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Organizing my closet go outside hi, guys welcome back to another video. So today we are gon na, be organizing my closet. Now I know you guys love when I do home decor home organization type videos. So, if you're interested in seeing how I do in this video, please keep on watching and guys remember to download the link app. The fast and easy way to safely send and receive money on your mobile phone available both on Google Play and the Apple Store. Also follow them at link Jamaica on Instagram hi, guys welcome back to another week review video. Today we will be checking out one of my favorite companies short minimalistic wig, and that is going to be from love me here so guys this is gon na. Be love me hairs, shortcut, curly, minimalistic, undetectable lace, wig. Now I do not know what that week is or what the week should look like, but I'm told it is a 4x4 closure wig and it should be so short and so cute. Now, as usual, let's get into what love me here has sent in the Box first. So of course we have our cute little love me. Hair package inside is a leopard melt band and also an edge brush. Then, of course, we have a sand cap, wig cap and a cute little user's guide. Now, let's get into this shortcut, curly undetectable lace, wig. This should be for girls who don't want a wig that is too exciting a week. That is doing too much. You know too much color too much length. This is a wig for a girl who just wants a cute little. As the name says minimalistic look now. This is gon na, be eight inches right and, of course, they sent us a little organza bags to put our wig in after we finished wearing it now. The quality is as good as you're gon na get for a week. This short there's no shedding, and it feels just about silky now, of course, this is what the lace closure looks like and again it is a 4 by foreclosure. You know, they're gon na have Clips on either side clip towards the back and, of course, elastic band. To fasten the wig to your head: now: let's go ahead and get a close-up, so really really good texture. The wig is already parted out. So all we're going to need to do is just cut the lace and maybe apply a thin layer of got to be glued to just fasten the weak to our head, or we could actually just put the wig on with elastics and see just how we like That, because maybe glue is not even needed. This is what the wig looks like up close now, let's get into the installation. Thank you all right guys. So this is what they love me. Trendy shortcut, curly, minimalistic wig looks like again. It is eight inches and it is a four by four closure, so we're just gon na go in and cut some of the excess lace off from the front of this wig foreign. So there you have it guys. This is what the trendy shortcut curly minimalistic wig looks like from Love Me hair. Now again, this wig is eight inches. It is a four by four closure unit. All I did was just cut the excess lace from the front. I applied absolutely no glue. No normal lace glue no got to be glue, nothing at all there we have it. The wig is just resting on my head. I put a little bit of oil sheen and oil in it just to give it a more moisturized. Look. You could definitely go ahead and wet this hair if you want to give it a more Sleek look or it could wear it just as is cut it and frame it some more to your face. But this is it for this cute little wig from Love Me hair. Now, as always. Thank you. So much love me here for sponsoring today's video now back to your regular programming bus pause, yeah guys. As I was saying, I know you guys love when I do videos that feature my home or home stuff lifestyle type stuff. So we are in my bedroom today with my closet and we are going to be organizing it. No I've never done anything like this before. In terms of like organizing my closet, I'm a very simple girl when it comes to my closet and just clothing overall in terms of minute of like a special way to put the stuff them before this. My shoes were on the floor, but just took everything in the closet and do a meadow no me personally. I would have preferred in this apartment. If the closet was. You know something more special than this, but that's just my preference because of course people have it takes an uptown apartment, so I should have a walk-in closet. Lo and behold I do not have one. This is the type of closet that I have. I feel like. It'S okay for what it is doing right now I mean, if God is willing, I get the chance to yeah, send a message change things up. I would probably change this closet, but for right now at least me - I work with another because again we just stuff everything inside, but I have been wanting to try to you know probably color coordinate kind of set things up a little bit differently. No, I'm gon na really buy nothing for the video I'm gon na be using stuff that I already have. I have two types of hangers. I have these clear ones here that I used to have from. I had my clothing store and then I bought these velvet ones from PriceSmart. Now women have to go, buy new stuff, I'm gon na work with what I have currently been doing. I'Ve even been a care 1015. I am working with that. I have what I probably do is I'll, probably use these ones on the top rack and these ones on the bottom. But let's see how it goes when we get inside the closet. I do have another box over there with probably half of these black velvet ones. On the inside, if I need extras because, as I said, some of the clothes are all four things different one on us, so I need to take them off and like separate them. No, I again I like organizing - and I don't know if you guys like it for that purpose too, but it kind of frees up my head space. It makes it easier for me also when I need to get anything or when I'm doing anything