. You just want my [ __ ] yourself, but I don't even spending a whole lot of money right now. This is my birthday coming up, so I'm not gon na spoil myself crazy. Let me just get you know myself, something nice do something nice for myself, but I ain't gon na go all out, but I just think it's your day. I think it's ridiculous that I don't have anybody to spend Valentine's Day with, but whatever love yourself and date yourself, that's what I'm gon na do. I'M gon na get these ugly ass sweatpants all right y'all, so I just got to Shane Justice store Atlanta um from here it's like. Well, I got ta Park and walk, but whatever the principle they got, I know they be having bad [ __ ] stuff, and I just want to feel like a bad ass, [ __ ] tomorrow, bye, bye, Jada and Ari, where these folks close. So I have to move like a bad [. __ ] over here changes the fashion period. Oh, I'm not close, y'all, don't close to nine what time that I came all the way here, you're so pretty inside though, but that did I come all the way here. Just gon na make clothes in between now I'm gon na call them hey, I'm outside the store. Are you guys closed and say y'all, close uh at nine online yeah? Okay, thank you. Let'S [ __ ] up, sometimes when they close at eight y'all time. I say I close all night at nine online. This is why I [ __ ] hate black people. You, I don't hate black people. I love black people, I'm sorry that is traffic under me to say, especially during this month, but y'all y'all got online on Instagram on the doe y'all close at 9, but y'all close at 8. [ __ ] is dead, so I'm gon na call. This other store. How do you say that [ __ ], let's see what time they [ __ ] close, because what the hell that [, __ ] did blue okay, y'all I'm here at the other place whatever closet, and it's so pretty, but I think they closed. I think they are closed, because I don't see anybody in there. Let me step and try it out. Oh, I was not focused yeah, they closed it's so pretty, though just blurry as hell, but damn. Oh, they open it. Okay period and I see cute stuff all for real, it's cute. I think I left my phone in the car cute [ __, ] yeah. This is some bad [ __ ]. What two outfits? Hey good? How are you? I want two outfits. I want a cute dress and heels, and then I want like a cute active outfit jumpsuit or something, but they got some cute stuff. Hey everybody happy valentine day period. I'M actually happy today, like I'm, not gon na lie. I'M actually happy today because I flicked it in yesterday, so let me check the [ __ ] up, but I'm happy today, like I thought today. I'D be sad crying and if it wasn't for that, I definitely would be definitely so. It is like five o'clock. Oh 418, I'm gon na get my nails done. I had plans okay, this is what I wanted to do today. I wanted to get up early. Go, get me out from the mall. Just a cue, I'm gon na take myself out to breakfast all that, but I woke up late as hell like always so I'm just gon na go get my nails done, go to market outfit and go from there I'll, probably end up just going to work. Honestly, I just feel like looking cute, so I'm gon na just eat some quick little outfit from the mall, just some cute little red one piece or something I don't know and do my hair and makeup after I get my nails done, maybe get something to eat Somewhere or something I don't know, it's gon na be a [, __, ], okay, it looks like okay be up on the other side. All right, y'all just got my nails done and they are so cute. They look like oh [, __ ]. They look like little um, I don't know they're cute, but I got my toes done like two days ago and they white, so it matched and it's cute. Now I'm gon na go to the mall something cute to wear, because I just want to be cute today. Simple, I want to be cute today so yeah, I don't know what I'm end up doing, but I'm gon na end up doing something for myself and just getting cute period in this life. I'Ve been scarred, even though I don't have a Valentine's today, I'm actually like really happy today. That'S crazy, like I thought, I'd, be sad, but we're crying, but today is such a pretty day outside. I can't do nothing but be happy and just like it's like, I feel the love in the air like. I feel the love in there, so [ __ ] other people getting a little bit is good for them, I'm happy for them. I ain't even bitter, like [ __ ] [ __ ] [, __ ], you [ __ ], you [ __ ], you, like I ain't even like that, it's just like damn. I wish I had somebody to spend the day with, but I don't so I'm spending by myself. Thank you all right, y'all, okay y'all. So I just got to the mall and what the [ __ ] is he texting me from anyway. I just got some. Thank you. I just got to the mall and I'm gon na buy me some I'm good. Thank you. Thank you. A lot of sand. I miss a mom. I'Ve been trying to find something to wear something cute make it to my YouTube. I don't even look like McDonald's same pieces yesterday, but my body is clean, so not too much on me. Why did I even come into forever 21.? I need to go to like one of the little boutiques in the mall. I don't know okay yeah, I'm at the mall. I need something to wear. I'M really aiming for white pink red, something: okay caliber! Is it caliber? What'S going on this demo right here here, yeah and then my new blue, you see him hey, I'm gon na. Take you out there my horizons and [ __ ] for sure on YouTube, real quick. I need to find something and just go to work because y'all look at this cute Valentine's Day, section I'm talking about myself, something, oh my God. It'S so cute, like all these cute stuff, I got stuff for men, the females I'm gon na, get myself song. No! Thank you. The fact that I don't want to spend no money on my own self is crazy. Yeah. They got that. I mean Duke they're Chicago. Why is it so famous each stores just get ghetto and get over? Why are they playing? I just want to rock ETS, okay y'all, so cash. I decided to go with this potentially a hot look. I probably end up not wearing it, because I don't got no shoes to match it, but it's cute and it's simple and I just really wanted to come back and support with his. You know. What'S the long grinding, [, __ ] get some candy or y'all shopping with him. Hurry up come on. Man read that one though it's weird and I don't know sassy [ __ ] don't get the light skin [ __ ]. I won't neither, though, neither I don't like him all right here. I'M gon na go home. It'S so tired of walking side tomorrow. Did I come too far? Oh y'all look! Oh my God. I don't like the poor people, but that man, but who always is a bear and a big balloon and a little balloon and he's standing outside that girl's job. I'M gon na give it to her as soon as she get off work, that is, the sweetest [ __ ] ever okay. I love these nails y'all, I'm mad, because this man, next to me, is trying to give me a business card to fix my car because I'm not crashed my car, but I didn't realize till I just read his truck [, __ ], say auto body collision, but It'Ll be embarrassing to be like oh wait, never mind, let me get it. I'M sorry, but I just didn't want to you know: reach into a strange clothing, get a card and what the [ __ ]. You was trying to hit me, but he just trying to help my little glass out. Oh well, I'm gon na. Take that l it it damn y'all he looking confused as [ __ ] like [ __ ]. Take my car [ __ ] foreign, but I just I just you know I be nervous and probably I won't be trying to talk and then they're like it's Darkness. Well guys it's hard and I try to sleep today. A good day today was just not. It was a horrible day and yeah I've been crying just a little bit just a tad bit just because of the simple fact that I didn't have anyone to spend the day with, and then I go to work. I have a horrible day at work. I pay once we do the work twenty dollars a park, then I had to put gas in my car, so I spend almost two hundred dollars and I made zero. I can't have a zero, so I came home in the negative three so yeah, so they just wasn't a good day. This will conclude this video. I tried the Navy because they special it's just wasn't it it wasn't it babe, hopefully next year, be better hope that look back on this video make sure and be like wow. I had to shoot a little uh Valentine's Day, but this day is much better, but we'll see, I don't know whatever make it yeah, I'm blowing them through them, irritating I'm doing but make sure y'all subscribe. Like a comment, the um

