Melted Invisible Hd Lace!!! I Short Wavy 13X6 Lace Front Wig I Wigencounters

The wig I'm wearing in this video is from WIGENCOUNTERS:

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Hair Code :SWL002

Hair Type : Indian virgin hair

Hair Color : Natural Black

Hair Length :14 inches

Hair Density : 150% density

Cap Construction : 6 inches deep parting lace front wig

Baby hair around the perimeter

Natural Preplucked Hairline

Lace Type : Invisible HD skin melt swiss lace

Lace Color : Suitable for All Skin Tones

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Ruby Kisses Powder:

Wig Grip Cap: hair

Deep Waver:

Flat Iron:

Kendras Boutique Hotcomb:


Wand Curler:

Wig Stand:

Wig Head:

Aussie Moist Shampoo & Conditioner:

Sleek & Shine Serum:

Curl Cream:

spray Bottle:

Bleaching Powder:

Developer:(Cheaper at Sally"s)

lotta body curl mousse:

She is bomb fuse foam:

Wax stick:

Lace Tint:

Ebin New York Spray:

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Hey guys, I'm back today with another video, this one is going to be brought to you by the company, wig and counters, but before I get started on all of the details, please make sure to hit the subscribe button. It is free and also turn those notifications on. So you don't miss out on any of my videos, so in the box they included a red silicone. They also included a makeup bag, and then you will get a wig cap now this unit, I will be showing you guys today, is a part of their invisible, HD skin milk line. This is a Swiss lace wig. It is six inches of the parting space. Now this one is the lace front, curly bob wig, i have it in the natural black color, this one is also 14 inches and then 150 percent in density. So this is what the unit looks like straight out of the package like I said it is a natural black color, so it is coming off a little bit dark once again, this is the Swiss lace. You do get two combs on the side, a comb in the middle or combing, the backing or adjustable straps, and they also have the removable elastic band on this unit. Now this one also does have a nice precooked hair line and they also have a bleach knock option on the website. This one came with the whole lace bleached, but you do not have to pick that if you are not a fan of the company's bleaching you're not so this is what the hair looks like after it has been freshly washed and air dried. I did solid. On my mannequin hand, I used my hace muy, shampoo and conditioner, and my she is my mother body phone to style this week. It was very easy for me to wash it. It was quick because they already bleached the knots for me and I didn't have to go in, and click on any hair in the front. So this cap size is, I believe, a medium cap. Size is just a standard cap size which is about a twenty-two and a half. I believe I'll try to make sure to get that info for you guys once again, so now, I'm just going to work on cutting off the lace on this unit. This is that super fine lace, so it's very very thin, and it's going to blend in and melt into your skin. You want to be very careful because one thing about this superfine lace is the ends can be wilt at the ends. The start of the unit can come out looking a little bit jagged because of the lace, so you want to make sure to go in and cut off as much lace as possible that you are comfortable with and not lead to much unless you plan on either Growing it down or using some type of adhesive, because to me it kind of shows a little bit in the front, so I'm trying to get up close as possible, but that is what the unit is looking like before I decide to adhere it down. For today. I am going to go in and use my olive oil super hole, fixer spray and I'm just going to use the rat tail comb and I'm going to spray on the end of the red, silicone and just lightly press it around the hairline. Because if this fit me okay, I don't want to go in with the super hold. I just only want to focus on the front and I'm really only focusing on where the lace starts, because I don't want it to look like it's rolling up and I don't want to see those jagged pieces. The mountains going in with my Garnier Fructis sleek and shine serums to kind of fluff up this unit. So one thing I will say is that out of the package, the unit has a much tighter curl pattern to me: it's not really on the curly side anymore. After you wash it, I am getting like a loose wave vibe you guys have to. Let me know what you think, I'm just making sure to come out there cast from the Shia's balm fuse foam so that it softens up a little bit and then I'm gon na go in with my care care, wax stick and my hot comb and just press Around the hairline, and also by the parting space and at the top of the unit, so that I can get it to lay as flat as possible. I'M just going to take my scissors and work on cutting off some of the hair at the bottom. It was coming off slightly frizzy at the bottom of the unit, and I just wanted a shorter cut now this one is 14 inches once again, but it was coming off slightly longer on me. So you'll see me kind of going back and forth cutting the ends off until I'm happy with the way it looks, and also making sure the top of the unit is laying down really flat because it was still coming off slightly humpy after I'm satisfied with how I cut the unit in the front now I'm just going to work on putting some powder into the parting space, I'm going in with my Ruby, kisses 3d contour creator powder palette and that's just going to make it look a little bit more natural like I said They did bleach the nuts completely on this unit, but for me the knots were more invisible in the front of the hairline like they did a really good job with that, and then the knots were a little bit darker in the parting space. So I do feel like you are gon na, have to use some type of powder or foundation to make it look a little bit more natural. I also went back and kind of fixed, my middle part up because it was kind of slightly off to me. You guys know when I started. On my mannequin hand, my parts, my middle part to me, is always a little bit off, but after I'm happy with it, I'm gon na go back in with a little bit more powder and then put something around the hairline. Just to knock off that shine from the fix-it spray, I'm just going to put a little bit of spray on the edge brush and I'm going to just brush that hair back so that it stays in place so guys. This is the final look of this unit. I love the way that it looks now that I have cut it down, especially in the front. The hair is very nice and soft and fluffy. I was a little bit concerned because, after I styled it, while it was wet, even when I put it on my head, I thought that it was coming off a little bit thinner. So I wasn't sure of how I was going to look once I flipped it out, because the density just didn't feel as high, so this unit does start at 12 inches and then you can get it add: 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22. Also, of course, the more length you add, the higher the price is going to be. This one looks good enough to wear for every day and it's also lightweight it's 150 percent like towards the middle, but at the top of the unit it isn't as high as a density. All the way around so you're, not gon na, have a problem with getting it flat. As far as the lace goes, the lace melts in really well you're, not gon na have to really do too much with that, so they did a good job on it and also they did bleach the knives. But, like I said in the party space area, they did come off a little bit dark, but the hairline around the hairline. It looks really good and melted in so with this unit. I did end up wearing it for another two days and I didn't put it on with a wig grip. It was fine, it fit great to my head and I didn't have to do any extra blending as far as putting on adhesive and extra powder. I just threw it on and fluffed it up and went. But, however, by the end of the day I did run across a little bit of tangling in the nape area and the unit was coming off slightly dry. So I did have to go in with some extra serum just to make it look a little bit more moisturize and I did get a little bit of shedding. So like I say that this unit is coming off more of a loose wave after you watch it, which could be a good thing for some, because it's not going to be as high-maintenance and it's a shorter length. So you can just kind of throw it on and go and wear it as an everyday unit. So guys, let me know what you are thinking about this one. If you are filling it, if you guys are I'll make sure to leave all the details down below in the description area, once again, don't forget to subscribe to my channel Turtles notifications on share and like this video and I'll see you guys next time, bye, guys