like instead of addictual rubble. I can just get in and find what I'm finding, but I have always been putting up organizing my closet, just because we know it's going to be a little bit difficult, but of course I bring you guys on just about every other Journey. So why not bring you on this one? So, yes, the aim is to just make the closet more attractive right. I have some shoes boxes that I purchased on Amazon as of late I'll, go ahead and Link those in the description box below. I think you get like 20 or 24 in the case and I have probably like three cases and all them. Shoes still can't hold. But I don't have anywhere to put everything as yet, but we'll figure that out in the video. But you know for the talking. Let me show you guys what my closet looks like currently, not a stylish on the front, I'm trying to stop that, because I'm gon na, like it I'm trying to keep everything, that's supposed to be in the closet in the closet. Now this is what we're. Where can we originally? This closet only had the top rack, but before I moved in, I asked the owners if they could add a second rack to the bottom, because I knew I had too much clothing right. So, as I said, I have these shoes boxes here from Amazon. I have a few on top of the closet. Everything came out all inside because, of course, I have too much clothes, but I tried to set it up in a way where yeah I sound like a little gradient palettes to shortest and then so on and so forth. To try to accommodate the clothing that I have. No, because you can see you may just have everything children in there. Nothing is in any special order, so I kind of want to fix that. I also want to go ahead and take on stuff that I'm definitely not gon na wear things, I'm sure care fit me things, I'm gon na put on for four or five years. You understand I'm a certain chaos, the things that are bad color, I'm gon na get rid of those things, but let us see what we're working with. Thank you go outside all right guys, I'm gon na just take some of the stuff down. So this is what I was telling you about like. There are like four or five stuff on one hanger. Of course, I don't really have space for a long items, so I'm still gon na have to fold in like what I did this, but at least, if I could fold like all the blacks on one hanger, maybe I feel better. Maybe I'll do away with that brown angle yeah, because it don't fits in the vibe that we're trying to create gotcha, see how close I pulled on clothes. Yeah, I'm gon na do away with the ones the hangers that don't go with the vibe, but for sure I'm Gon na Keep the black and the clear ones. So, let's take these stones guys, there is not enough space on the bed to hold all this stuff. This is where I am currently, I have like half side taken down and then just a few from the bottom. So these are the Amazon shoes boxes. I was telling you guys about their plastic, so they come unfolded and you have to fold them and put them together. You can also join all of them into one. I did that with the ones at the top, but these ones at the bottom. I never did it, but these are actually really good and they're, not too expensive. So here I have them stacked at the bottom and then above the closet. I have some more, but what I think I'm gon na do is I'm gon na have to work with the stuff that I've taken down already, I'm gon na just start putting them back inside, so I'm gon na start with black and then Brown and I'm gon Na kind of do small tops, then t-shirts, then jackets, let's see how that works, but I'm gon na have to take from what's here and then organize them there, because I don't have enough space on the bed to fit everything. So let's go so like this guys. I'M gon na take this black bodysuit off and because I want to start with the clear hangers up top first, I'm gon na go ahead and put this bodysuit on a hanger for itself and start with black in the corner. So that's my first black item. So I'm going to go ahead and seek out all the other black stuff so like this, it's a jacket, so they should be at the back, so I'm doing small tops and then bigger tops. If I get what I mean so clear, hangers first and then I'm facing all my hangers in to the closet, I'm not gon na have some facing on some facing in everything is going to be faced in. So when I take it off, it comes off like this and I'm putting it back. I put it back at that. Just a little, you know, OCD organizers, tip so grab some more black stuff. Do I say where these latches? It'S not my problem! No because I don't ever feel like, I should discard up anything I feel like. I should have everything just in case now. I still wear this black dress, so I'm gon na put it back on the inside, so black dress. Should I put black dress before a jacket yeah, let me do that. Okay, so definitely never change. This hanger you get over me like well Mike, can't afford to buy all the same hangers, but we're gon na work with the hangers that we have, which are the clear ones and the black ones, and and just make it look neat. Okay, there's no reason why the place of a look, so so black top and we're gon na put black long sleeve top towards where all the other long sleeve stuff are. So when we're ready for gosh. For me, I go which I know is not anywhere too often, it's just easier. So if I want a black top or I want a crop top, I can go to Black crop top and find it quick and fast so dress long, sleeve or long sleeve version see this, but even sure, if that just I can't fit my number and I Feel like it was too short the last time I wore it to church, but I'm gon na leave it for right now and put it so all my tops or my dresses are facing front. So this is that dress. I put it towards the back where the jacket is so more black tops, so this is a black dress also, so, let's put it towards