How To Remove The Double Lace | Bobbi Boss Synthetic Hair 13X5 Hd Frontal Lace Wig - Mlf471 Darcy

Today I will be reviewing the Boss Synthetic Hair 13x5 HD Frontal Lace Wig - MLF471 DARCY. I have the Color Shown on the stockcard : M1B/TQ.BLU. I also will be showing you step by step tutorial on how to remove the double lace if you choose to do this step. this step is optional but for me personally I feel like removing it makes the unit look more natural. let's chat

HD Ultra Scalp Illusion

Soft Focus Double-Lined HD Lace

- HD Skin-Blending Lace

- Double-Lined for Hidden Knots

- Hand-Tied Extra Wide Lac

- Free Partinge

- Premium High Heat Fiber-Safe Heat Styling

- Baby Hair

- Flex Fit

Wig Sale:


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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I'm your girl, miss Chrissy. Today, I'm reviewing the Bobby Boss, HD 13 by 5, frontal wig in the style Darcy. I have this nice pretty one v, TQ blue color. It'S really subtle! With this one be color, and then the streets of blue are in it and it's a nice subtle midnight blue. This has your two clones in the front right next to the lace, your one in the back and then your adjustable straps. So this wig in particular, does come with this double line: HD lace - guys. I had put this on my head initially - and the line of demarcation was so bad that I just decided to cut it out. So I'm using a seam ripper and I'm just showing you here how I cut it out, then I put my finger in there and I just cut it out slowly. You want to be real careful with this part, because you don't want to rip this lace, but I feel like taking out this extra line that it came in. It really helps with making this wig look more believable and removing that line of demarcation. So I'm just showing you guys up close how to just gently go through this lace and rip. It just be real careful with this part, guys it's absolutely optional, but, like I said to remove that line of demarcation, I just felt like removing this extra double line. Lace was necessary. I think they were trying to give us like a scalp illusion, but it just wasn't working for me, so I'm removing it. So now I'm just putting it on my mannequin head and I'm just showing you guys just go amongst that thread and slowly remove it the front part of removing it is not hard, but it's a little bit more delicate than the back. The back gets a little bit easier once you see that I get to the back, I'm just gon na totally like pretty much rip it off, but the front you want to be more gentle because you don't want to get any holes. You don't want to rip the lace and you don't want to mess it up, so this back part is definitely much easier because it's like you're ripping it off the cap versus just working it off the lace. So it's definitely much easier and this is pretty much the final result I mean just a frontal with it removed that double lace removed, and I think this looks a lot better. So I'm just going in with my foundation here and I'm finding that lace that lace to me as much as it says: HD it just wasn't matching my complexion, so I'm just matching it. You could use whatever you need to use to match that lace and then I'm just going ahead and melting it with my bedhead spray. I went ahead and change my clothes guys because I wanted the lace to show up better for you. I wanted you to really see that blue color and the black just wasn't working girl. I don't know, wasn't working so I'm just cutting off the lace here and then I'm gon na go ahead and melt it in some more and I just press it down. I'M kind of fast-forwarding parts and doing all of that, but this whole process I want to say, took about 10 minutes. Then I go in with my wax stick just because it has some flyaways. I also went in with a little bit of heat off-camera, just to kind of lay that top part flat and then I'm just showing you the length of the wig. That'S pretty much it. You are gon na get some tangling with this wig. It'S synthetic but nothing! Your brush can't comb out. The texture is really silky guys. This week is also kind of thin, but I think it's pretty cute for $ 30, I mean you're, not gon na get a human hair bobby boss blend, but I mean look at it. It'S a look. I think it works, it is what it is. Let me know what you guys are thinking about this unit. Would you buy her and until next time beauties, we will talk later

Miss Khrissy: I decided to remove the HD double lace but its totally optional. How are we feeling a this new HD double lined lace. Would you remove it? Lets chat!

Brii's Vanity: This unit looks really silky and I love how natural it looked once you took the double lace out. It looks thin but that's what makes it look natural as well. Thanks for the review sis!❤️

Fee-Bee Romero: I removed the double line in all 3 of my bobbi boss double lace wigs . Crazy how they thought that was a good idea. She looks beautiful within it.

DeAnna Monet TV: I love this color! I'm glad you took out that fake scalp, this looks really cute

It’s Beauty Elise: Yes, I would have cut the double line out too! I saw Fee bee do the same thing in her review! Great review as always Khrissy!

Shenice Numan: I hope after seeing you and others remove this double lining they decide no longer do the double lining. Cute wig! You slayed this look boo!

craine2013: Hi from Canada new stubbier, love this unit. I’m just starting to dab into lace front wigs to help with my hair fall out ☹️. Because I’m new I tend to look for wigs that are thinner and have less density. This one is very nice, love the blue effect. Nice tips great video!!!

Kimira Jewels: Catching up . I like it so much better without that extra lining. That blue colour is subtle but beautiful . Love your makeup!

Triumphant Tiff: Miss Khrissy I been off youtube for a hot min but I'm here catching up on your videos and running your playlist all the way through on my laptop. I'm glad you cut the double lace on this one because the end result was ! Great job.

Arnita Vonzell4: Enjoyed this one. The color is beautiful . Too advanced for me but it looks really good.... really good. Another awesome review and loved you showing us something new.: stay blessed and safe ♥️♥️

Beautiebymark: I love this color. I really like the other two from this line. I noticed the line in Wendy not the other one as much. This one seems totally different with the hair texture than the other two. I was thinking about getting this one too, but I think I'll pass. The do like the length on you. Scalp looks hella good now. YASSSSS

WeezyWigReviews: The color was very pretty on you Sis. I love me a dark blue & dark purple wig! Great job honey!

April G: I always wondered how to remove it for that reason I never bought any wigs thank you for this

Ifa K Slays: I haven’t seen anyone use a hem ripper yet sis! Ok then! I love this look on you boo

Carrie M: They did us dirty with them darn double laces! Like wtf Thanks for showing us the process, but I can’t deal lol!! So much better without it, like we're taking off what they just added for no reason at all smh Giiiiirl this is voice over season!

Nuri B.: I like that color wig, it's nice. The wig looks very good on you. I may purchase it. Thanks for sharing.

Tacha's Society: When u cut the double lace and u laid this unit yasss this is a look

Queen Mila: Awesome video sis!

Picky Dell: I think it was better once you took the extra lace out and makes it look more realistic!!! ~ Momma Dell

Shanise Nicole: I hate that double lace they get kudos for taking the initiative but it’s definitely a hit or miss things

Carrie M: The color is FIYAAAAAA

Joy Austine Oluwafunmilayo: Awww thank you for sharing

HARYANVI GEET Babli: 11 Big like very good

Shanise Nicole: I love the color on you but personally I feel like this wig needs a little more volume real flat. I feel like Bobbi Boss trying , love how you all calm and mellow on your voice over I said ooooh she serious

Magikalblackness: I see this 1k and I get happy all over again

Stilllookingood58: Wow, you are the second person I saw cut this out. Was that scalp thing what made it $40?

Kie RaShon: The future is KHRISSY!!❤❤

Cooking with Iqra rauf:

Bree: I have double lace but personally won’t be trying this method just because i’m scared i’ll mess it up.. I just got the bobbi boss double lace.. i’m brownskin, do you think I can like “fake it till I make it” and put foundation on top of the double lace? or should I just risk it all and try this method ?

BOBBI BOSS: ❤️❤️❤️

The Blueprint: Good morning to ya ✨

Donita Marie: I hope the just chill off the double lace. It’s annoying lol

Cooking with Iqra rauf: U are so cute dear

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