V Jones: I love a loose wave! You always make all your wigs look so natural!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

T Rachelle: I was lucky enough to get this wig through your sale. The hairline on this is so natural ! I don't even have to glue it down just used a little spray like you did

Silky Saks: This HD lace is amazing.The hairline is flawless

Cher Cleveland: I love this! I love the length, the waves, and that 6” deep parting space.

Sakita Clark: I love the loose wave pattern after you washed it. Always slaying in these streets!

Shanise Nicole: I like the curl pattern before it was shampooed. I always like wigs before washing them but they smell the lace on this wig was perfection you really styled this wig babe. Love the video per usual ❤️

Shanise Nicole: I could tell this wig was going to lay to perfection when you put it on before even cutting the lace off

patrice moore: This is really cute. I love the wave pattern and the density of this unit.

teamkerie: Thank you for not adding all em dramatic "adult hairs" Lol Love the look

Love Yourself: It looks really pretty as a loose wave and the hairline is flawless

Peaches Royale: Feeling the loose wave vibe....a wig you can wear on the running an errand kind of day

NatNRealLIFE !: Wig looks lovely on you. It’s one size fits all which means it probably isn’t big head friendly.

Cara Newme: Love the lace as always love watching your videos. Can’t wait until the wig sale. Happy New Year

Samantha X: I love the length and the thickness of the unit happy Sunday

Sun Rise: This is a Beautiful unit!

Miss Khrissy: I appreciate your videos so much, I've learned so much from u! I wish I could hug u through the screen i love the fact that u show how units look after being washed bc that's realistic Thanks for sharing

crysten brooks: Okay this Company came thru on the lace melt tip!! And I love the look of the waves after being freshly washed. I would love to see fuller density but this seems like an easy going unit! Thank you for the Review!

lneal2800: Very pretty ❤❤ you know i love wavy unit's but its pretty it looks full to me love it very cute!!

Robin W: Love it!

Tweety Byrd: It is cute. I don't mind the loose wave but if I buy curly then that is what I'm expecting. Also I need this to come in small not one sized fits all cause I'm tired of the puckers in the back of my head.

TheHixMixTV: This a pretty unit Would you recommend that hot comb you used? Looking for one that got gets hot enough and small enough to flatten roots.

ROLANDA SAMUELS: Very nice, I really like the style on you

Alison Thomas: Flawless.

Amber Delivered: Pretty nails girly.!

Maggie Hasper: You look beautiful lovely ✨

rena toatley: She alright....the lace looks very nice

YOUR CUP OF TEA: I love this so nice

Letrice: This is a nice unit but after their flash sale that price point is kind of high $425 and its more once u add on the length as well yikes i know these wig companies are doing their things but they definitely need to keep in mind of the affordability for their customers especially if they like to switch up their hairstyles often

Tee Tee: 1st..HEY Sherelle hope Santa was good to you and your family Happy New Year love. Excited mg bday is On New Years Eve..having a seafood boil with Blove sauce..btw love that wig

Catina: Very cute Joy I like that on you

Francess Sanders: very beautiful wig girlfriend ❤

Brittany Cooper: Is it true that the Hd lace doesn’t last long

shalaunda bacon: You need to have a wig sale

PhoenixXx: Does this come flat like that at the top? Why does the waves start so far down? I like my curly/ wavy hair curly from the root. That just make it look fake.

LaShonda Buskey: Is this middle part only?

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