the back where the jacket is and so on and so forth. This is a black skirt, all right so like this now guys, so I'm gon na change this hanger by all this other work, because the clear hammers that I have are not made for they're not made for like these items, like, oh you say: oh the black One of the bridge - and you can fold it. I can't do that: okay, guys so oversized top long sleeve is gon na go against the jackets, but behind the dress, what do you think are in front and dress? Okay, so dresses and then jackets right now? The skirt, as I said, I'm gon na use this one since we're doing clear at the top, so we're gon na go with this and I'm gon na put it towards the front. Let me know if you think it should go towards the front or not, because I'm not 100 sure I don't know where sharks and those stuff are supposed to go, but this is a bodysuit. So let's get a clear hang on for this one. Let'S take this shirt off, it put it on and again I believe it's long sleeves, so, let's put it towards the back but in front of the top or should I do body suits, oh my God, I'm so stressed, or should I do bodysuits? No we're gon na put it with the tops: yeah, okay, okay, okay, okay, I feel like I'm getting a hang of it. So looking for more black stuff, I feel like I could start with. Bro could start with dark brown. Okay, that's next! It'S curly brown and then white, so Brown. Oh, let me move some of these black stuff. This is a romper but long sleeves, so it's gon na go in front of the dresses, but behind the tops dress long sleeve there that's blue! This is another skirt. So let's change the hanger or we could put both of these skirts on one, so both the skirts one hanger pants. So let's put the pants in front of the bodysuit. What do you guys think should have pants have gone to the back with the skirt? I'M not sure, but let's see how it looks when we are done again. We have no experience and I watched no videos, so we are just freestyling and doing what we think will work for us, which is what you should do in your life. Do what works for you right so me might actually show you that we are here, but in true time your closet, yeah I'll, go! Do it that way yeah, so you have to figure out a way bit work in a year classes right. So this is gon na go behind the bodysuit, also towards the front, then we're going to dresses and this dress is sleeveless. So let's put that dress there all right! This is another dress. It'S like one shoulder thing, I'm going right so, but I think I took the straps out. That'S why I look so so again, short sleeve dress, right here behind the body, so we start in the dress section. This is a sleeveless. These are leggings you're like Heights. This one too, I'm gon na use this hanger and put these two on it. I was trying to stay away from putting two things on one hanger, but I mean in this case where it's not like me. I Chuck it up, it's not so bad. So I put two on one and I'm gon na put the pans to the front where the skirts and the one pants is right here, it's not a bad put a thing: can I get some Vibe, so I'm not going waiting this black and white top should Be up here behind the bodysuits actually in front the bodysuits yeah all right. One thing with me make a smell of water right now I mean I got them closer still, cologne and the items, and I love that. I love that for me as a good girl. Cologne stink Perma close them, I'm not even I wear them right now, love that for the dolly, so this is colored watch. Let me have two of the same body suits you see with organization cards each show you say I'll buy two team for the CM teams. I never realized this stuff is so cute. I need to wear this again. This is Silky this one here. Should I put this on a hanger for itself, because this bodysuit and this bodysuit is very similar. What'S in the tank, I put it, for you know what let me put it by itself, because right now we're trying to be the best that we can be. So let's keep on the track that we've been on. So, let's use this one and it's gon na go right behind that one. I just showed you guys right there. Black long, sleeve crop top is gon na go right here with the other crop tops in long sleeves, okay, see right. I saw a three different blows up on that one yeah. So let's keep this one: Black Sea Bronx long black long black long, black, no crop top long black. What long sleeve black crop top yeah! Why are they certificate? Don'T scare it damn! You'Re done all right body sleeve, bodysuit eared, it bodysuit short sleeve. Let'S go right here, this one notice, the pink top and water under here, but this one shoulder top. So let's do this one here uh! We got the ones to you. So, let's put behind that one, would you consider this black, or would you consider this red, because I can't see that black you know yeah. I can't see that black and put it with the tops, but it's a long sleeve, so we put it with the tops at the back of the tops, because it's long sleeve and I understand the vibe, so this is another little crop top that I have. I need to find out enough for this yeah in case more of like a like a semi-formal or formal. You know if they've ever actually become a quartz yeah long sleeve top. You know you know just FB girl clothes. You know you have to balance it out. Yeah, dress up clothes; no way you can wear with a black long sleeve skirt. So that's why I kept this top, but I've had this top. Since I had the store - and I don't think I ever put it on - I - so I'm thinking to take it out and maybe donate it all right - another black crop top here, some of them close yeah like at first yesterday, no sir, this one could actually go On a regular hanger, so I'm going to switch this out and put it on one of these normal, clear, hangers yeah. But I really want to give each piece like a liquid