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Hey y'all, I'm back with somebody else's hair and I want to show y'all a throwback video of how I colored this wig. First, I started with the blonde 613 wig and I used the color pink blush from the Adora line and I used the D Simone method to color the wig. So I did Pink blush and then I did Honey brow to get this nice like. What is this cotton candy? I feel like I smell like cotton candy with this hair, I curled the hair and in order to do a lace tent back, then I used to use the magic group touch up. I learned that from Kellen Derek and next we're just gon na go ahead and apply the wig. Now don't talk about my cap that cap look a mess, but once I put the wiggle on girl, you couldn't even tell I used the got to be glue. Gel fluffed it out and that's it. This was like beginning stages of my wig Journey, but it was still

bettina kaiser: Baby gurl you look good in every wig.. a Pink wig ❤️❤️❤️

VondaShicole: That wig color is so pretty!!

Ana Léa: Not “I’m back with somebody else’s hair “ you bought it that yours

Marilyn Smith: Beautiful job!! Any hair looks great on you, YOU ROCK SIS!!!❤❤❤

PRETTYASSP: It’s the “Wig cap looks a mess” for me statement girl i love you!

O Whitney: This was sooo cute on you omg!

Goober Fries: Beautiful color, it's like a sorbet! ❤

Sandra Sutton: Ok, Pretty in "Pink" Do you pick the wig or do they pick you !! ✨✨

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