Jasquinae: U still bodied the day with a great spirit n I loved that

Ava Blac: girl it's ok I never had one before that's even worse but you are loved no matter what!

Kat Elvine: Girl all this love we got for you I hope you can feel it you are amazing

Valentina Kamara: You’re so funny Dayla you never fail to make me laugh

Hope K: Yes isn’t ironic how American black businesses behave that way . I’m black American too and can someone explain it to me I’m over ( fifty ) years old why does this occur hmmm . Love the wig install .

Zakiya Wiltz: I’m sorry you had a bad Valentine’s Day lovebut at least you looked gorgeous okkkkk

Nahnah&YBDrewskiii: Dont be sad im 23 never had a valentine Never ben on a date never had a real bf so its okay girlyy Spoil yourself your day will come one day

GoddessShakeDancar: Hey sister I'm sorry to hear about your Worst Valentines Day. You look beautiful however so you know what that means a lot of dudes missed out.

Jae Denise: loving the consistency

I Paint&Sang: Love the realness Queen

Gigi Tynae: Heyy doll are we able to get a detailed tutorial of how you do your makeup ? I love Everytime you beat your face

Markisse Nazaire: I love your videos so much happy valentine day

Nelson Howard: One word outstanding ps sorry about v-day if knew you were alone I would have came to the atl and show love ❤️ and that photo shoot was mesmerizing

Princess Noble: Love it Dayla

Beautiful Lee: Not flick the bean im hollering

Myaa Latrese: Lol she went in my store rainbow, my manager be playing the music

Ivana Renee: lmfaoo im dead you shouldve jus took yourself out on valentines im sorry you had a bad dayyy

Nahnah&YBDrewskiii: Firstt i seen u in a music video witcho manss congratulations Girllyy i hope u get more Collabs soon

Isatou Gomez: look so pretty

TRUCKINGWITOCI: Omg can you do my hair all of your wigs be laid ❤❤

Starr Jae: Clicked so fast ❤

25kimt: Which mall u shop at?? Greenbrier used to be my spot. I’m from ATL but moved in 2000. I notice every time I come to visit can’t really find a good shopping spot.

Gina Provost: You're beautiful love

TheRealKay Fly.: ❤❤

Made By Beauty Isabella: We L❤ve You

GoddessShakeDancar: Also other sisters because if you didn't work and went out instead you would have been a sight for sore eyes for a fact. I mean do anything to be at the table with sisters like us.

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