section for itself when I wan na just have them chop chop chop choco, I'm gon na love that style I want everything gets a little section for themselves. Everything gets a shine and I get to wear my clothes equally. You get me done all the time. I just want cm12 Woods, yeah everywhere. So put that at the front guys, do you see what I'm talking about like look at the black segments? More really feel like the pan stem I'm gon na go up to the back, so the pants are gon na go behind the jackets, see what they know. One of the team group on the black section I am on to some things: I'm gon na keep it open all right t-shirts. Oh my God, it's a t-shirts here. So so this dress. Let'S take it off this orange one and put it here there we go. Oh, this was actually a set, oh all right so for the set I'm gon na put this skirt on the hang of fur. Okay. Now I'm gon na. Do it so say to me that so let's have sex yeah yeah yeah yeah, so I'm basically done with the black section. It'S looking so good to me so far and I feel like I have a good like a good technique. So I'm going to move on to the brown and then do the white, because somebody, I know yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'll, try to free my mind. I wan na put you in my life foreign. Here we go every day, whatever all right guys, so I'm basically finished with the top. I did not expect to run out of clear Hammer so soon, but I kind of made it work. I had to like reorganize again because I started putting the black ones on this set start to take them off and put them on the bottom set and then we're back on track now. But I am gon na open the other set of hangers since I'm at the bottom, because we have a couple stuff to put on the black hangers for the bottom. I'M gon na. Do that finish up with the bottom and then show you guys. The finished look. Thank you all right guys, so we are almost at the end of this video I did most of the organizing. There are still some pieces that are not in the closet, because I do not have any more of the clear or black velvet hangers, so I'm gon na have to go stop by PriceSmart and get myself, maybe two more boxes, because I do have the pieces from The fashion Nova Video to add to the closet, but as of right now I am loving the way it turned out. It is way more organized than what I had and I feel like. The clothes are just sitting more nicely in the closet. Again, like I said, I'm not able to use all the space at the bottom because I do have the shoe boxes there, but that's fine to me. I don't have that much clothes anyways to pull up all the wrap. That'S at the bottom, so, whatever kind of make it work, I did buy these pork lights, they're called they're. What I used under my kitchen cupboard in my kitchen tour video. I have a couple left because I had bought two sets, so I'm gon na add them to the top of the closet, because of course yeah know me. If, like not United, then it's not me for true, so I'm gon na add these and hopefully they'll work and give the closet like a little goodbye. It is remote operated, but there are batteries in it, so I'm gon na add the battery them again. I bought that big set of like batteries at PriceSmart, also just for these purposes. So this is a light. It has white red, green, blue and then uh, of course, like I said it can operate it with the remote. So I'm going to add it to the top and see what it looks like excuse me. Here we have the lights added to the closet. I think they give it a little Vibe. Tell me what you guys think or is it just me? You know I had to go with these lights. I probably should have gotten something brighter, but I swear by these lights. I'Ve used them before and they've lasted me a very long time. So that's why I just said: okay, I already have them. So let me lose what I have, but look at the organization. Guys is the black, the Browns, the nudes, the whites, the pinks then we're down to the orange the green, the blues, the Grays guys I love it. I love it. It took me about two hours. Definitely some dedication in this, but I feel like I am gon na love the results like when I'm trying to get ready for whenever I do decide to go out, which is not often or maybe this will give me like a push. You know, like it's so much easier to find my stuff. Everything is sorted short to tall dresses separate. The sets are with each other like yeah. I love it, but these lights do use three batteries each that's the only downfall, but again, if you could buy the batteries in, like the big pack, then you're, quite okay, it's not like you're gon na have it on all the while. So you'd have to worry about it dying quickly because from I did the kitchen video I had those same batteries until now, and I've never ever changed them. Thank you. Go outside big time forward. Drop the girls again guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. It was quite a journey and I'm not done yet. As I said, I'm gon na have to get some more hangers to put the rest of my stuff up, but as of right now, here we have it like this video guys comment below what you think of the organization. Would you try it? Have you ever done? It what do you guys think I could do differently? You know I'm always open to you guys. Suggestion remember. This is not a very big fancy closet. This is a normal, everyday closet. Where you see now any hose, there is no drawers. There is no nothing because it is just a books: Maps open the door like one school bus, so comment below what you guys think I can add again. These are the boxes that I have my shoes in they're there they're there as well. I link them along with the lights, but yes, guys subscribe to my channel share this video with your friends, and I will see you guys next time bye. Oh thank you.

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