She Boiled Her Wig In Relaxer?? | Hairstylist Reacts To Extreme Hair Fails


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What is going on YouTube? It'S your girl, easy breezy in this video. We are watching the girlies install their own, wigs, okay, but the problem is they're struggling, so we're gon na see if these looks are slayed or played okay. So first we have a pink wig. Now, I don't think they're done, because the hairline still looks a little bit white, a little ashy. You know what I'm saying so we're gon na see. If I guess the stylist is gon na fix this when you're trying to speed the process up for your stylist. Oh, oh she's, gon na. Do it not her style is well wait. Whoa wait hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on wait pause. Why are they playing this music? I wanna it went right through the wig. She better be glad she ain't burnt herself. Wait wait Kayla. She can't even talk Jose she looking like a bad kid right now. Girl, like I got ta tell you that she looked like a bad kid right now, not that you forget that was hot see. This is why I don't even mess with Marcels. Now I know that it's a whole separate skill set, but I never really got into Marcels, because I don't even want to risk burning someone's hair like as hot as Marcels can get. It'S like. I mean there's no room for mistake. Michaela you're gon na need a new wig honey. Okay, ASAP well wait was that conditioner? What was that olive oil professional cream relaxer wait? Is she boiling the relaxer? Is that a new thing like? Is that an old thing? Oh? No! Oh! No! Oh! No! No! No! No, no! No! No! Oh my shh, we'll wait. She had to cut it in to a four inch Bob. Why? Why didn't she boil conditioner? Why relax her? I mean the wig was already like body weight. I mean it didn't have to be straighter it just it. Just had to be detangled yeah, this was this was definitely a fail. She played herself a lot of you guys are telling me to boil this wig. Listen, no, no! No more boiling and relaxer! Okay! Save your wigs, save your wigs! I'M going to do just that! Originally this wig looked like this. I bought it and I received it with blonde in it whatever, and then you guys told me to unbraid it. So I did, and now here we are okay, so she bought a braided wig hold on. Let me see how this looked before. Okay, first of all, that model looks like Doja cat more like Doja, cat's, auntie and I didn't know you can buy braided wigs like that online. So they basically give you what like a 14 inch wig and then they add extensions. That'S pretty Advanced honestly, let's see if boiling it can fix it. First of all ain't, nothing fixing that wig because look at the lace it's already done. So I have some water boiling um in this giant pot and I'm going to be putting some conditioner in it because pretty sure I love it. I'M gon na put some smoothing serum in here just for fun. I feel like that will help it. Okay, it'll tone. It down so it appears the water is boiling. Oh, my goodness, I'm gon na turn down a little and I'm just gon na dip, my wig in now. If this works we gon na, we might have to uh cop this technique, because some of these wigs be needing all the help they can get okay, so I'm gon na. Let it sit in here for like five minutes all right, so I'm gon na - let it sit in here for like five minutes all right. So it's been about that time. Okay, hopefully take her out. First of all, wait wait. Hold on hold on this wig looks so lifeless right now, it just looks like I don't know it looks like Roku and I think it kind of detox the wig a little bit because look at that water, like the water, is like kind of brown a little Bit ew honestly, look at how gross the wig was look at all the I think, that's my makeup, so I'm gon na dry, her off and then let my wig air dry and I will be back with the results baby that wig looks over processed and she Didn'T even process it here. What is this? There is no saving this way um. Why does it look worse than before? I thought that a conditioner boil bath would make it at least a little bit softer and it just killed it faster here. What is this? There is no saving. This way done done, definitely played herself for sure brush it um. Basically, it's done. It'S done, ain't, no saving it! It ain't! Coming back! It'S dead! It'S done, suggestions, throw it away. I wish you guys could see this better. It feels like a matted dog or cat okay, honey. It looked like a matted squirrel. Okay! Thank you! Okay! Next we have this frontal. That looks like cardboard. Apparently I don't know if they were trying to dye it, and you know how sometimes people put gel on the inside of the lace before they dye it, so they can protect the lace from you know. Turning into like the the dye color but um, I'm guessing, this is a little bit more of a tragedy. So, let's see it is now cardboard. Oh, it's crunchy! Oh, why is it so crunchy at least where right there right there? I see it, they see it. We all see it honey that that lace is melted literally close up. You know, what's crazy about this, when you zoom in it kind of, does look like a scalp but a scout wood psoriasis. If this couldn't get any worse, okay, so uh, one of our girls - are here doing her baby hairs um. But I can already see that this is probably not going well, because I can see her um sideburns kind of lifting up. One thing I know is: don't ever move on to the next step if the last step isn't test in there solidify, if the lace isn't at least glued on, don't move on to the baby hair, let's see [ __ ], okay. So this is what I think happened right. I think that she tried to glue the wig on and then she put a whole bunch of foam or something on her edges and the foam started. Lifting up the wig um. You got a blow dryer when you over bleach the knots and now you got ta finesse. It I've been here many many times. I mean it's actually not that bad. Like I mean no, you can't put the wig on like this, but that's an easy fix. You know with some semi-permanent black dye and a little paintbrush look, it's easy, it's an easy fix, but but, according to her blanks um, she looks lost. This is why I do my own hair. So I guess she went to a stylist and I just I always played her, but honestly she looks slave though, like I don't know, if she's being picky or what my head, oh oh, why did she do that? She didn't even have to do that. Why she do that? The stylist did not use the easy breezy ball cap method, and that was her first issue number two. I don't even think she tried to glue the cap on like, if you're doing, a lace that looks this good like the baby hairs. Look good, the hairline looks good. The part is nice and clean like if you know how to do all that, there's no reason why you should have skipped the bulkhead method like was that laziness? Was you mad at her? Oh, you know what she might have found her name or her boyfriend's phone, so she came back for Revenge because we need answers. Why y'all did the lace on my wig break? Oh, what can I read y'all why I did the lace on my wig break y'all? Why did the lace on my wig break my brain hurts? Let me see you do your thing else. Wait how how how did she get in the fight? How how to happen now her makeup is certainly slayed, okay and that wig would would have been slayed if it didn't rip in half foreign all right, you guys, so we are done with these clips and it's safe to say that these girls definitely played themselves. So sorry, now, if you like this video make sure you share this video And subscribe to my channel and if y'all find any funny hair fail, videos online send them to my DMs on Instagram or email them to me directly, all right. So if you are not subscribed to my channel already make sure you go ahead and do that turn on your notifications, thanks and I'll see y'all next time,


♡Antonio♡: Relaxer is chemicals! I don't necessarily think it's okay or safe to boil it. And the girl who burnt her wig....Yikes, imagine if that was her real hair or she burnt her scalp!

The Unique Life Of Nue: Lord I love these videos ! Easy Breezie you made my day ❤!

Kerri Eberendu: The girl with the pink hair should have know better. If a stylist is doing your hair, let them do it. I still would have charged her full price ijs.

Marco Escobar: The whole point of “boiling” a synthetic wig it’s just dipping it in hot water. Otherwise you’re gonna set the fiber in such a messy and awkward pattern and sometimes even worse (burning it).

♡Antonio♡: 8:10 Oh! This looks like the technique where they add got2b gel with foundation to make a faux scalp.

♡Antonio♡: You aren't supposed to boil the water with the wig in it omg, especially synthetic wigs. People are setting others up for failure! You need to boil the water, turn the heat off and then put the wig in there for a while, or just dip the hair in it.

Zakiya Wiltz: Omg she’s so GORGEOUS

Queen Williams: The first one took me out I was looking actually like she did

s.m.equestrian. art: Love the video!!❤❤

Tenisha Stair Praise God: OMG

Jackie Davis: OH MY YIKES

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